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  1. I’m betting 6 pages on this thread!
  2. A toolhead for each caliber is nice. I load 2 different 45-70 loads, so have 2 toolheads there. I just use one powder dispenser, change the powder bar so I don’t have to search for the right setting every time. on my 750 where I only load 38sp, I prefer Lee dies as it’s easier to change from my pistol to my rifle bullets simple knob on top. One revolution difference between the 2 bullets.
  3. Dillon will tell you not to load BP. I don’t think you can find proof that anybody ever blew up a press from static electricity while loading BP get strong mount. Roller handle is nice, but not really needed. get the tool kit. having every Allen wrench you will need right there is handy. Put them back in there place when done! get the spare parts kit. Yes Dillon will replace anything you break, but this way you do t have to wait, you can fix press, then order part. No downtime. I got the uniquetek aftermarket bearing for the shell plate. Mad
  4. I’ve seen feathers. Pretty funny. big no to glitter! ive heard about the thong. Been tempted to try it!
  5. One can take the hoppers off by slipping the hands off. WARNING, it is spring loaded, it will fly off, make sure you are holding g onto it! Drill a 3/8 hole in corner of lid. Put it over the hopper and pour out powder. (I just leave the shot in mine). lee makes good inexpensive equipment. They work. Not as pretty as some, and the MEC makes a better crimp, but the Load-All is a simple machine that does the job, and can be had for around $50. I still use one for BP loads. I did find a Hornaday 366 at an estate sale, that’s what I load my smokeless on. I’ve also had a size master, sol
  6. MEC is 4x as much$. 3 x better!
  7. What could they know about crawfish farming? They can’t even spell it
  8. Will that hat fit a 7 5/8 melon? I think it would look nice on me!
  9. nothing wrong with it, I’d just prefer 38. Will take 2.5 or 3”. Polished SS. I’ll be at Tx State, Comancheria Days & Land Run so if you are going to be there we can do a FTF.
  10. Yes, legal. I don’t care for the non-natural looking ones tho. If I were in charge, a plastic or resin grip would have to look like either the black gutta percha or similar materials as used on old handguns. Or wood, or ivory. But not multi-colored swirled together. But it ain’t gonna ruin my day if you have them!
  11. Looking for a Sharps or preferably a HJS “Brownsville” Derringer. Must function. 22 only, as I want to shoot it! anybody have one they want to give to a good home?
  12. One of the things my traveling Pard Verdadero & I do every year is make a trip into Houston to Collectors Firearms. Biggest gun store I’ve ever seen. New, used, modern, antique, military, curios, most long guns out where you can get all touchy-feely with them. Prices are a tad high, but they do bargain a bit. https://www.collectorsfirearms.com/
  13. Plus the good folks at Land Run have to have a date that works with the Cowboy hall of fame for the banquet. This is my first LR, but I’ve heard great things about it
  14. Hoss


    Bullet not in chamber. Action open
  15. AA, I’m not a THSS member. So not “selling the brand” But I can tell you they have moved more towards SASS norms. Did away with the non-sass rules. (Like if aiming at wrong target and miss, it’s a P and a miss) target distances are very reasonable. They do still have THSS wild bunch as a category, shot with 1911, early model DA revolver, military rifle, model 97. not my cup of tea, but hey, certainly not hurting me. THSS started my favorite category, Cody Dixon. They also offer sharpshooter, where shooter shoots main match rifle targets with pistols, and another set of targets (shared with
  16. Hoss


    I was 99% on that. FWIW no call was made.
  17. I shot with the good folks at THSS today. They have done a lot of work on the range, fixing weak spots in boardwalks, rebuilding some stages, general sprucing up. Range looked good, weather was perfect. (A little chilly at first, but overall really nice!) they have replaced all odd shaped targets with new mostly (if not all) AR 500 steel. They would not be considered “big and close” but definitely have moved them in from what they used to be (which I kinda miss!) very hitable. THSS had gained a reputation of small, far targets. They listened to shooters and moved them in and replac
  18. Hoss


    We may have had this or similar WTC a while back. I could not find it by searching, but never have had much luck searching threads! order is rifle pistol shotgun. shooter shoots 9 out of rifle. Grounds rifle, draws pistol. TO yells one more. Shooter puts pistol (uncocked) on shelf, picks up rifle, fired last round, then picks up pistol and finishes. About 1/3 wanted MSV. 1/3 a P, 1/3 no call. Those that wanted penalty said if he had re-holstered pistol would have been a no call, but laying on shelf was a penalty. FWIW I was in the No call camp.
  19. I have 38 short Colt & 38 SW brass I can send you. You would have to reload it.
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