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  1. I'd like to have that piece of kit; thanks so much. Capt
  2. I'd defer to Jakeleg cause the Starline brass I need/want is the 2.125".
  3. Jack; I got a bag ordered. Didn't really want the short brass, but beggars can't be picky. Thanks again.
  4. I'll check them again Jack, thanks.
  5. Appears I'll be needing more 38-55 Brass; Grandson wants to shoot the Uberti as well. Prefer new but once fired would work as well.
  6. BLL is a mixture that contains Alox.
  7. Fellers; I don't know the status of bereli.com 38-55 Winchester Brass, but they had some last week.
  8. What do you lube with Slim? I really like PC with a coat of BLL.
  9. Turned out pretty good.
  10. I dug around in the shop today and came up with a 379-250 Lee mould that looks like it might work Going to cast some up and PC them and await the return of the HighWall.
  11. Awesome Dave! I went with the 38-55 because of the possibility of shooting BP loads. Also, I had total shoulder reconstruction a few years ago and a magnum anything doesn't feel real good. I didn't specifically ask for a bore/groove diameter, just the 3 grove rifling. JES will do it proud.
  12. Is that the one that looks like a Loverin?
  13. Really like the look on that one.
  14. What Mould would that be Graybeard?
  15. Looking for opinion(s) on which Bullet Mould is preferred for standard 38-55 plinking/target loading as well as a good hunting Bullet Mould. Just mailed off a 1885 Winchester/Uberti replica to JES. Originally a 30-30 caliber, soon to be a 38-55.
  16. Actually I haven't either, just saw their ad on MeWe.
  17. Fella listed several hundred over on MeWe site. His site is HonestlyEvil.com . I've not personally bought any from them but they advertise their brass as once fired indoor range brass.
  18. See post #4; OP states it's a 24" barrel.
  19. Thank you for the additional information Ron. I'm right near the capitol needed and waiting on an Insurance settlement check. I'm definitely interested and will keep you updated. I understand the first in with the Gold wins.
  20. Are the 38-55 RCBS Dies the ones with a carbide insert in the sizer die?
  21. You might also look at ballisticproducts.com; they sell overcard stuff.
  22. I sell at gunshows from time to time and ALWAYS get a picture of the buyers Drivers License to prove they reside in the same state where I live. When I return home with the photo I make a file with appropriate detail which includes the guns serial #, date of sale, ect.
  23. Yep; I agree. I just got the die set today and I have several M Dies that I can use, especially since I have a lathe so I can make my own expander plug. Matter of fact I have a bunch of NOE expander plugs and I bet I have the size I need. Thanks for the suggestions Dave.
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