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  1. Meet Howling Wolfe and family at Bordertown. They understand the needs of the Cowboy Action Shooter. Howling Wolfe spent some time working on my rig to get the cant I was looking for. I never would have known the metal in the high performance rig could be adjusted so much. Really enjoy the results. Thank you.
  2. Topic was: if I were King and there is a declining population what would I do? First of all I really enjoy SASS just the way it is. My kids have grown up in SASS and we are having a blast when we shoot. I would not change too much, accept those skinny cowboys at longer distances and so many categories. I do not disagree that SASS has not made significant changes since 1995. I have only been with SASS since 2011 and have not seen much change other than more categories, and more categories. If that is a strong marketing move, stay with it. If I were King I would behead anyone on the SASS wire that does not see the world the way I do, starting with you, and Shooting Bull, double tap!!!
  3. Many members of SASS is ageing; and yet holds onto the reasons why they got involved in SASS. Members have brought up shooting while moving, not emphasizing the shooting first, advertising a new SASS, rule changes etc... but are meet with opposition. While members of SASS certainly have the right to hold onto these reasons, they maybe keeping away new membership. If you keep going down the same path, you get to the same place. How about allowing shooters to shoot a 7th stage with shooting on the move allowed but only keeping a time for those who wish to participate. Clubs can share on shooter interest. Advertise our champions in high volume marketing areas. Clubs offer free clinics to new shooters emphasizing rules, firearm selection with advertisement and loaner firearms to try. ACSA does this once a year at the AZ expo. I like the idea of new shooters shooting a 22 category or one pistol and rifle category at the club level to get interest. They do not have to compete against those following the current SASS rules. How many of our shooters come into SASS with the idea that time doesn't matter only to find themselves short stroking and smoothing actions. I will stay with SASS as it is presented today, but am not afraid of change. I am afraid of losing it.
  4. I appreciate that we were asked. Most of the shooters at my club voted to change the rule. I agree with the change.
  5. Before you go to the cart rehearse the stage. Have a plan and stick to it. Visualize shooting the stage. How relaxed you are. Depending on how complex the stage is I visualize it at the loading area 4 or 5 times and more if needed, often shadow shooting. Relax I sometime check screws on my revolvers or rifle. I go through a relaxation technique right before I move up to the stage to shoot. While staging my firearms I usually go through the sequence one more time looking at the top 1/3 of the targets. As I wait for the buzzer I take a couple deep breathes and relax only looking at the firearm or target (bottom 1/3). If I have a bad stage I rehearse it again visually correct and go to the next stage. Problems-At yesterdays match we have a couple tough sequences. While visualizing my pistol and rifle I forgot to include the shotgun. Guess what? During my first stage I cocked my revolver at the wrong window. We all have bad matches or stages now and then. The more you practice the less mistakes you will make. Have fun and stay relaxed. Hope this helps.
  6. Try spreading two targets 10 ft apart and alternate lever, trigger, lever then move trigger, lever move trigger lever and so on for 10 rounds. Then move the targets in to 8 ft apart and do the same. Move into the spread you would like to be able to shoot in matches. Do not move closer till your getting the results you are looking for. You can do this in dry fire also. Hope it helps and your not going through anything the majority of shooters go through as they work on their speed. Good luck. By the way Palo Verde Gunworks make a snap cap that is sized for your chamber so it doesn't rotate and eject. The kids and I have used the same ones for 9 years. We all have the safeties in our rifles.
  7. I bring my red tipped cane so I don't have to spot. You can get one at Palo Verde Gunworks!!!!! and a back brace so you don't have to pick up brass. That is why there is so many TO's.
  8. Try marketing the shooting w/o so much emphasis on the dress. I was having an action job on a Smith and asked the gunsmith if he wanted to see a video of Cody shooting. He told me SASS is about the dress and not the shooting. I was floored by his response as he has been building competition firearms for many years. I wrote an article to see if there was an interest. I do not want to say anything negative concerning the dress emphasis on the SASS rules. It is part of what we do. I would try marketing from another angle. When Cody started shooting SASS I was not interested until watching the 2011 Winter Range. Even then I really could not tell what was gong on from a distance. It wasn't until the Top 16 shot off that I decided to join. Those of you that were there may remember the tent where the two shooters had to enter and pick up a SAA Colt sitting on a table with 2 rounds and decide on how many rounds they needed to load on the final target. Cody James-revised.docx
  9. Take a kitchen funnel and place the ammo round in the small end of the funnel and shake it. Even with my poor hearing I can tell if ;there is powder. That with a powder check from Dillon and it is hard to have a squib. The three of us has most likely shot around 200,000 rounds plus with one or two squibs in the nine years we have been shooting. Only one in a monthly match. We have had light loads but enough powder to hit the target. Hope this helps.
  10. That is one heck of a rifle for that price. All the bells and whistles. Sights alone are worth a bunch. Already have two or I would jump on it. Good luck Preacher Kid.
  11. Three years ago we had to put down our 13 yr old Lab. He was my hiking partner for many years. Thought I would never get another dog. I now have a 1 year old Golden. If health permits I am hoping to hit the trails with him. Sorry for you loss.
  12. Kirk James


    If the TO does not see the procedural (for whatever reason) and two spotters say they did not see it, the question was if one spotter is enough to make the call. This is not about one particular incident even though I cited the TO could not see out the window. My reason for questioning this was that I was under the understanding that 2 of the 3 spotters would need to verify the call if the TO did not see it. I could not find that in the shooters handbook. I now understand the TO needs to make the final assessment based on the evidence from the spotters if the TO does not see it. Thanks
  13. Kirk James


    How many spotters need to see a procedural if the TO does not see it? TO could not see much through the window due to the size of the shooter.
  14. Hope to meet you on the range. Have fun. Longhunter is a wealth of information. Talk to Jarrod.
  15. It is a restart, no round has gone down range.
  16. What makes Bordertown a must go to match. People, People People!!!!! Besides having shooters from UK, Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany and of course the USA, you shoot Bordertown to make smooth transitions, see your sights, and enjoy the many activities and the people. Targets were big and close with approximately 1/3 shooting clean, while the other 2/3 had at least one miss or procedure. Bordertown is the drag race of CAS! Everyone seemed to be having a blast! My only concern is I have to wait an entire year to shoot it again. It is about the people and they must have a rest. Thank you Bordertown and all involved. What is your reason Bordertown is a must participate match?
  17. An incredible match for a incredible lady. I was so much fun to watch you shoot. So much control and focus. I enjoy our many conversations and appreciate all the hard work you and all the others work to make Bordertown such a fantastic match. Congratulations!!! It was great shooting with you.
  18. Congratulations Matt Black!!!!!!! Simply incredible!!!!!!
  19. In 9 years of shooting, this was my favorite match. Thank you to all the hard work to make this a sell out match!! Posse 5 did rock. It was hard to work because everyone was working so hard. TN did a remarkable job as a posse marshal. Congrats to Ray Heartless and SASS Dancer, Men and Ladies Overall Champions (both members of posse 5 by the way). Congrats to Blackjak Zak for Overall AZ state champion.
  20. Incredible shooter and good friend. What a pleasure it was to watch you shoot. Congrats to you and Cat for an outstanding match. Always a joy to have Colt around. Have a safe journey home.
  21. Should a TO assume all responsibility for a rifle falling of the table unless it doesn't break the 170? Should you declare the Rattlesnake Wrangler before or after the first stage?
  22. Wish I could have shot it. Cody James shot your divisional a few years back and said it was a blast!!!!! Would like to shoot it in the future. Wish the divisional concept could have continued.
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