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  1. Just wanted to thank everyone that had posted about Intersport Performance Scammers they almost got me. Somehow were able to get my Personal email and pretended to be JB Sledge and directed me to send Found to a false location. Thanks to a good Cowboy that remember a post about Intersport Performance. scam was foiled. The second good news was that I was able to connect with the Real Jb Sledge and complete the deal. Great Cowboy to work with. It's a Terrible thing what scammers will do.
  2. My Daughter is Having Eye surgery may be late before I can reasoned.
  3. I will take it, Let me Know Where to send Payment
  4. Looking for Browning BSS extractor stop screw. I know this is a long shot have looked all over the internet and the usual parts places. Thank for any help.
  5. Maverick I will take the 125 Chey Bullets if I can pay you now and pick them up later at a match at Plum Creek. Knot A Clue / Wild Wendy
  6. I would trade for it,, but the only item I have to trade is a NIB Athlon Cronus ATS 35-400 Thermal Monocular. MSRP $1874.

    Long shot I know, but it's what I have.

    Thanks and good luck on the rifle.


    1. rmurphy92


      Thank for the offer but purchased a rifle so only interested in selling it now.

    2. captqueeze


      I completely understand; I have the same situation with a HIgh Wall in 38-55; popular shooting iron but nobody has any money at this time.

  7. Yosemite, First of all do not want to but in on any deal but if Don did not take them I would be interested. rjmurphy1992@gmail.com Thank yiu

  8. Found Thank you

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