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  1. Hey Y’all! I’m looking to buy a Great Western Derringer in 38 special, serial number past SN#1800, since the hinge design was changed approximately then from the original Remington. Any suggestions? Most Respectfully, Curly.
  2. Cholla, Sorry for the delay in my response. I dug mine out of the safe and it has exactly the same “non-parallel” cant to the lever. It’s a JM marked 39A Mountie (straight lever) from 1955. If I were you, I’d make an offer on it if it’s still available. Nothing from Marlin after Freedom Group took over is worth spit. If you’d like pictures of mine or like to discuss this further off line, PM me. I know stuff about Marlin that you won’t find on the Interwebs. Curly
  3. Thanks Y’all! Headed back to my dealer Thursday to take another look.
  4. My thanks to you both! I pulled the forearm and inspected both the barrels and receiver, but could find no importer marks or manufacturers marks. Just Cimarron Firearms etched in the rib between the barrels on top near the receiver. And the gun is brand new according to my shop. Single trigger, extractors, non-resetting safety selector. It was very stiff opening, so that combined with the price and lack of markings concerned me. Thanks again for your input. Much appreciated! Curly
  5. Has anyone personal experience with Cimarron hammerless doubles? Found one brand-new and cheap, which scares me to start. No manufacturer or importer marks on the gun anywhere. Scares me further. Any of your experience is most certainly appreciated. Curly
  6. Phantom, Almost forgot once I re-posted my original comment of a few hours ago.....with my “memory re-boot edit”. Here’s what I forgot in my re-boot after the original didn’t post. “Phantom, Thanks for your comment! Of course, I have an extraordinary grasp of the obvious. Just was curious how y’all were coping with the mask requirements and it’s implications. Mostly was trying to figure out how to keep my glasses from fogging and inject some humor into our Nanny-state situation”. I’m old enough to know that wearing a mask doesn’t necessarily make a “Bad Guy”, though it was funny to hear from Two Dot referencing the Lone Ranger. I’d overlooked that fact. But, just as wearing masks don’t define you as a “bad guy“, not wearing one doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a “good guy”. Lots of bad guys appear to have been able to fool the general public. Bernie Madoff as an example. Curly
  7. Cholla, I thought of something else, with the lever in this position, though not perfectly parallel to the stock, was the bolt locked into battery? Those old Marlins were all hand-fitted by Marlin craftsman. Each one may have slight imperfections/inconsistencies that are cosmetic/visual, but not detrimental to its function. When Freedom Group bought Marlin they failed to realize this fact. They supposed it was simply take Part A from Bin A and install. More often than not, the part didn’t fit. And that’s why they had $9M worth of scrap, completed firearms which wouldn’t function, the first year at Ilion. Hundreds of years of that crucial tribal knowledge was lost when they moved Marlin to Ilion. Curly
  8. Cholla, Can you send a pic of the actual Marlin you wish to purchase? This image appears to be of an older 39M, certainly pre-Freedom Group Remlin. If you fear it’s been completely re-blued, inspect the lettering on the barrel to start. It should be crisp. If it’s rounded-over or has lettering/numbering which appears thinner than other roll-marks on the same gun , it’s probably not original. If it’s an older version, the barrel will also be marked with a JM just forward of the receiver. Also check the barrel/receiver for striations beneath the bluing. Either of these would indicate a re-finish. If it’s just a spot or two which appear refinished by the “home-gunsmith”, pictures of those areas would help. I have one of these and would be happy to share images of it as soon as I can dig it out of the back of the safe. But the issue you have described with the image of the lever doesn’t ring any bells with me. I’ll have to compare. Did you function test it? Do you trust this dealer? That price seems low. Last one I saw on GunBroker went north of $1000.00 Happy to help you out if I can! Curly
  9. I’ll try again..... Palewolf and Dutch, Thanks I’ll try those suggestions to see if I can keep my spectacles fog-free. DeaconKC, Thanks, but not quite ready to try “Cat Crap“ on my prescription lenses. Please let me know how it works out for you. Scarlett, I completely understand your position and agree wholeheartedly with your protocol. I’ll try that at the CAS event next week. Shopping online for corsets now. Thanks again for everyone’s insight and sense of humor! Curly
  10. I posted again to this thread over an hour ago but the post never posted. Secondly, Allie Mo and Sedalia Dave posted earlier but their posts have disappeared. Anyone know why? Curly
  11. Welcome, Diamond Jake! Lots of GREAT people here in SASS and it is fantastic fun. Love your hat! I’m shooting my “first” event next weekend. I’m a reload. I shot SASS back in 2006-07, but got sidetracked by life. Now that I’m back it’s been wonderful to find such great people and advice here on the SASS Wire. Good luck on your first event! Curly
  12. Thanks Y’all! I appreciate the feedback. I too find it a bit disconcerting to walk into the bank or liquor store packing and wearing a mask. Seems counterintuitive. I’ll look for some anti-fog stuff Palewolf! And I’ll be trying several styles of shooting glasses to see if that helps, Major! Thank you for the suggestions, Sirs! To the rest, happy trails! And Two Dot, I laughed out loud when you reminded me of the Lone Ranger. Nice to see the cowboys here holding on to their sense of humor amidst these interesting times. Thanks again. If any of you will be at WOWS in WI on the 20th, I’ll be drawing, shooting, loading, and missing as fast as I can. I once missed so fast, I did it a split-second later just to prove to the posse it wasn’t a fluke. Curly.
  13. PaleWolf, Understood. I’m an old cowboy from way back. Been “over the mountain and up the river”. Would like to think there are those out there who know me who would agree I’m someone to “ride the river with”. Just trying to poke some humor into the nanny state requirements and see how y’all are coping with it. Thanks for your response! Most Sincerely, Curly
  14. Just curious how y’all are doing with the individual state mask requirements. Most of my local matches have been cancelled for 2020. Seems like the COVID-19 Kung Flu has kicked our SASS. My state currently has a mandated mask order. Yet, one brave club is open for business, but with the state’s mandated mask requirement being given some latitude. So, my questions to y’all are: “How do you shoot well with a mask when your glasses fog up” and “In the old west, and in the movies, weren’t masks only worn by the bad guys”? Most Sincerely Curious, Curly.
  15. 1886 from 1887 re-chambered to 45-70. Haven’t been able to shoot it in a match yet, but hope to soon. Besides a new chamber and rifling, it just got new wood. The old stocks were “shot”.
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