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  1. You ad for the sale of your guns says you have Win 78's for sale. What is a Win 78?

    1. Cherokee Sam

      Cherokee Sam

      Yeah my thumbs are a bitch. Anyhow, someone bought all 78s in 3 hours. 

  2. I have an as new Cimarron 1878 12 gauge, less than a 50 rounds fired, $500 shipped. If interested i can send pictures later today.
  3. I just want to pass along what i think is a great deal. LPL Bullets is a bullet distributed located in western NY state, they sell a couple of brands of bullets. I started ordering Bear Creek moly coated bullets from them earlier this year. You can't beat the price and they offer free shipping on orders over $130 for the Bear Creek Bullets. The website is LPLBullets.com
    • Do you still have the 97 Cimarron for sale you had offered to Pappay Ray back in Feb?
    1. Texas Maverick

      Texas Maverick

      Sorry but I traded it off to Abilene AI. You might want to contact him and see if he is interested in selling it. I don't think he really needed it but was willing to trade me for something I wanted of his.


      He can be reached either here on the wire or emailing him at Bracey.Gordon@yahoo.com





  4. Do you remember what size they were?

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