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  1. When I use 10% ethanol fuel in either the car or the pickup, my fuel efficiency drops by 20-30% (depending on the vehicle). I never buy it unless I am at a station where I have no choice.
  2. Fantastic group of folks in the Dakotas!
  3. Sorry you are facing all that. I can't wait to come up, and bringing a friend and his family this time
  4. Great match, and even better people. Bringing a pard and his family up there with me this year
  5. StirrupTrouble


    I'm your Huckleberry
  6. StirrupTrouble


    I beg to differ, sir. We started a game we never got to finish. Play for blood, remember?
  7. My cousin served in the Coast Guard, and believe me, the stories he told me about their drug interdiction efforts would make your toes curl (and made my time in the Corps, even with the stuff we were involved in, seem like play time)
  8. - Keeps things moving without being a hardass - Explains stages well without confusing shooters - Ensures people get relief from job duties - Passing off the timer when there is confusion about a call while they work it out so things do not screech to a halt - Patient with newer or physically challenged shooters There are more, but that are the big ones
  9. I can vouch for the quality from the new owners at Mernickle. Just got my new rig a few weeks ago, and Howlin' Wolf did an amazing job and it performs way better than I do. And it looks amazing. Worth every penny and then some
  10. Prayers will continue! And believe me, I understand completely the frustration at being disoriented, memory issues, etc. Mine has improved a lot, so I pray his does as well
  11. SASS folks are the best. After my stroke last July, I still wanted to play cowboy, but using a cane it was tough to move guns safely. I had MDs for a couple smaller annuals I was going to cancel call me and tell me to come anyway and they would figure out a way for me to "play." They arranged a young man to be my cart caddy, moved my guns to the loading/unloading tables and the line, and I was grateful because I could not have played otherwise, and it got me out of my chair feeling sorry for myself. Still wobbly but still coming back, but the accommodations meant the world to me
  12. I have shot at a few ranges where they were only allowed for those with medical issues, but as was already stated, nothing in SASS prohibiting them. Probably an issue where some a$$hat tore up the ground being stupid, so that bad apple ruined it for everyone without a medical reason at those particular ranges
  13. Miss you guys. See you guys at Clark as long as the docs cooperate
  14. Sorry docs got in the way and I had to cancel, but I will be there next year
  15. Another thing about going to annuals and state shoots, is it makes your own annuals better. You learn new sweeps, see different props, see what works, and see what doesn't. I keep a notebook in my camper where I scribble down ideas from other shoots in the evenings, or notes about things to avoid, and bring them back home to aid in planning my own state shoot/annual. We try to make ours fun for everyone, and if we succeed, a lot of that is due to things I learned by attending other annuals
  16. I will probably never be a top shooter, but I enjoy shooting at annuals. I have made many lifetime friends across this country that I blessed to know, and hanging out and playing cowboy and camping for the weekend is a great escape from life. If it wasn't for the friends I have made through my travels, I could not have made it through the last year
  17. We just wanted to let you guys know that our 2020 annual will no longer be held in April. I was able to do some horse trading with the other venues (trading some of my labor for working some of their matches in trade for a better month). Now, SASS has told us that we will not officially know if we got the state championships until September, but the chances look good, but we are planning as if it is a state shoot. If it goes to a different club, we will still be having the same events for the shooters. We are changing one thing on the banquet. The past two years the banquet has been held at the main building of Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer. I was able to do some negotiations with them and was able to secure a cool change for the shooters. In 2020, the banquet will be held right in the middle of Railroad Town. So not only will you get to dress like a cowboy or in your 1800s best for the banquet, but you will be enjoying the meal in the middle of and 1880s town! Also, all shooters will receive a day pass to tour all of the grounds, buildings, living history, and displays. https://www.stuhrmuseum.org/ After day one of shooting, Friday evening will be a potluck and poker tournament, which all funds raised going to the prop/town fund. Tentative, but relatively firm dates are as follows: July 16-18, 2020 Main match (12 stages and side matches) July 19, 2020 BP Championship (7 stages) On a side note, we received approval from the city to build a dedicated cowboy town. Now we have a lot of dirt work and other work to do before we can get started, and the city engineers have to approve the berm design first, but we got the go ahead and an area of the parksecured for us. This is probaly a several year project, but good news.
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