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  1. I purchased two Uberti 38-40 revolvers thinking I could use them along with a converted Lightning in 38-40, however, the Ubertis' frames are unfortunately smaller than my old .45 LC Rugers. Stupid on my part, but I tried one out and didn't like it. These revolvers are blue with 4.75 inch barrels, wood factory grips. I paid $1151 for the pair and would like to get the same for them. I'd have them transferred to a FFL. I think shipping would be $35 including insurance. My mistake is someone else's gain! Jake
  2. I'm downsizing a few firearms that I had to have, but don't shoot anymore. I have a Shiloh Sharps that I ordered and waited four years to receive; a Sporter #3, in 45-120. I wanted it in 50-140, but the company said they weren't going to make it anymore, so I switched to the 45-120. It has a heavy full octagonal 34" bbl w/ full buck horn rear right, Shiloh Sporting Tang Sight, front globe sight, standard straight shotgun butt stock, with double trigger. I have 80 new unprimed Norma cases, 90 new primed Norma cases, and 35 primed used cases plus the RCBS dies included. It weighs 12.5 pounds. It looks as new, no dings, etc. I probably shot it maybe 50 times. I'll have to ship the primed brass via UPS unless you want it de primed and sent with the new unprimed brass. Asking $3200 plus $50 shipping. I will transfer it to an FFL outside of CA. Let me know if you are interested. Photos available. Jake
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