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  1. Well dang. I just bought some on gunbroker. Sending a email
  2. Found a bucket list gun, Win 95 in 30-40 Krag. Now I need brass & dies. If you have anything gathering dust, let me know!
  3. For whatever reason I have a case of the wants for a Win 95, preferably in 30-40 Krag, with a “Climbing Lyman” sight. Looking for a GREAT deal! Anybody have a safe Queen they are ready to pass on?
  4. Charlie, you are spot on! I have been shooting CAS for 10 years. I have met and made wonderful friends in that time. Guys (& gals!) whom I would trust not only with my money, guns, (life for that matter, cause we are playing with real guns!) but many whom I would trust to take care of one of my grands.
  5. I have “loaned” several K primers to Pards with instructions to replace them when you can. So far all but one have replaced what they borrowed.
  6. I’m with Creeker (or any TO that handles it this way). If TO is there, with shooter, his judgement needs to override the book on how to best safely handle a situation. In this case, shooter followed TO instructions. No way I could justify giving him the penalty. Obviously had gun gone BOOM appropriate penalty earned.
  7. I don’t know Gunsmoked, but I certainly know the other cowboy he is referring to that got scammed out if several hundred dollars by the guy in Chattanooga.
  8. Happy Appy has a Iver johnson for sale. Might want to check it out.
  9. The S&Ws are the most robust. Iver Johnson’s are ok. It’s best to only shoot BP in them. Shooting smokeless tends to strech the frame.
  10. Spot-on Creeker! You did the correct thing. Much better to use this as a “teaching moment” rather than just applying penalty. and for my money the rule should be re-worded. The gun should be allowed to be shown safe anytime up to the BEEP. I find it very hard to believe that was not the original intent.
  11. As you may recall, last month when shooting with the Plum Creek Shooting Society I managed to shoot a table. MDQ. I fessed up, took my penalty, counted, and took a lot of harassment. Today at the pre-shoot meeting I was called up by Big Iron Patnode and presented with a “new” poncho. Made from the blanket on the table. Complete with holes Prickly Pear Peggy did the needlework. It’s nice to have such good friends!
  12. I’ve never had to resize unless one got stepped on. You learn to shuffle your feet! one drawback is the all brass hulls don’t shuck very well. I had thought they would shuck well due to weight, but I was wrong!
  13. I’ll let Tom know. hopefully they throw this guy under the jail. Nobody is likely going to get their money back, but maybe we can heel & hide this guy and bail him to the barn door!
  14. Well, Bessie is way purtier than Capt Baylor
  15. And then there is this…… (and I’m not referring to ole Capt Baylor!!) and my apologies to both Capt George Baylor & Texas Ghost for getting them mixed up!
  16. A club member has asked me (as his TG) to inquire about CC being allowed to shoot gunfighter style. This would not be a separate category, just be allowed much the same as GF is an allowed style in BW. Has this issued ever been discussed in the past? Opinions?
  17. I mounted mine to a 2x8 that is securely bolted to my bench. It does spread the footprint, and allows for a little overhang so the handle clears the bench. I also go an aftermarket spent primer catcher that uses a hose to a 2 liter bottle under my bench. Works really well.
  18. To quote Dirty Harry. “A man’s got to know his limitations”. Apparently the RCBS Grand is too complicated for me. I bought it used about 3 months ago, I’ve not been very successful with it. I guess just too much going on for my brain. I might better stick with a Lee Load-all! the press works, I think it just needs some tweaking. While it is no longer being made, RCBS has sent me every part I’ve requested free of charge. Asking $600. Would be very expensive to ship, so would prefer FTF in S Texas or I will be at Land Run. Would also consider a trade. Kinda want a Win 94 for some reason! But will look at most anything.
  19. That must be one nice 22 pistol!
  20. Airbnb us way to go! Find a house in Edmund with a garage. Don’t have to unload guns from truck every night. Plus have more room, can cook, etc. cost is very comparable to a decent hotel room. get a 3 BR house and share expenses with another shooter
  21. No call as presented. probably a 7-10 second penalty in lost time tho!
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