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  1. Need a Zip code to figure shipping.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Twelve Bore

      Twelve Bore

      Thank you!


      Give me your address and i will get it ready to go out.

    3. Old Man Graybeard

      Old Man Graybeard

      Ron Abele

      PO Box154




      That is my mailing address.

      If you need my physical address...let me know 

    4. Old Man Graybeard

      Old Man Graybeard

      Got the dies in the mail today. Thanks again 


  2. Lee 38 S&W(not special or short) carbide 3 die set, used. SPF Lee 45 Colt carbide 3 die set. used, SPF Lee 444 marlin factory crimp die, new, $12 plus shipping
  3. As I remember they came from a local guy who hand cast and sold at gun shows.
  4. This is not a flimsy holster, made from heavy leather. Pictures show Uberti 44/40, 5 1/2 inch in the holster and the other picture shows how thick the leather is
  5. This would work. The one on the right. $35 + shipping
  6. I have approximately 185 hard lead bullets that are .430 dia, 320 grain, flat point, lubed and sized. $40 shipped.
  7. Nice wool confederate Kepi, very good condition, Size large. $20 shipped
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