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  1. I would trade for it,, but the only item I have to trade is a NIB Athlon Cronus ATS 35-400 Thermal Monocular. MSRP $1874.

    Long shot I know, but it's what I have.

    Thanks and good luck on the rifle.


    1. rmurphy92


      Thank for the offer but purchased a rifle so only interested in selling it now.

    2. captqueeze


      I completely understand; I have the same situation with a HIgh Wall in 38-55; popular shooting iron but nobody has any money at this time.

  2. Red; ;I have a Uberti 38-55 that I'd let go.  If interested I could send pics.

    1. captqueeze


      Red; I reread your listing and mine isn't a pistol grip stock, it's a straight stock.  BTW I bought it off another SASS member about 5 years ago; Silver Creek Jack.


      30-30 Uberti2.jpg

  3. Jack; I'd definitely go $750.  It's not like I need another one but my other 3 need company.



  4. On the Hornady quick change item. Are you talking about the Bushings or the Bushing Insert?
  5. One step polish: Substitute a auto wax/soap solution for the Dawn. They come out clean AND polished and stay that way for a longer period of time without tarnish. I use hot water; Lemishine; and Armor brand wash and wax solution with my SS pins.
  6. For straight wall I use One-Shot and rifle stuff gets Imperial.
  7. Nope! As a matter of fact, I make my own. Little investment in equipment and supplies. I have a $10 Toaster Oven; a used Cool Whip container ($0), and a pound of Powder Coat ($15). I have coated over a thousand bullets with this stuff and I still have over a half pound of powder left (I spilled some or I would have more left). "Shake and Bake, baby" (Ricky Bobby's motto".
  8. My moniker is captqueeze, not capt squeeze. Best wishes Yule Loose.
  9. I don't have many buy/sell transactions, probably due to the Forums rule against a non-SASS member (I've been a member of the Forum since 2013) posting items for sale. I've been allowed to post items for the "Stuff for Free" and gladly given item(s) I no longer have a need for such as 45 Colt brass, ect. Of the transactions I've been envolved with (buying) ALL have gone smoothly and I appreciate that fact, great bunch of guys/gals on this site. I understand why the rule, but I have a suggestion, if I may, that might help those such as myself (to old and living in a remote part of the country) participate in a vicarious way in SASS activities. How about letting Forum members, in good standing buy and SELL if 1) They are a member here for over a year and have a certain # of posts (x number) . Also maybe a special SASS non-member number , like a paid membership designation. I and probably others have equipment, guns, ect that would/could be utilized by others on this Forum. Just a suggestion.
  10. What part of "shall not be infringed" don't you understand. Sorry, I just looked at where you're located.
  11. Hey, I surprised myself, I found 100 pieces of the 45LC brass. I have it boxed and will get it out tomorrow if I get back home in time. Capt
  12. Fantastic!! I thought this thread was a "file 13" casualty since I've had this offer listed for a few days now. At any rate, they're yours, please send me your addy and I'll get them out on Monday. Capt
  13. I have a few pieces of 45LC brass I'd be willing to ship to someone who could use them.
  14. how do I remove pictures

  15. how do I remove pictures

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