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  1. https://whitesboots.com/rancher/packer-pointed-toe/
  2. The bisley hammer can be made to fit in a non-bisley frame however either the hammer or the frame must be modified. The bisley hammer has a larger bump on the back. https://www.rugerforum.net/threads/vaquero-bisley-hammer-trigger.146064/
  3. This guy is making all sorts of custom brass grip frames. https://rwgripframes-com.3dcartstores.com/ He might make you a true 1860 to fit a Vaquero
  4. When you say Army, guessing you mean a 1860 Army not SAA. The Super Blackhawk grip frame is longer than the Vaquero and close the 1860 grip. I fit a SBH Hunter grip frame to my original Vaquero to fit my big paw a bit better. The SBH Hunter is only available as stainless. The SBH Dragoon frame with the square back trigger guard is available as blue. Think Midway carries both. Note they are rough and require work to fit. SBH Hunter on left and Vaquero (XR3-RED) on the right
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