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  1. Fireball I resent the message - let me know if you got it.

  2. Fireball - Dry Fire has one he would sell you for $650. If interested give him a call at 815-721-2282. 


  3. It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform our shooting community that we have lost another great cowboy shooter. Walco Curly passed away last night surrounded by his family. He was one of the original shooters in our area and everyone in some way learned a little bit about shooting from him. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.
  4. I will take:

    Brass 38 - 10,000 

    45 ACP - 2000 

    9mm - 2000 


    Let me know how much and husband want's to know if you can put it all in one package.

  5. John - I will take the scope - let me know what type of payment you would like and we can go from there.



  6. I will take the pistols.  We are coming to WR and can do a face to face there. We will actually be in Phoenix February 12th.



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    2. Flying W Ramrod

      Flying W Ramrod

      Howdy Pard

      Let me know when you want to pick up those revolvers.


    3. Turkey Legs #48384

      Turkey Legs #48384

      Thanks will give you a call when we get in and get settled .... can't wait for WR .... love this shoot.



    4. Turkey Legs #48384

      Turkey Legs #48384


      Just gave you a call - we can meet tomorrow if you would like - John and I are going to Cowtown around 10 to do a little practicing if you want to meet there or at Ben Avery - just let me know.



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