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  1. Can’t help you with the scabbard pard, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say howdy my brother!
  2. This pair of Deluxe Smokewagons in .44-40 are in excellent shape. They came with the usual factory tune up, slick and quick. I had a set of Running Iron hammers installed to aid in either the Duelist or Gunfighter classes. I have shot them with black powder and smokeless powders. Well taken care of, shot in two matches and a few monthly matches. They both have the four click notches. They come with original boxes and paperwork. $1400 and I’ll split shipping (additional $50 on each end). My FFL to your FFL
  3. It is with much sorrow that I post the loss of one of our Mad River Rangers. Redwood Rose, aka Stephanie Casey, passed away on January 31, 2023. We are all in shock over the sudden loss of one of the bricks in the foundation of our cowboy group. Stephanie was a staunch supporter of shooting sports in our area and an active participant in many of the shooting groups here on the northcoast as well as out of the area. The Rangers spent many Christmas gatherings at Stephanie and Craig’s house, their door was always open and many evenings spent with good food, much laughter and the warm feeling of friendship. Redwood Rose, Rest In Peace, you will be missed.
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