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  1. Would you take $150 shipped to NY for the brass?


  2. Since the lockdown has been in place I've found supplies that I had long forgot I had. I just sold my .45 LC brass and now have 1000 pieces of various head stamped .44 Magnum brass I'd like to move out of my garage. I believe this brass is once fired brass, but has been in my garage for a few years. I'd like to get $175 + $15 shipping for them if possible. Not sure if that caliber is used much in our shooting, but I thought somebody may need some. Sorry, I don't have any extra primers or powder. Jake
  3. Since the pandemic I've been cleaning my garage like a lot of other people. I found a box of 1106 pieces of Winchester .45LC brass, looks like most might be once fired. I have another one with Starline, but I haven't counted it. I'd like to get $150 for the counted Win brass. If anybody needs .45 LC brass, contact me.
  4. Since the pandemic hit I've been in the garage sorting and selling "stuff" that I don't use anymore. I have 1000 pieces of once fired Starline brass in .45 LC that I had purchased several years ago. I have more than enough for what I'm shooting now and thought somebody else might need some from what I've been reading. It is bright and shiny. $170 shipped to who wants or needs it. Three Gun Jake 19348L
  5. Sell new RCBS 12 ga shotshell dies $63

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