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  1. If you haven't sent your application in, your time is disappearing. We already have more folks this year than last year. Wait too long and you will miss out.
  2. My friend, I fear that if your "friend" shoots that mix your alias will be his experience. Ophelia deserves to have that 200 you just loaded, and then load some more for your "friend" and have him junk the mixed batch.
  3. Get well soon. We missed you today, but all got an update on you and Jake. Your return will be a joy to you and many others. Best wishes.
  4. After much persuasion, whinning, begging, promises of making dinner and some deception I convinced K-Lynn Wolf to come north to see you all. She is shooting Lady B Western. I will be shooting Frontiersmen. Application was placed in the mail tonight so will be picked up on Monday.
  5. Here's a list of the Vendors who will be at Prince of Pistoleers: Bill's Custom Ear Plugs Gibby's Custom Gun Leather Boiler Plate Jackson Cowboy Shooters Supply D Barr J Hats Shotgun Boogie T-Star Leather Here is the application: https://www.powdercreekcowboys.com/ Come see us this June!
  6. Do the exact same sort of "next door" to ya'll at Free State Rangers. RO will treat it as Wild Bunch and check 1911 and call clear to holster.
  7. As an aside, Pearly and Christian are collecting damaged brass casings and spent primers to recycle and contribute to Pearly's college fund. If you have any you might pass them along. It was great shooting with Krazy Kajun (who was an excellent posse marshall), Captain Bill, Renegade Roper, Scarlett, Christian, Pearly and everyone else on Posse three. And, of course, congrats to Christian and Pearly!
  8. Abilene Slim, even if you cannot shoot, you need to come for the food, friendship and vendors. (More on the vendors, later.) Thought I'd pass along the work being done on the facades. The old storage container has been gussied up and is now the town church. There is more to come! So get those Prince of Pistoleers Applications in and come join us!
  9. True, but they are still good and a great way to learn history without realizing that you are.
  10. The Flashman series, starting with "Flashman" by George McDonald Fraser The first five "Fletch" books and two "Flynn" books by by Gregory McDonald "Gone to Texas" (Josey Wales) by Carter Forrest and "The Education of Little Tree" by Carter Forrest
  11. El CupAJoe, Too many new shooters wait till they think they have all they need squared away - pistols, rifle, shotgun, leather, gun cart, costume - before ever attending a match as a shooter. While understandable, this is NOT the best course to follow. Once you have all of the tools you think you want, you are going to find issues. For example, you may think that Frontiersman sounds cool (it is), but in competition it can be very frustrating: caps fall into the action for multiple reasons, the pistols may not index for some unknown reason, shotgun shells stick in cham
  12. Not yet. I will see if we can put one together in a couple of weeks. I am out of town for Easter and the week after.
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