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  1. I don't believe wheel weights are pure lead. Seems to me they are an alloy and are harder than pure lead. I've had very good luck and good prices off E-bay.
  2. No, they aren't the same. You can shoot .25-35 in a .25-36 but not the reverse. The last SRC I had in .25-36 shot just fine using .25-35 ammunition but getting the right brass and dies is important for some.
  3. Nice looking rifle. Looks much more like an original '92 than some of the other reproductions. Good luck with your sale.
  4. I will tale this .36 caliber revolver. PM me on where to send money or Paypal. Thanks, cowrustler
  5. I will take it. PM me on payment and your e-mail address. Thank you, cowrustler
  6. I would check with River Junction Trading Co in McGregor, Iowa. Seems to me they advertised a shoulder holster to fit smaller framed guns. Good folks to deal with.
  7. i have an original that I've shot. Accurate, works fine, looks good. Not cheap. PM me if any interest, cowrustler
  8. I have a Garrett Sharps, Gemmer style. Very nice. PM if any interest. Not cheap but nice and also rare.
  9. I'm waiting on an antique gun shipped from Arkansas on December 13. Tracking tells me its "in transit". Well of course it is. If the seller shipped it and I haven't got it where else can it be but "in transit"? USPS tracking is worthless.
  10. My Dillon doesn't like Winchester primers so I bit the bullet a few months back and bought 10000 Federal large pistol primers. Now I'm glad I did. They work fine. I've seen other posts that Dillon's are fussy about what primers will feed correctly. Anyone have any idea why?
  11. I expect that you are asking for something that was never made. The cartridges mentioned above will work just fine. The bottleneck business has nothing to do with what you are trying to accomplish with a snap-cap. Or am I missing something here?
  12. I used to use Gunbroker to sell but they are such a PITA to deal with that I quit selling there. I still buy there, after checking seller's feedback, but now my selling and much of my buying is done here or on Guns International. No problems with scammers at either sites I use now.
  13. dahoney, got the pants today. Thank you- very nice, cowrustler

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