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  1. Unless you get a PW or spolar keep the 366


    Got a miroku that was short stroked by Joe at Pioneer.  Was my main match rifle for several years.  Lot of dings and dents but functions well.  
    $700 to little Evil if your interested.  No harm either way


  3. Got it today.  Nice doing business with you 

    1. Harold Doc Adams

      Harold Doc Adams


      Hope you had a good time at Sturgis.  Thanks very much for buying my 650!  Harold "Doc" Adams  SASS 70487

  4. Exactly my point Bob. I think the RO committe needs to take another look at this. If there was a way to release it like on a pump shotgun maybe but not if you have to bPull the trigger. It’s an accident waiting to happen

  5. Medicine Creek Johnny Sass 61890L South Dakota Been shooting 17 years
  6. Hi 40. We are working on bringing some shooters down for this event. Everyone else get signed up. It's bound to be a good shoot MCJ
  7. I have one GW. It will feed coated but not lubed bullets. If your by yourself it's not much faster than hand setting bullets. With the collator it would be a lot faster. Maybe an old binder man could build his own collator
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