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  1. Looking for a Win or IAC/Norinco 97, needs to hold 6 in the mag tube.
    • Do you still have the 97 Cimarron for sale you had offered to Pappay Ray back in Feb?
    1. Texas Maverick

      Texas Maverick

      Sorry but I traded it off to Abilene AI. You might want to contact him and see if he is interested in selling it. I don't think he really needed it but was willing to trade me for something I wanted of his.


      He can be reached either here on the wire or emailing him at Bracey.Gordon@yahoo.com





  2. Do you remember what size they were?

  3. I did use a proper screw driver bit but did not have the impact driver. I have a set of whisper springs from the Smith Shop and have ordered the 6-40 screws for them. The screws i removed from the Uberti (or what is left of them) don't fit the Whisper Springs.
  4. Thank you! But i already know all of this.
  5. I need to replace the lever and carrier spring screws in my Uberti 73. I had to drill the ones out that were factory installed. I have searched to find what Uberti uses with no luck. Hope someone here knows what size they are and where to get them, and yes i know VTI has them but hoping to find some less expensive.
  6. 2 - Magma/Star bullet lube/sizers 1 - .427, 1- .459 $35 ea shipped in US Sold em 1 - Lyman bullet Lube/Sizer .451 $20 shipped in US 1 - Pioneer Gun Works small (38/357) aluminum carrier for Uberti 66/77 and Henry. $35 shipped US Sold it
  7. Interested in the Marlin! Does that Marlin feed 44 special reliably and holds how many 44 specials.
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