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  1. I bought one because the price was right and I wanted a long barrel double. Whether or not it is unique to that gun or not I don't know - but for SASS the gun will not open wide enough or stay fully open which is going to interfere with loading and shucking quickly. Yet another example of cheap ain't always good in this sport.
  2. Did you check out the Henry 327 Federal - it also runs H&R 32 mags?
  3. If pioneer Gun Works did the original work it might be worthwhile to give them a call.
  4. I used it mostly in 32 caliber. Scarlett Darling might be able to give you information if it works on the other calibers. Never tried it for shotgun.
  5. Insure the dickens out of it if you go postal with it. Last 3 items I received through US Mail were A. Broken open and half of the stuff was missing. B. Broken open, packed in a different box, but everything seemed to be there. C. Broken open, bent the crap out of a couple items. FWIW - even insured filing a claim is full of hoops to jump through and expect the claim to be denied.
  6. they are all the same new and old 


    no difference

    1. 40Chev


      Not from what I've been told and seen.  The old is a lower profile.

    2. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      the only thing that is lower and wider hammer is on super blackhawk hammers that is why i changed mine I shoot duelist.everyone i have switched out new and old are the same.

  7. Pm says you can not receive messages..


    TInpan McGurk

    1. 40Chev


      Try it again - I cleaned some out

  8. Picked up stock this morning.  Excellent packing job although the post office tried to beat it up.

    Thank you

    Probably was there last Saturday - but this was first I could get there when someone was there.



    1. Dusty Chaps, SASS #5925

      Dusty Chaps, SASS #5925

      Great. Got your check too. 

      Enjoy. Shoot straight 

      Happy Trails


  9. Check with people in your local area, you can probably find some one to do it for you for the price of the components (and maybe some rolls, a dinner, jug of hooch, you get the picture). I'd suggest a box or two before you go whole hog with ten boxes.
  10. I think it was Davidsons - made a special run with 32 20 cylinder and a 32 H&R Mag cylinder, "Buckeye Special"?
  11. The mice are well trained and well rewarded - they drop the bullet after they unload but they don't have the strength to crimp the case. Currently cross breeding some with stronger sphincters - but they will be several years out until they are mature enough. Thanks for all the input, snagged an older Lee die set for only slightly more than just a seat/crimp die would have been.
  12. My regular 32 H&R mag and 32 S&W long dies won't seat and crimp the short cases. Anybody loading shorts and if so what seat and crimp die are you using? TIA
  13. Interesting question. My category has some mighty good shooters in it and the only way I place near the top is when I'm at a local match and they're off at a bigger match somewhere. Did manage to come in ahead of one guy once who had a passel of gun trouble. Went up to him afterwards and told him I always wanted to beat him - but not that way. Same situation with another fellow who I aspired to best who has some health issues and has slowed down considerably. Several years ago I bought a buckle and had these words inscribed on it - "I bought this buckle". That said - I've gotten some certificates, but I'm more interested in how I placed in my category and overall than if I get an award or not. I will always remember my first "clean shoot". I don't know the answer - like you I keep coming back for a number of reasons - trying to better myself, trying to outdo the good shooters, watching them to see what they're doing that I'm not - but most of all getting and giving some BS, hearing the steel ring and being with a great bunch of people. So, I guess my input is that it is nice to be recognized, but in my head and heart I know how I got there and if it wasn't head to head, toe to toe, all things equal and no hiccups - I still didn't "win".
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