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  1. None finer. When we started Asa was there with help, guidance and a great attitude. He is the perfect Ambassador. Boss us always a pleasure and likely qualifies for Sainthood to tolerate 3 Shoot for low these years. Considering all she has to regularly work through her good spirits are a testament to how deserving of this she is. We are all richer for their involvement.
  2. A few thoughts . . . First, everyone is entitled to their opinions. There can be a cost to expressing those opinions, ranging from polite disagreement, to shunning, unemployment and a bloody nose and missing teeth. In reality free speech is not free, there are costs; what we really mean by "free speech" is speech that certain powerful entities can only restrict in very rare instances. The Supreme Court has tailored what is allowed as a restriction to narrow classes: treason; speech that calls for IMMINENT violence (if the call to arms is vague as to time it is seen as protected
  3. A few thoughts from a mostly retired lawyer who handled more than a few Constitutional and anti trust issues. First, as noted by some, the Federal Constitution 1st Amendment does not apply in this case. It applies only to government suppression of speech; however, that does not mean this is not a free speech case. Many States have much broader protection of free speech in their Constitutions. One example is California, and in the 1970's an analogous instance arose there that led to a US Supreme Court case, Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins, 447 U.S. 74 (1980). It is quite pos
  4. Back six decades, when I was but a lad, my grandparents had a home on the Kitsap Pennisula that fronted the Sound. My cousins and I spent each summer there. We would go swimming in the Sound; no wet suits, just clingy suits. It was not warm, but we really did not care. Year's later I got hooked on scuba and have dove throughout the Caribbean and South Pacific. (Abilene Slim and Ozark Shark we need to compare notes; Ozark Shark, did not know you were a diver, but your Alias makes more sense now.) Somehow, somewhere in the intervening years I lost that tolerance of the cold. I
  5. Why does one person like a rib eye and another prime rib? They're both good, both have their unique features. So I do both; right now B Western, but probably in six months back to Classic. I get bored with being limited so switch back and forth. Frankly, both are for those who want to stand a little apart from the crowd. B Western you can shoot any style you wish, when you wish. One stage gunfighter, next stage two handed, next duelist. Classic you shoot duelist or double duelist. B western you are using a Marlin 1894 or Winchester 1892 (there are other
  6. Subject to change on a moment's notice and the availability of primers . . . . . 1/28 Southeast Territory BP Championship, Fort White, FL 1/29 - 1/30 INTERNATIONAL BP Championship, Fort White, FL 3/18 - 3/20 4/8 - 4/11 Arkansas State Championship, Hell on the Border, Fort Smith, AR South Carolina State Championship, Belton, S
  7. Y'all did your usual great job. We already booked our hotel for next April. Thanks for all the hard work, dedication and thoughtfulness.
  8. If you opt to come to Powder Creek drop me a note. We usually shoot there and I will bring extra toys and ammo you can use. Most here will strongly recommend you try a variety of toys and tools before parting with your denaro. Enjoy.
  9. Took me a bit to find it, but I did not want leave out the fine folks in Wichita and Chapman. The 2nd weekend of this month The Chisolm Trail club in Wichita is holding their two day annual shoot. Silver Creek Jack and the Chisolm Kid are good contacts. It may be too late to sign up, but a good place to visit to learn more quickly. Info is on the first link here: https://www.ctaga.com/copy-of-special-matches More towards the middle of the State in Chapman are the Butterfield Gulch Cowboys: http://www.butterfieldgulch.com. Flint Hills Dawg, Major Artillery and Shady W
  10. The closest club to you in Kansas is the Free State Rangers near Parker (about an hour and 45 minutes north of your homestead.) https://freestaterangers.com They are a great group and will happily help you out. Their next shoot is this coming Sunday (they shoot the first Sunday and third Saturday of each month.) In October they will have one of their annual two day events - Border Wars. This year it will be featuring the Classic Cowboy match, which you can read about on a separate thread on the Wire. Talk to Cornbread, Beans, Harold Marshall, Buffalo Phil or Missouri Misfit. A finer grou
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