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  1. I have been involved with sports most of my life and have been a wrestler and a coach. I strive to be as successful in this sport of CAS as I was in wrestling, and love the challenge of competing to get there. I would be willing to shoot in an open division no matter what the results are. I would enjoy CAS with coaching or no coaching. I enjoy the aspect of the coaching, as well as the assistance of a good TO; yet I agree that it adds advantage over another shooter. I have not competed in sports that do not allow coaching, but am sure it would increase the level of expertise on the shoo
  2. I paid for a new one, $150.00. You snooze, you lose. Was not sure how WTB worked. Lost out on a bid with Ebay. It is all a learning curve. Glad someone benefited from the post.
  3. All the more reason for a true open division with no coaching, shoot it any way you want at any age you want. Get rid of so many divisions and keep things closer to what they are now.
  4. If it is the safest thing to do then what is your call in regards to a penalty? Not saying your wrong, but how are you going to handle it. I put up this question a year or two ago and the answers were very mixed. Some said they would never allow a rifle to hit the ground and some said if your going to give me a penalty let my firearm hit the ground. Another told me I should not time for him if I would not try to keep his rifle from hitting the ground. It is a tough call. While trying to save someone's rifle you my sometime lose track of the shooter your safely assisting. All you can do
  5. Help me out. If an open empty rifle falls in a continuous motion it is a SDQ. If an open and empty rifle stops, then falls and breaks the 170 it is a SDQ. If the stopped rifle does not break the 170 when it falls it is a minor safety. If the TO interferes with the stop, is it the TO's call to determine the penalty based on their perception? My concern is this could determine the outcome of a match if I am right in my determination.
  6. Excellent video-Many spotters miss the fact that jacking out a round is engaging a target.
  7. Check is in the mail.  Thanks Kirk

  8. I will take the 45 auto. Send me a pm on where to send funds.
  9. Looking to buy a used MEC Super Sizer 12 guage. Please PM if you have one for sale.
  10. New company made up of SASS CAS. gmail is: rule1 cowboys@gmail.com. Great group of guys!!!! Ask for Rollen Cole, Bronc or Captain Cane.
  11. Has not come through.  If you send me an address, I will get the bullets to you. 

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    2. Kirk James

      Kirk James

      Send money to paypal:   jkirkham@iccs-k8.org.   Thanks Kirk

    3. Kirk James

      Kirk James

      You can also send it to paypal @codyk77   if  the jkirkham@iccs-k8.org does not work.  

    4. Slowaz Molasses

      Slowaz Molasses

      so i just tried to pay you using the first paypal listed ( jkirkham@iccs-k8.or) it didn't even recognize the second one (paypal @codyk77) and this is the response i got.

      JKirkham needs a PayPal account to get your $95.00 USD

      They'll have 10 days to accept your money. We'll help remind them before it's transferred from your account.

  12. Still have and additional 1000 38-55 bullets for sale if anyone is interested.
  13. I put my wife's best red lip stick on the brass of my 12 gauge and 38s. Before load ten in the rifle I ck the brass for lip stick each time. I use a separate shotgun belt for dry fire practice. Does it hurt the firing pin of a 73 to leave a spent primer in the case?
  14. Received funds.  Bullets will be shipped tomorrow.  Thanks Kirk

    1. cowrustler


      Kirk, thank you, cowrustler

    2. Kirk James

      Kirk James

      Had good luck with 17 grains of XMP 5744.  Have fun and good shooting.  Kirk 

    3. cowrustler


      Got 'em. Thank you, Bill

  15. Hi Dallas-Sorry, they already sold.  I had to post them again since they were a separate sale.  Hope every thing is going well.  I

    1. Dallas McPewPew

      Dallas McPewPew

      No worries, Pard, thanks for following up.  I'm looking for 38-40 brass if you have any of that to sell. Hope you and yours are doing well and staying healthy! 

  16. Cowrustler-sent you a PM. Let me know if you still having problems.
  17. You got them Slowaz Molasses. I will send you the information.
  18. 1000 bullets 38-40 180RNFP .401-Lead Meister for $75.00 shipped in US
  19. I also found 1000 38-40 RNFP 180 gr and will sell them for $80. 00 plus shipping. .401
  20. You got them Slowaz Molasses. I will send you the information.
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