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  1. Steady Habit, I also have a 1876 45-60 that I would sell, made in 1882. It is a real cowboy rifle, it was made the same year, as the Rifle that John Ringo had with him the day he was killed. PM your Email address to me. Thanks, Fallon
  2. Okiepan, I have a complete U. S. Cavalry 1885 APACHE WARS , Belt / holster Setup. It was made for use with The Colt SAA & the S&W Schofield Very High Quality , made by San PEDRO SADDLERY Reproduction on the back, Front has US on holster, the flap has ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL. The Belt has a BRASS buckle with U S on it, also on the inside of the belt has ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL. I don't know if this would work for you, but I give you a call at the phone number that I have for you. Your AZ Pard, Fallon
  3. Bronc,

    Bullseye is a 1st Class pard to deal with.

    I have done 2 deal's with him.

    It was fun showing with you last Sat.

    Merry Christmas


  4. Bugler

    MY name is:


    David  L. Murphy

    561 Sky Drive

    Clarkdale, AZ  928649-3728


    A  $25.00 check or money order would be fine.

    PM your Name and address to me so that I know where to send it.

    My Cell number is 1 (928 ) 533-5583



    1. Bugler


      Randy Grow

      Box 22506

      Billings, Montana 59104

      1-406-839-0081 C

      Check will go out in the AM...............Thank You!

  5. Fireball,

    Have you found a Maverick yet ?

    I have a 45 colt that I would part with for the right price.  It is about 98%, With very good case color.

    It has a serial number 26X

    Give me a call At  1 ( 928 ) 533-5583 if you like to talk.





    1. Fireball #7709 Life

      Fireball #7709 Life

      Hi Fallon,

        I'm still looking, what is the right price for your 45?


      Thanks, Fb

    2. Fallon, SASS 20190

      Fallon, SASS 20190


      I have been to Winter Range today Windy and Cold.

      I have photo's of this one and can send if you PM your e-mail address to me.

      As for my price It is $650.00 shipped - I know that sounds like a lot - but this one is almost like new.

      Like you bought one back in the 60's - Sold in the 70's - then spent 35 years trying to find another.

      Now have 2 and this is the best one.

      Thank you for your time,



    3. Fireball #7709 Life

      Fireball #7709 Life

      Thanks for the offer Fallon!  I'm going to pass though.


      Best regards, Fb

  6. Slick,

    If it is O.K. with you,  I will pay with a personal check from my credit union.



    I know about the job - 12 years back in 70s & 80s. it was a good time to work the streets.  


    1. Slick McClade

      Slick McClade

      Yes sir, check is fine. Be sure to include a note stating what you purchased. The sour straps are a cream color on the back of them.

    2. Fallon, SASS 20190

      Fallon, SASS 20190


      The check will be in the mail today.

      Stay Safe Out There,



    3. Fallon, SASS 20190

      Fallon, SASS 20190


      I received the Spur Straps today - They are very cool.



  7. Slick,

    PM or E-mail your address to me, so I can send the Money $ 45.00.

    My address is ;


    David L. Murphy

    561 Sky Drive

    Clarkdale,  AZ  86324-3728




    1. Slick McClade

      Slick McClade

      I’m sorry I haven’t gotten you the pics . I’m a LEO and have been absolutely swamped at work . 


      Jason Robinson 

      3738 Beech Springs Rd

      Quitman, La 71268

  8. Slick,

    Can you send a photo of the backside to me - like the frontside ok.

    My e-mail is ;






  9. One class act.  Dealing with him has been a pleasure!

  10. Grizzly Adams,

    What size is your Stratoliner ?

    What Color ?

    Looking for a 7 1/2 or maybe 7 3/8



    1. Grizzly Adams 3674

      Grizzly Adams 3674

      Hi, Fallon.  It is a 7 and 1/8.

    2. Fallon, SASS 20190

      Fallon, SASS 20190


      Thanks for the size - to small for me.

      I did pick up a Hobbs Golden Coach 7 1/2 - like new so i am good for a now.



  11. Dusty Morningwood,

    I have your old phone number  , from when I bought shotgun SxS from you.

    Please PM or e-mail your new phone number to me.

    I am looking to buy a Rolling block - want to see what you you might have.

    My e-mail is  farofallon@cableone.net

    cell number   1  ( 928 ) 533-5583



  12. LQ Jones,

    I would like some better photos of the .22 rolling block.  Also what does the bore look like ?


    e-mail  farofallon@cableone.net



  13. Big Jon,

    PM your e-maill address and phone number To me

    I have a Colt Blue sheriff model  44-40 / 44 special  w/box and papers and Ivory grips.


    My pone numbers is  1- (928) - 533-5583

    E-Mail farofallon@cableone.net





    1. Loco Vaquero

      Loco Vaquero

      If you have a sheriff 44 special you are willing to sale I might be interested! 

      Thanks: Loco

  14. Charlie Bison,

    I received a e-mail from you.

    Please give me a call at ( 928 ) 649-1130



  15. Maddog, I sent photo of my Colt 44-40/44 spl. Sheriff Mod. to you. with my phone number. Thanks, Fallon
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