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  1. Let me know if you get more large primer .45 ACP brass please.
  2. You got it Injun Ryder! Yes, during the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban of 1994-2004, no magazines could be made with a capacity of more than 10 rounds. As this Thompson was made during that time period, the drum magazine was limited to 10 rounds. The stick magazines were made prior to this time so they hold more rounds.
  3. I have for sale my Auto Ordnance 1927A1 "Tommy Gun" with original soft case, 10 round Clinton-era drum magazine, 4 stick mags, pistol grip forend, straight grip forend, third hand device and owner's manual. I doubt it's been fired more than 50 times, I bought it in 2002 or so. I would like $1,200 shipped. Thanks!
  4. Looking for a Desert Eagle 50 cal. Any finish and barrel length. Don't need a perfect one, just a good shooter. Thanks pards!
  5. Welcome! As they say in SASS, you come for the shooting but you stay for the nice people you will meet. Good luck and have fun. If I may offer some advice. Go to a few matches before you buy anything and look at the various guns and whatnot. Ask to try out a rifle or shotgun that you like. Most shooters are very generous and will let you shoot a few rounds to see if you like that particular thing. Too many times a new shooter shows up with new gear that doesn't really work for them so it is best to try before you buy.
  6. Midway USA has them: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1004350467
  7. Doc, regarding the Baikal springs. My concern is the stud that engages the hammer hole getting bent or broken. You just closed the vice on the spring itself then drove the top cap pin out without compressing the spring? Thanks, Jess

  8. Hey Doc,

    If you'd send a check to me @

    Bruce Buchholtz

    6828 Angels Lane

    Platteville, WI 53818

    As soon as the check clears I'll ship it out.


  9. Doc, not to intrude on Reds post, if he doesn't want your hammers, what is your asking price?

  10. Doc

    Send funds and FFL to

    Steve Wright

    8156 N. 750 W.

    Ridgeville Indiana 47380

    I will mark it sold

  11. Doc,

    That is very nice leather. Yes, I am interested. What is the total belt lenght and please send photos to: grayar@netzero.com

    Thank you!

  12. Also, You may call me at 719-338-8138...

    Co Big Al

  13. Sorry Doc! I sent on another computer and it was faulty....

    Anyway, the total came to $$350.00 w/ shipping and insurance to your FFL..



  14. Hi Doc

    Still have two stainless SBH hammers. $80 shipped. I'll take them. My E-Mail is tucohd@q.com or cel 515-988-2301. thanks

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