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  1. Probably just superstition, but in keeping with the try to do the same thing each time - the right hand one has a sticky dot thing on the grip bottom, the left is plain. Another set - one has checkered grips and the other is plain. I guess I also do it in case one has some type of malfunction - I can remember which one it was (maybe).
  2. Good luck finding one let alone a pair they are rare as hen's teeth
  3. Beard - you should go back to work - you were a much nicer person then.
  4. Pretty much the opposite for me - I'll look in a closet, behind a door, some other nook or cranny and think to myself - where did that come from? Typically tell myself that it must have been a bargain. Exception is my buddy once gave me a revolver to keep for him - to this day I don't know why. Some time later he asked me to bring it back. Looked all over creation and could not find it. Asked him if he was sure I hadn't given it back to him, he said I didn't. Kept looking and was about on the verge of buying him a replacement when I was looking for something else, lifted up a box and sure enough there it was in another box under that one.
  5. You're thinking of the Load All for shotgun shells Load Master is for metallic
  6. they are all the same new and old 


    no difference

    1. 40Chev


      Not from what I've been told and seen.  The old is a lower profile.

    2. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      the only thing that is lower and wider hammer is on super blackhawk hammers that is why i changed mine I shoot duelist.everyone i have switched out new and old are the same.

  7. 3A, B and 4. Are those the original Vaquero and not the New Vaquero style hammers?
  8. I might have a straight grip if you can't find the pistol grip.
  9. I listen to the stage directions, ask questions on unclear portions, once I feel I've got the sequence down I clear out to avoid the "I'm gonna shoot it this way or other such distracting conversations." I too like to spot first to get the order more firmly implanted in memory. I like to shoot near the end. I try to use the same routine at the loading table (rifle first, pistols, brush out shotgun chambers, check for shotgun ammo, spare pistol and rifle loads, check screws and base pins on guns. Shadow shoot the stage. Try to blank out the previous stage and whatever happened there. But, when the timer goes it can all go down the rabbit hole.
  10. Last I knew - there was one in the clubhouse at Ft. Belmont to be used as a loaner. Don't let lack of a cart stop you from shooting there.
  11. 40Chev

    Will Killigan

    Anybody know him? Have a contact address? He's not responding to a pm. Thanks
  12. The force is strong in you young Dogooder - you'll be ok.
  13. How much you want? Let me check when I get home - got a couple different weights. And - I know you missed me at the last CVV shoot but how much 38 40 brass were you needing? I don't have as much as I thought I did but can spare some.
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