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  1. A different perspective. I have never served on a jury and likely never will. I was a trial lawyer, specializing in civil, commercial litigation, for 35 years. I tried over 100 jury trials in that time. I am deeply grateful to each of you that served or will serve. The jury system is flawed in many ways, still it is the best system we have ever crafted for approaching a fair judicial system. Consider that each of us is biased, often deeply so. This applies to me and it applies to every judge. The judge's bias cannot be balanced, but with a jury you c
  2. Keep the pistol and shotgun categories as is. I second the idea of Plainsman, especially as a four stage match. You had at least three cap and ball shooters at the match who have everything they need and others like Artemus and myself who have done it.
  3. Great group! I plan on seeing you all! APPLICATION sent weeks ago and hotel reserved. I will also be bringing my Application and check for the Missouri State Match in September.
  4. The Western store is Kleinschmidt's Western Store, at I-70 and Route 13, the Higginsville, Missouri exit. If you are coming from the Southwest, rather than taking I-25 North to Denver, take I-40 to Tucumcari, New Mexico, exit onto US 54 and take 54 to Wichita, where you can pick up I-35 to Kansas City and then follow I-435 to I-470 to I-70. The traffic from Colorado Springs thru Denver on I-25 is usually a true pain. You can take two lane US 24, a hypotenuse from Colorado Springs to Limon, Colorado; however, it is not the best road, especially if you are towing.
  5. Six days away and counting; weather forecast is mid seventies when shooting starts, highs in the upper eighties in the mid afternoon and sunny. Stages are covered, some shade from trees, but you may want an umbrella for additional shade and sun screen.
  6. I tried CCI # 11 on one stage last week in Iowa. I have Slix nipples on my 1851 Piettas .44, and have had no issues with Remington or CCI #10s . I found the #11s fragmented and stuck to the hammer, despite the hammer safety groove being filled in. They did not drop into the works, but it would seem a greater risk than #10s. Do not plan on using #11s unless I run out of 10s. I have no idea if the same issue would exist on a solid hammer like a Ruger Old Army or Remington New Model Army.
  7. Ditto and I want to give a special thanks to all the members of Posse 4 (including not so Mean Mary) who put up with my efforts and delays at Frontiersman. A finer group will not be found!
  8. Here is a decent, short history of the cowboy boot. Pointed toes first appeared in the 1940s. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cowboy_boot
  9. Tomorrow is the deadline. Time for procrastinators to email in their applications!
  10. The only competition I have been offering is the BL category - Belly Laughs, otherwise called attempts at Frontiersman. Shooting it this weekend in Iowa. I am so intimidating that no one else opted to join me. Seems they all wanted to be Classic Cowboys. So, yeah, I will be smoking up the place between cap jams, fouled guns, and looking for your wise instruction in these 170 year old tools of mass frustration.
  11. Lookin' forward to seeing you both! I should be out there helping with the set up. I will have a few coupons for some good bar-b-q. Find me if you are interested. I'll be the one acting like Chester, limping around.
  12. Wanted! Prince of Pisotleers 2021 Applications Have you seen this Application? If so, we are requesting that you turn it into the proper authorities at once. As a reward, we are offering a fun-filled weekend of Cowboy Action Shooting followed by a Fancy Dress Banquet. Turn your application in as soon as possible. The deadline of June 1, 2021, is fast approaching, don't miss out on your opportunity to join in the fun!
  13. K-lyn and I were planning on coming up, but I did my knee in three weeks ago.   I have an appointment to schedule the knee replacement June 17.  Right now it could be scheduled anytime from early July to November.  I can hobble around and some days are better than others, but once I have the surgery I will be out for six weeks.  (I had the other knee replaced two years ago, I know what's coming.)  What is the latest we can register without causing you any issues.  If we can come K-lyn will do Lady B-Western, and I would do B-Western and B-Western Frontiersman for BP.


    Thanks and sorry to be a bother.



    1. StirrupTrouble


      You are not a bother. I need to know by 6/15 for awards, but if you think you are coming, message me then and I will get an award entered for you even if I don't have your entry in hand. I hope you heal quickly!

    2. Parson Remington
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