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  1. Those pics don't show a hammer, first 97 I've seen like that.
  2. I think that's correct, or even more open if that's possible. BTW, excellent looking gun.
  3. On the Hornady quick change item. Are you talking about the Bushings or the Bushing Insert?
  4. One step polish: Substitute a auto wax/soap solution for the Dawn. They come out clean AND polished and stay that way for a longer period of time without tarnish. I use hot water; Lemishine; and Armor brand wash and wax solution with my SS pins.
  5. For straight wall I use One-Shot and rifle stuff gets Imperial.
  6. Nope! As a matter of fact, I make my own. Little investment in equipment and supplies. I have a $10 Toaster Oven; a used Cool Whip container ($0), and a pound of Powder Coat ($15). I have coated over a thousand bullets with this stuff and I still have over a half pound of powder left (I spilled some or I would have more left). "Shake and Bake, baby" (Ricky Bobby's motto".
  7. My moniker is captqueeze, not capt squeeze. Best wishes Yule Loose.
  8. I don't have many buy/sell transactions, probably due to the Forums rule against a non-SASS member (I've been a member of the Forum since 2013) posting items for sale. I've been allowed to post items for the "Stuff for Free" and gladly given item(s) I no longer have a need for such as 45 Colt brass, ect. Of the transactions I've been envolved with (buying) ALL have gone smoothly and I appreciate that fact, great bunch of guys/gals on this site. I understand why the rule, but I have a suggestion, if I may, that might help those such as myself (to old and living in a remote part of the country) participate in a vicarious way in SASS activities. How about letting Forum members, in good standing buy and SELL if 1) They are a member here for over a year and have a certain # of posts (x number) . Also maybe a special SASS non-member number , like a paid membership designation. I and probably others have equipment, guns, ect that would/could be utilized by others on this Forum. Just a suggestion.
  9. What part of "shall not be infringed" don't you understand. Sorry, I just looked at where you're located.
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