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  1. My 45 92 worked great and then one day out of the blue started doing the exact same thing. Did a deep clean and discovered not only was it very dirty under the extractor, but there was also a hairline crack you couldn't see until it was taken off. Replaced after the deep clean and ran like a tank ever since (though I now do a deep clean of the bolt and extractor a couple times a year now
  2. Looking forward to spending a lot more time with the shooters instead of just running around
  3. Thank you to everyone that came out last weekend for the Nebraska State Championship and BP Championship. With the fuel prices and component pricing/availability, we are grateful to have you guys join us. Looking forward to shooting with the shooters after my retirement as MD next year
  4. Sending prayers and will add him to the synagogue prayer list. Friday night I will light an extra candle for him at the Shabbat table
  5. I would respectfully submit Dantankerous for the award. He epitomizes what a classic should be from how he carries himself and lives his life, to always doing everything with honor. He always dresses like he has stepped off of a tin type photo from the 1800s, and he never hesitates to help others with the category, and no matter what happens, never complains and always has a grin. One of the finest Classics (and men) that you could ever be associated with
  6. Every day, new scam websites are arriving. One thing to think about it, in an environment where even established companies cannot get supplies to sell, where did the brand new company get them. When you see one, look up the who is info on the web address. If the site isn't old enough to be potty trained, I would steer clear no matter how the site looks
  7. Thanks to Major and Crew! Both Tracy and I had a blast, and she appreciated everyone's kindness and those that partook or her wares at her first attempt at vending at a cowboy shoot. I have a canopy frame to fix after the wind, but she is looking forward to doing it again thanks to you guys
  8. Latest batch of confirmations were emailed out. We hope to have "Whos Coming" on our website this week live. Just a reminder, if you are coming, we need registrations in hand by 6/1 for our awards vendor (they need 4 weeks due to supply chain issues). I don't want anyone to miss out on an award if possible
  9. For anyone planning on coming to the shoot, we need to have entries by June 1 for the awards/food vendors. Thanks again
  10. Bear in mind that I am speaking as an EMT, and we deal with prehospital issues, not long term treatments. This is typically an autoimmune disease where white blood cells build up in the esophagus. This is a rare condition, but the couple of times I have been called out for it, they were eating spicy food. Avoiding spicy food or taking antacids may help you. And although I would not recommend steroids on a long term basis, a lot of patients have gotten relief from doctors by taking an oral steroid. I would recommend seeing your doctor for tests, but in the meantime, try eating a blander diet, avoid alcohol, and take an antacid before a meal. That may give you some relief Caveat: I am an EMT, not a doctor
  11. Major, it's a good thing I don't have a Henry. I would hate to show you up.
  12. If any of my fellow classics are needing new bandannas, my better half at her "Cowboy and Country" vendor booth is bringing a ton in all different designs at reasonable prices.....sorry. Had to make a plug for my sweety. She has other stuff too, but that part is geared toward us
  13. Probably won't make dinner. Helping the wife with her booth when I am not shooting. Her first time vending so trying to be supportive
  14. Most have been spoken for but there are a very few left, though plenty of dry camping
  15. Well, I didn't either until I tried to schedule April matches. Both times we had beautiful weather before, snow and ice for match, then gorgeous right after. I gave up on April HA HA
  16. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt
  17. Sorry. With all the other events we host that actually make money to support all the sports, my options were April, July, and October, two months of which I am as likely to make snow/ice as I am nice weather.
  18. Just a reminder that the 2022 Nebraska State SASS championships will be held at Heartland Public Shooting Park, just west of Grand Island, Nebraska in July Main match will be July 7-9, and BP Match will be July 10 Theme for the main match is Nebraska Statehood. Entry forms may be found here https://www.plattevalleygunslingers.com/ Please note that in order to plan things and lock things in, all entries need to be postmarked by June 1, unless we hit our limit of 120 shooters prior to that. Thanks for your help
  19. When it comes to big shoots, my range in Nebraska has run a number of big shoots successfully, including 4H nationals and some big 3 Gun events. We definitely have the facility to pull off a big cowboy shoot, but unfortunately, not the workforce. We can barely pull off a state shoot, and then it takes me weeks to recover afterwards, so I don't see us ever doing or trying to get bigger events
  20. Definitely gonna be there. Just have to take care of a few bills to free up some gold dust to send you
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