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  1. I have two Colt CRX-16 Colt Competition M-4's for sale, new unshot, bought for kids to go to a training school and they never went. $1500 plus shipping each. Includes 1 30 round Pmag. Thanks Smokewagon Grampies Chris Smith They are located in Henderson Nv.
  2. I'm looking to purchase a wild bunch rig, I'm a big guy so I'm looking for a large size I wear a 40 pants but looking for larger too. I can also use a different belt. Thanks Smokewagon Grampies
  3. Thanks, is there a section that show the TG changes?
  4. Like the subject line saye, I need help finding the rule change for hammer on safety notch in a rifle. Thanks Smokewagon Grampies
  5. I already have a 1911, but if you would sell the leather separately I would look at it, What length is the belt? Thanks Chris
  6. Can you give me info on the single six's? I would like to see them. I think I'm interested. What is the single Six's, I'm interested.
  7. You are correct, I was wrong! The handbook does not say they can not be used.
  8. So sorry, didn't mean to step on toes. I don't really care! I was hoping to save someone from buying something he couldn't use in a match. By all means spend away! Smokewagon Grampies
  9. That's funny, I just almost bought these because I gave my away. Smokewagon Grampies
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