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  1. See if you can obtain a copy of the NRA Range Standard manual. Big help in ALL regards. Bugler
  2. Do all of the really hi speed rifle shooters use a straight trigger? I cannot see in any videos because their hand or finger obstructs the view. Just wondering if that really makes that kind of difference in speed.....seems like these lever guns are going full auto!!!! Bugler
  3. It is remarkably well preserved.....and seems well made too.
  4. My Lady's great, great grandfathers revolver pics are attached for you eagle eyed forum members to try and solve what it REALLY is. It is indeed an Eagle Co. revolver which was I am told was a subsidiary of Whitney Arms in the day. I have found examples similar to this revolver online with brass frames and usually .30 Rimfire, 32 Rimfire etc. What baffles me are the barrel dimensions....lands and grooves .284 and .277......too big for a .22 of any sort, too small for a .30/.32 cal......a .257 bullet just drops in. The cylinder measures .852 in length and the cylinder spindle is not
  5. Take what you shoot best!! Caliber is insignificant in the cartridges you mentioned. I am a big believer in use what you already have, whatever that might be. Bugler
  6. When did Browning cease production of the BSS? Bugler
  7. I live in Billings and offer my services for anything that would help you and your lady enjoy our State.....family goes back 4 generations. Bugler
  8. Hoss can shoot a SXS one in each hand if he felt like it........Hoss asked about this because there is an SKB for sale locally. I haven't has seen a Browning BSS in a very long while. Last one I knew about went to a shooter in Salt Lake....... Bugler
  9. Never used the 2 round clip.....waste of time and money. Use an 8 rounder and slide two rounds into, seat the clip, the the bolt slam forward, fire 2 reload the 8 rounder and you are good to go. Randy
  10. I have enough to fill at least 3 maybe 4 safes......still no room in my duplex. Am on a fixed income in retirement......buying three or more safes is not in the equation. I do thank you for your keen observation.
  11. No insurance, I am a renter and the premium for the firearms rider due to the number of firearms I own was exorbitant, therefore I elected to forego it.. My economic loss with 11 stolen was around $12,000. 4 are back...7 to go. Should I have had a safe? Yes, but would need at least 3, probably 4 and have no room for that many nor the funds for such. Bugler AKA Randy
  12. No insurance company involved............ Bugler
  13. UPDATE: Stolen Browning Hi Power Recovered Spoke with the deputy on the details of this recovery. Gun was NOT used in a crime but was in the coat pocket of a parolee that had broken parole. Bad Boy!!! They are sending the gun to the FBI for forensics testing to be sure it was not used in any crime after 14 May 2020 which when the burglary happened. Sheriff's Office will search where he was staying for other firearms that might be there as well....could be mine or someone else's. Apparently when you break parole, LEO's don't need a search warrant to search the premises. Didn't kn
  14. Seems like the perfect storm to me............if you don't already have you aren't getting. I know many shooters in a number of disiplines that aren't competing simply because they cannot re-supply. I may be one of them soon enough. Bugler
  15. permit holders in Montana don't have to have a NICS check either.
  16. It appears as though a new bolt and spring are going to solve my problem.....it only lasted 20 years of shooting.....guess they wear out on occassion. I bought it used and have put a mountain range of ammo through it....wonder how many that is anyway????? Will probably replace it's mate as well as I am at it. Bugler
  17. Will do a deep clean on the revolver tomorrow after a military funeral I am playing at. Results will be reported.....on the gun, not the funeral! Bugler
  18. No slip hammering, I shoot Duelist, so far has happened once. Will do some more test firing and see if I can replicate. The gun is bone stock. Bugler
  19. Only one cartridge was struck off center....will post a photo. I shoot duelist so I am not an overly aggressive shooter while cocking the revolver. Bugler
  20. I have a set of 1873 clones made by ASM , one of which seems to have a timing issue in that while there is a solid strike on the primer from the firing pin, it is about where a rimfire would strike. The round did NOT discharge...... How do you determine that timing is off and what do you do to remedy that? Bugler
  21. Buy all of them! I refuse to have a firearm be primer specific.......... Bugler
  22. I have seen this done at a club in Montana, where each club member bought 2 targets and then donated them to the club. This could be extended to non club members as well. The NRA Grant request is also a great idea, Assassin is to my memory a great grant writer, perhaps he could guide you on this. Your state Fish and Game dept. also have Pitman-Robertson funds that you might be able to apply for. Lastly, if there are clubs that are defunct, perhaps they would sell at a great price or consider them a loan to YOUR club. This worked very well when West Yellowstone and Grass
  23. Aerosol sight black works well for me....spray it on before the match and will often go the entire match...if not....over to the safe area and re-spray. Have also used my carbide sight black lamp (Gunsmoke) with real carbide...left over from my NRA Service rifle days....gets things REALLY black and is non reflective as well....folks DO look at you however! Bugler
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