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  1. Go to https://reloadammo.com/45-colt-load-data/ and https://reloadammo.com/38-special-reloading-data/ That website has lots of loading data for Cowboy stuff.
  2. I've seen them sell on Gunbroker for $1,500. I have one myself, don't shoot it much but I wouldn't sell it because I love Marlin rifles.
  3. I started with a Rockchucker (still have it), went to a Square Deal B (great press), wanted to also load rifle ammo so I got a Dillon 650. Love it!
  4. I have a pair I bought around 2010. They had action jobs and I paid $1,500 for both guns. According to Google there were 500 stainless steel Sheriff's Models made in 1999-2000. I would say in today's market they might bring $2,000-$2,500. They are some of my favorite pistols. I like how light they are. If you have a bad shoulder I think it would be great.
  5. Nothing wrong with a Stoeger, they are pretty tough shotguns.
  6. I don't know the maker, they were on the pistols when I got them.
  7. I have two sets of Ruger Bisley grips. They are the thin Gunfighter style. The previous owner epoxied small wood pieces on the inside to properly align the grips to the grip frame of these pistols so they may need minor adjustment to fit different guns, or not. Nice grips, I just wanted a different look. Asking $70 shipped for both sets! SOLD
  8. Beautiful Colt! Put it on Gunbroker and it will do very well. You may see $5,000.
  9. If you have a little gunsmithing ability, you can modify the original safety yourself. Tap out the pin and remove the safety switch. Grind off the D-shaped part on the bottom and replace the switch. Leave out the little spring and detent ball. You can smooth and polish the top of the switch if you like to remove the little lever. I have done this on a couple Rossi rifles and it works great, and it's free! Good luck!
  10. If I may opine on this subject. The allure of a long barrel quickly fades once used. I would recommend the 1858 conversions with 5 1/2" barrels. I think you would be happier with the shorter barrel in the long run. Just my humble opinion. Good luck with whichever barrel length you choose!
  11. Kirkpatrick makes a nice butt cover, kind of expensive but you only have to buy it once! https://kirkpatrickleather.com/product/rifle-butt-cover-model-bc/
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