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  1. I heard there are some fine prizes to be given away and auctioned off; from folks like Cimarron, CZ, Rugged Gear, Hodgson, and MidwayUSA to name a few. Some unique art works, too, such as framed stained glass. At least one item to be auctioned is to benefit Just L and Fly. It will be a great shoot, with great people and a banquet with great prizes. Ya do not want to miss this!
  2. Drive safe. Would like you all to make the trip out again next year. K-Lyn and I enjoyed visiting with y'all over dinner.
  3. It is. You will enjoy it. You'll want to get there early for a good parking spot so you won't havt to push the cart so far and have time with the vendors.
  4. I don't know. Maybe if you're down wind. There is only one way to find out. Turn in that application and show up! See you there.
  5. Major, I can't see you fearing the stove pipe wearing, Hunkerin' Hud.
  6. Great Cowboy Town, friendly folks, a good feed - all great reasons to come. Not to mention the the giveaways and prizes. Heck you can even list to a few Classic Cowboys jaw'n on each other. All great reason to come!
  7. Back to page 1. We are looking forward to seeing friends we have met over the last few years and meeting new folks.
  8. We Wil we y'all there. Now I need to load some black powder cartridges.
  9. I believe Lumpy is correct. The issue would be the external decocking lever. It would be an external modification. The rules state that unless expressly approved it is verboten, and a decocking lever is not expressly allowed. "Only the modifications referenced here as allowed are approved. All others are illegal."
  10. Went last year and had a literal and figurative blast! Y'all are great folks and put on a wonderful event. Tis a little far to go from Kansas two years running, but we have it in our plans to return in 2021. Highly, highly recommend.
  11. Well . . . . K-lyn Wolf and I will be coming, though we need to wait a bit to send in our application to see if she can escape work and come a day early for the side matches. If there was any doubt watching you two jaw back forth has removed it. This is almost as much fun as shooting. ;) Hope to see you both at Winter Range.
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