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  1. The first question was why do I attend a match. Found out last year at a two day 12 stage match. First stage, 2nd pistol. Came out of my hand slid down my leg I caught it before it hit the ground but thumb gripped the hammer and cocked it. So - MDQ with 5 shots down. Stayed with the posse and helped out. Some time after the shame had passed - it dawned on me why I didn't pack up and go home. First I just figured it was the right thing to do, but probably more important was that "Hey - these are the people I enjoy being around". Gotta say it was probably the best $150 banquet meal I've
  2. So - I should not have pointed out an edger to the TO for the first shooter on a freshly painted target last weekend?
  3. No sir - thank you and Little Miss Lou Who for sharing the kids with us. It was really a pleasure watching them participate. They do more than shoot, I've seen them spot, run the Ipads, reset shotgun targets. They know and practice safe gun handling. It will be fun watching them grow, advance and progress in the nest few years.
  4. I have very little to add other than to echo most of what has already been said. But - I attended an out of state shoot several years ago, don't know if I just got on a good posse or what - however after someone had shot, cleared and put their gear away they would come up to the stage and ask "Does anyone need relief, have you shot yet, do you need a break"? First time it happened it took a while for it to register as truly - I had never witnessed it before. I tried to take this behavior back home and follow it. I don't always get it done myself but maybe my doing it will rub off on someon
  5. I'm blaming it all on the beer.
  6. Same like "The preacher likes it cold" or "The preacher's eyes are cold"
  7. I'd put a hundred on it's the original by Rivers and it says "Agent"
  8. No,, looks was not the objective it was all about trying to get less drag when pulling them. I've had the belt about five years and any "burnishing" has probably taken place at this point already. I've done the graphite and Lemon Pledge tricks. Maybe I should just stop thinking Butch it might not be what I'm good at.
  9. Shotgun slides and belts. Why is the rough side of the leather on the inside of the loops rather than putting the smooth side inside? It would seem to me the shells would pull or release easier if the smooth side was on the inside.
  10. I have run 32 S&W longs in the Marlin rifle - shorts don't feed well though.
  11. they are all the same new and old 


    no difference

    1. 40Chev


      Not from what I've been told and seen.  The old is a lower profile.

    2. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      the only thing that is lower and wider hammer is on super blackhawk hammers that is why i changed mine I shoot duelist.everyone i have switched out new and old are the same.

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