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    Bond Arms Roughneck

    Found a Roughneck in 357/38. removed trigger guard replaced hammer spring with spring for Ruger SP 101. Cut about 3 coils off spring to get it same length as the spring in the Bond. Then added washers until it would reliably pop federal primers. (Took 2). Now has a very easy to cock hammer. Works MOST of the time. I would not want to rely on it for a personal defense gun, but for a derringer side match I think it will work.
  2. I have a 10G roll crimp tool. Might have a priming tool. I’ll look when I get home.
  3. I use 14.0 with 7/8 oz.shot. clay Buster wads.
  4. Decided to drag everything out of the safes, make an accurate list of what I actually have. got the pocket pistols done
  5. Experience & treachery can overcome youth!!!
  6. Bear creek supports lots of SASS club annuals with bullets. Steve is great to talk to about bullets. He has sent me several sample packs to try before ordering. I like his coated 305 grn for my 45-60, and 255 & 310 grn in my 38-55s I don’t like the coated 38 special. Slippery little rascals. I drop as many as I load!
  7. Yul, Harbor Freight sells a pretty neat mini chop saw that works really well. I used it to cut down 45-70 to 45-60. https://www.bittychoice.com/products/mini-bench-cut-off-saw-steel-blade-cutting-metal-wood-plastic-adjust-miter-gauge-for-diy-working?variant=31486318182496&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2srol-7F6AIVidlkCh0RtA3hEAQYASABEgIGZvD_BwE
  8. Thank you Flat Top. This must be a nightmare for all match directors if state & regional matches. I am prayerfully hopefully that things will ease up soon.
  9. I'll take 8. Pacific De-Burring Tool, RCBS primer pocket cleaner and Hornady primer pocket cleaner $24.00 now $20 TYD tried to send PM, your box is full
  10. I’ve shot at several clubs that offer “sharpshooter” category, which is what you described. Those that offer Cody Dixon use those rifles targets, in the 60 -75 yd range. A very few are a little further. some are closer, just depends on what the range limitations are. It’s a fun category. Have to do more aiming for sure. It’s a good category for those who prefer to take their time and aim instead of point. Many prefer this to seeing how fast you can manipulate your guns. (And I’m in no way putting down the fast championship shooters, they got that way by practice and hard work) As I’ve said, I may not be able to “run and Gun” but I can “amble and aim”! I'm generally about a Top 1/3 shooter. Never going to win top overall shooter. I’ve shot a few 10/10/4 stages under 20 seconds, but low-mid 20s more my norm. I do enjoy shooting Cody Dixon when it is offered. it’s my preferred category. I’m even going to try Cody Dixon single shoot soon. (Just waiting on the right rifle) there is something in this great game for everyone.
  11. Got my confirmation a couple of weeks ago. Made my hotel reservations today. Really looking forward to the trip! Google maps says 8 hrs 36 minutes. I accept the challenge!!
  12. You are correct sir. Side gate offered in Rifle caliber only. (I figured they offered in all calibers)
  13. I’ve seen maybe one shooter shoot a HBB Consistently without jamming issues. He was a very slow methodical shooter. If you try to run it fast it just will not work well. Henry makes a fine rifle. I have a 22 golden Boy. Very good gun. But the HBB is just not a very good choice for our game. they do make one with a side gate now. on a kinda funny aside, last Saturday one of our newer shooters was shooting his HBB. shell hung up, would not eject. He turned the rifle on its side and shook it to get the hull out. It came out, along with various pieces of metal and springs. Everybody had to laugh. I’m sure Henry will make it right, but I think the shooter is in the market for a 73.
  14. We use 3/8 common steel. Works fine with cast Bullets. 4x8 sheet around $250.
  15. Deuce,


    I'm interested in your Bakail. 

  16. will they fit a rugged gear cart?
  17. can't be adjustable. lots of folks use a rubber pad, if its not "period" they put a leather cover over it. I have a rather ugly slip on pad on my Marlin 1895 45-70. sure tames the recoil, but it hurts my eye to look at it. I put a leather cover over it!
  18. 2.5 hrs is nothing! I'm further than that from a lot of matches I go to Check out the Texican Rangers near Fredericksburg, and the Tejas Caballeros in Blanco. They may be a little closer. Anyways, welcome to the game. You are in for the time of your life. Look forward to seeing you down the trail.
  19. Where at in central Tx? Plum Creek shoots this Saturday near Lockhart. Even if you don't have your pistols, come on out and shoot, I'll be happy to loan you pistols.
  20. Hoss

    Spotting scope

    Thanks guys. Looks like I have some affordable (read cheap!) options.
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