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  1. Bill Goodman has an original Winchester short rifle for sale on Guns International. Not cheap but Bill's prices are always fair and gun values for these things only go up.
  2. That's too bad. Paypal is quick, easy. I know they are anti-gun but so is about every other major company in the United States- Conoco, Pepsi, Coke, Levis, etc. A stamp is about 10% of the value here. But it's your call.
  3. Forty Rod, If you'll take Paypal we have a deal, cowrustler
  4. No, they were a 2 band as issued, cowrustler
  5. Yes, there's no big deal about loading these. I load for Sharps, Springfields, and Remingtons. Get the brass, get the mold, get the black powder. I usually load du-plex just because it's easier, cowrustler
  6. Received funds.  Bullets will be shipped tomorrow.  Thanks Kirk

    1. cowrustler


      Kirk, thank you, cowrustler

    2. Kirk James

      Kirk James

      Had good luck with 17 grains of XMP 5744.  Have fun and good shooting.  Kirk 

    3. cowrustler


      Got 'em. Thank you, Bill

  7. Red, I sent a pm accompanied by a Paypal payment. Sorry. It was too convenient to pass up, cowrustler
  8. Kirk, never got your pm. Need your address to send the check, cowrustler
  9. Email is gkirkham@iccs-k8.org.  Will get you 1000 for $95. total.  They should fit in a medium flat rate box.  If not I will make up the difference.  My address is 65 Essex Ave.  Sedona AZ   86336.

    1. cowrustler



      Kirk, I will take these. Do you take Paypal? Bill

    2. cowrustler


      Never mind I see you don't take Paypal. will do the extra effort and get a check in the mail. Bill

    3. cowrustler


      Kirk, I will get a check off to you tomorrow, Bill

      Bill Curran

      Box 75

      Edgemont, SD


  10. You can't receive messages so I'm told by this site. Can you get 1000 in a medium flat rate box? Do you take Paypal? Thanks, cowrustler
  11. I foolishly sold my .45-60 reloading stuff with an 1876 rifle. Now I have another and need the wherewithal to get it shooting. Thought I'd check and see if anybody here sold the rifle but kept the reloading stuff. Thanks for looking, cowrustler
  12. Ron, I replied to your e-mail with all the info needed but this SASS message system always makes me wonder if things went through. Please let me know, cowrustler
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