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  1. Mongo, I'll take #15, the Frontier Classics pants. PM me where to send my check. Thank you, cowrustler
  2. Cypress, I'll take it. PM me payment details and where to send the ffl. thanks, cowrustler
  3. Clay, I will take it. PM your e-mail so I can get an ffl out to you and your address so i can send the money. Thank you, cowrustler
  4. Willi, tried to pm you but said you can't take messages. I would take them at $40 shipped. I just bought 2 pair of boots so I'm well stocked but I like yours, cowrustler
  5. Looks like $400/shipped. It's hard to follow in the long format, cowrustler
  6. JB, the check is in the mail, cowrustler
  7. Jack, I still appreciate the bump. cowrustler
  8. The title says it all. I know they are available at retail but was hoping some one here had sold their .40-82 rifle and still had the reloading equipment for that caliber. Thanks for looking.
  9. Joe, got the holster, etc, yesterday. Very nice and well packaged and thank you for the bonus neckerchief! cowrustler
  10. Mike, Griffin and Howe have a nice Beretta Silver Snipe on Guns International for $700. I had one of these many years ago and they are a nice shotgun. This one is fixed chokes so that may not do for what they want.
  11. You'd best get a new ffl if they won't ship to legal buyers.
  12. Matt's Bullets .com Very accommodating to special requests.



    my Pay PAL is :      twoponies@tusher.com



    1. Two Ponies

      Two Ponies

      Hey Cowrustler   Your spurs and belt go to the  Post office Monday Morning.


      Enjoy them, you got a good deal.


      Two Ponies

  14. Cowrustler


    my Pay PAL is :      twoponies@tusher.com



    1. Two Ponies

      Two Ponies


      Your last note did not come through,  An M was the last   thing on the Message.

      Anyway I worked around and went to another Post Office and  used an different

      Label , and now it is one the way.

      You should receive it on Thursday, 

      Tracking #:   9505 5121 5012 0006 3506 42



      SASS 18032


    2. cowrustler


      Thanks, Two Ponies. Leave it to the SASS mail system to get things screwed up, Bill

    3. cowrustler


      Two Ponies, spurs and belt arrived today in good shape. Thanks much, cowrustler

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