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  1. Does that $800 include the shipping?

  2. Cimarron/Uberti 72 open top 44 special, 5.5 inch, Navy grip. Excellent condition, Rear sight has been opened a little and squared up, lighter mainspring installed. I have the original box and paperwork for it. $425 shipped(CONUS) from me to your FFL
  3. 196 - 44 mag brass, mixed head stamps, only used for cowboy loads. $35 shipped to CONUS or trade for equal amount of 44 special.
  4. Great shooter, excellent bore for the age of the rifle. Model 92 Winchester, manufacture date 1914. 44wcf, 24 inch barrel. Was re-blued at some time in its life. Asking $775 shipped from me to your FFL.
  5. What is the smallest waist the shotgun belt will fit?
  6. I have a holster set, right and left strong side, would sell for $225 shipped if you are interested i can provide pictures and more details.

    1. Bing O

      Bing O

      If you'd send photos, I'd appreciate it

  7. You ad for the sale of your guns says you have Win 78's for sale. What is a Win 78?

    1. Cherokee Sam

      Cherokee Sam

      Yeah my thumbs are a bitch. Anyhow, someone bought all 78s in 3 hours. 

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