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  1. I'm at the Missouri State Shoot for the weekend, but will see if the powers that be will give me a list when I get home so I can send it on.
  2. Well the application deadline has passed and a bunch of folks are now burning the midnight oil to make award plaques, do final clean up of the range, gather in the door prizes, make final arrangements for the feed and more. All to give those coming a warm welcome. Long Range weather forecast is lookin' good for the match and those traveling. Speaking of traveling, we will have folks from 11 States: Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, Oklahoma, Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas. We look forward to seeing ya'all!
  3. Dave, look forward to seeing you! Enjoyed visiting with you at MVSA.
  4. The deadline of September 15, is fast approaching. Time to get that application in!
  5. Good advice. Already have invited them both, told them to request being on our posse and they have been to a couple of local matches with us. One is my niece.
  6. After I posted an update for our Kansas State Championships to the wire (shameless plug) I had a talk with two friends, both new to Cowboy Shooting. Both enjoy our local shoots, but begged off going to the State Shoot. Both said they weren't "good enough". I hope after our talk they reconsider, but it got me thinking about the posts from new shooters I see and I thought I'd share what I passed along to my friends and I hope others chime in with better thoughts than mine. Ours is a shooting sport and competition is integral to what makes it fun, but there is so much more. I have always felt the competition is not with other shooters, but with me. I want to get better each time out. Lots of ways to get better - watch YouTube, dry fire practice - but the best way is to study those shooters who are among the best. More than study, also talk with them. Ask what their thoughts were on how to approach a stage, why they placed their toys where they did, study how they move through the course of fire. What better place to do this than where these experienced shooters are to be found - State and Regional Matches. Trust me, they will be glad to help you. Don't fear making a mistake. Mistakes are clues that help us improve and we all make them. The only people who don't make mistakes are those who gave up. More than a competition, Cowboy Shooting is about the people who share this game. By going to Championships my wife and I have met some of the kindest most generous folks - they have to be to put up with my tart mouth. We have been to shoots literally from North Carolina to California and from Texas to Minnesota. All told we have been to 12 different State Championships and two Regionals and met the greatest folks at each. The greatest reward is not a plaque or trophy but the friendships. I understand the trepidation of many to not venture out and expose themselves in these times. We are each different, with different concerns and that needs to be respected. That said, if your reluctance in going to a State or Regional Championship is the concern that you are not ready, put those feelings aside and go. Go for the learning and experience. If you are in the Southwest go to Land Run and enjoy Flat Top Okie's hospitality, the stages are challenging and fun, the Cowboy museum is a great venue to visit, the food is great and the people the finest. Around the corner are State Championships in Missouri, Tennessee and Kansas. Go. Relish the new people you will meet. Finally, keep in mind that these events often are needed to financially support the sport. For many vendors it is the only way they can reach potential customers and without their contributions we would all be poorer. Especially now these vendors and sponsors need our support. So come on out and have fun..
  7. Time is drawing nigh for entering the Kansas State Championships. The entry deadline is September 15. If you are tough enough you can shoot both the Regular State Match in the morning and then Black Powder in the afternoon! http://www.powdercreekcowboys.com/home.html Side matches are October 1, with the main matches on October 2 and 3. The Cowboy town has been spruced up for you, large covered tents will be set up and tables for twice the expected crowd are coming to give plenty of room for "social distancing". CZ has donated a Sharptail and Family Firearms Safety has given a Bond derringer, both to be raffled. Plenty of door prizes from D bar J Hats, Bass Pro, Giby Leather (a new rig), Midland Radio, Klienschmidts, Wild West Mercantile, an antique vest, jewelry, books by Tracey Garrett, T Star Leather, James County Mercantile, Scheels, an action job from Doc Dag, entries from other matches and more. Come enjoy!
  8. If you opt to come to Powder Creek drop me a note. We usually shoot there and I will bring extra toys and ammo you can use. Most here will strongly recommend you try a variety of toys and tools before parting with your denaro. Enjoy.
  9. Took me a bit to find it, but I did not want leave out the fine folks in Wichita and Chapman. The 2nd weekend of this month The Chisolm Trail club in Wichita is holding their two day annual shoot. Silver Creek Jack and the Chisolm Kid are good contacts. It may be too late to sign up, but a good place to visit to learn more quickly. Info is on the first link here: https://www.ctaga.com/copy-of-special-matches More towards the middle of the State in Chapman are the Butterfield Gulch Cowboys: http://www.butterfieldgulch.com. Flint Hills Dawg, Major Artillery and Shady Willy Brown are the folks to see. All great people.
  10. The closest club to you in Kansas is the Free State Rangers near Parker (about an hour and 45 minutes north of your homestead.) https://freestaterangers.com They are a great group and will happily help you out. Their next shoot is this coming Sunday (they shoot the first Sunday and third Saturday of each month.) In October they will have one of their annual two day events - Border Wars. This year it will be featuring the Classic Cowboy match, which you can read about on a separate thread on the Wire. Talk to Cornbread, Beans, Harold Marshall, Buffalo Phil or Missouri Misfit. A finer group you will never meet. Another hour north of Parker are the Powder Creek Cowboys in Lenexa. http://www.powdercreekcowboys.com/home.html. A lot of the same folks shoot at both Powder Creek and with the Free State Rangers. Lots of helpful folks again who will let you use their toys (a wise move before you invest in new iron.) Powder Creek shoots the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month and the first weekend in October will host the Kansas State Championships, regular and Black Powder. Also an hour further north from Parker, in Topeka, are the Capital City Cowboys. JW, Top and Bulldog (also known as Red Rider - ask him ;) ) run a pleasant match once a month that is worth the visit. http://www.capitalcitycowboys.org There are also clubs in Wichita and Chapman, Kansas. To your east are a number of clubs within an hour of Springfield. Folks like Ozark Shark, J Bar and others who frequent here can let you know more. We always enjoy visiting their matches. One thing about Cowboy Action Shooting - 99% of those involved are friendly and will go out of their way to welcome you. Just drop on by.
  11. Just a note to say thanks to Bulldog Brown (aka Red Rider), JW and Top for a wonderful two day. K-lyn and I enjoyed the company and the shoot. Thanks!
  12. Indy Kid, well said. Enjoyed meeting and shooting with you!
  13. Today 20 Cowboys and Cowgirls were joined by six Boy Scouts on the continuing effort to have Powder Creek all gussied up for the Regular State Match and Black Powder State Match the first weekend in October. The Board also recently decided in this age of uncertainty to give folks who sign up, but are unable to come a complete refund - no questions asked. So send in those applications and come to the Kansas State Championships / Prince of The Pistoleers, October 1-3, and get an early view of our changes at the State Wild Bunch Match / Mayhem at Monticello, September 5 & 6!
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