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  1. Marlin (or other) front sight hood. 12.00 shipped. Stubby forend grip. GG&G mfg. 15.00 shipped.
  2. Three bull whips all in fair to good condition 40.00 shipped SOLD A nice Lariat 30.00 shipped As always first i'll take it here gets it.
  3. I thought I would post this Winchester model 42 410 skeet to see if anyone might be interested.I have had it about 5 yrs. and never fired it.Its been in the safe ever since ,I always wanted one but now its time someone else enjoys it. I am turning 75 this year and need to move some things. The gun looks to be as new.The inside looks like a shell has never been in it. Has it been re-blued I don't know.You can feel the writing as you run your finger across it. The photos are not the best because I am no photographer .The bbl says skeet on it along with all the winchester stuff. I would be interested in trading if its something I want like colt 45 single actions. I have all the shotguns I need.I gave the lady 4500.00 for it 5 yrs. ago and am looking to get that in cash or trade. Thanks for looking.
  4. I Its yours Smokey, I sent you a message with info.
  5. A Remington 1100 with a 20" cyl. bore bbl. great Deer gun,shoots fine,is in good condition 75% to 80% . Ready for the field or home defense .425.00 shipped.to aFFL.
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