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  1. Of my 1st 66 years before retiring in NV all but 30 months I lived in CA. Until 2012 I voted in every election. With CA's top 2 general election & the fact that my POTUS vote would be irrelevant in selecting POTUS I only voted for or against ballot initiatives. I and the misses were active in the tea party movement & open carry movement.
  2. The Uberti lightning uses a transfer bar safety & the Pedersoli has a rebounding hammer. My 45C main match rifle is a Beretta Gold Rush (Uberti lightning). The only issue I have is that you have to run it like you stoll it. Even then, 1 in 100 the rifle will fail to fire when the hammer drops. I feel the the forearm move slightly (a few 1/1000") when hammer drops. You either have to jack out a round or perform a somewhat complicated action to recock & fire the round in the chamber. 1) With trigger depressed pull the hammer back to cocked position. 2) Release pressure on trigger (resets the sear). 3) Remove your thumb from hammer 4) Acquire the target & pull the trigger. P.S. Lightnings are very fast when reloading on the clock. When the magazine is empty just drop a round onto the elevator. Or when the magazine is not empty use the loading gate when action is open.
  3. Single action revolvers & exempt from the drop test unless their dimensions fall within the "Saturday Night Special" range.
  4. The review indicated that the designers specified electrical enclosures to only be resistant to water spray from above and the sides. A leak (spray) from a sea water pipe leak from below would short out the electrical systems in an enclosure.
  5. +1 Bought the RCBS tool after I spent over an hour digging a stuck 5.56X45 out of a die. I have never used the RCBS tool.
  6. I suggest you contact the Flag Store in Sparks NV for pole recommendations. We get very stout winds here in northern NV. Tell them you want a pole rated for Washoe Valley. Next to Mt WA Washoe Valley has the highest sustained & wind gusts in the continental US. Big rigs & RV's get blown over when only the "Not Advised" message is displayed on hwy. 580. The wind velocities at valley floor level are too high for all wind turbines except for the darius type (egg beater).
  7. This past winter those rules were in effect in Nevada. Reminds me of December 8th 1971 on I40 in the TX panhandle. The chained up 18 wheelers were sliding off onto the right shoulders & medians. It was freezing rain icing up everything. I didn't have chains & didn't want to get off the hwy. to search for chains*. I remembered something my dad told me that he learned from a old timer tow truck driver that pulled him out a snow bank near hwy. 50's Echo Summit. His car was chained up. The old timer reduced the tire pressure to 10 PSI. No more sliding off the road. I reduced the tire pressure to 10 PSI & drove all the way to Albuquerque where we stopped for the night. Fortunately ice storms don't occur in CA, NV or OR. * On a mission to get home to SF Bay Area from Ft. Riley after discharge on the 7th. Had to stop every mile or so to unstick the wipers & scrap ice of the windshield. Funny thing how the mind remembers when & where you were when John Kennedy was assassinated, Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon, discharge from active duty, etc.
  8. The 1st thing that comes to mind when I read or hear Andy Devine is "Plunk the magic twanger froggy". I'm sure that dates me pretty accurately.
  9. Political fundraising & electioneering calls are exempt for the laws & regulations regarding do not call lists.
  10. I love the 1st firearm I ever owned. an 1100 that was a Christmas gift from the misses in the 1970's. When my daughter's youngest got interested in Scholastic Clays he started with an 870. His 2nd year I loaned the 1100 to him. The softer recoiling 1100 suited his small stature better. After he got Franchi his mom appropriated the 1100. She also has my 12 volt DC power pigeon throwing machine. If I ever get the 1100 back I'll have to buy a new stock to fit me.
  11. Does the benny chamber 3 1/2 magnums? The Remington Versa Max with it's self regulating gas system probably will function with featherlites as well as 3 1/2" magnums. Not that you'd want to fire more than a couple 3 1/2" shells. 3 1/2" magnums vs. 3" magnums is like shooting 460 S&W vs 45 Colt.
  12. My Benelli SBEII becomes a straight pull bolt action shotgun when loaded with 3/4 & 7/8 oz cowboy loads. It is just too much to ask a auto-loading shotgun to digest the lightest 2 3/4" through 3 1/2" magnum loads.
  13. The Browning A5 is recoil operated. The Bennili SBE & Montefeltro & Franchi are Inertia operated. To be recoil operated the barrel reciprocates like all pistols that aren't blow back or gas operated (Desert Eagle). The inertia operating system requires that the gun move to the rear on firing. If you place the butt of an inertia gun against an immovable object the action will not extract the spent hull. There is a bolt and bolt carrier with a coil spring between the bolt and carrier. The bolt has lugs that lock into the barrel extension (like an AR). The bolt has a pin that rides in a camming grove in the carrier. As the gun moves rearward under recoil the bolt carrier wants not move due to Newton's 1st law. The locked bolt moves rearward with the gun compressing the stout spring. The bolt rotates as it compresses the spring, eventually unlocking the bolt from the barrel extension. The gun's action from there on is the same as a gas or recoil operating systems. The spring absorbs a lot of the recoil energy like recoil & gas guns significantly reduces the peak force transmitted to the shooters shoulder.
  14. Sorry some low life two legged varmint broke into your horse trailer. I still use the Montados that misses & I bought*; because she wanted to play cowboy on horseback after observing a CA Range Riders demo at Horse Expo. *The only way to buy 2 in one handgun a month CA.
  15. Sean Penn is entitled. My deceased nephew was a PA and volunteered to help with EQ relief in Haiti. He and his fellow medical volunteers were setup on a sports field in Port Au Prince when they were evicted; so Sean Penn & his entourage could occupy the field.
  16. Nanny Bloomberg is financing the litigation. This includes covering judgements when the winning defendants are awarded litigation fees. The same applies to municipalities that defy state preemption laws.
  17. Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke is less Mexican than "Pocahontus" is a native American. His gesticulation is so violent that I can't watch him speak for more than 60 seconds before my head hurts.
  18. The C7A was the aircraft both fixed wing & rotary that I traveled by in RVN. I still can hear & feel the ruble of the twin wasp engines on takeoff. With full flaps there was almost zero clearance with the fuselage; so, there was loud rattling. Not the most reassuring sound the 1st time riding one.
  19. We were able to acquire some of the chemicals via mail order & also would ride our tenspeeds a few miles south to Berzerkley to a laboratory supply house sold lab apparatus & chemicals retail.
  20. When I was a teenager, I & my best friend were amateur pyro technicians. We made several batches for black powder but found that mixtures of powdered magnesium or aluminum mixed with potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate or potassium permanganate were better rocket propellants. We also experimented with duplex propellants & accidently discovered "Spit Powder". Our experimentation ended when my friend received 2nd degree burns on his chest when Spit Powder in a closed container he was carrying in his shirt pocket spontaneously combusted.
  21. Does CO have initiative, referendum & recall? You do. I remember that two of three legislators were recalled for voting for your UBC & high cap magazine ban. I can't imagine that the death penalty is any less popular in CO than it is in the PRK. I am against the State taking a life except in self defense; so, when I was a resident of the PRK (before 2013) I always voted in the minority it was on the ballot. The way things have gone in CA since the penalty was reinstated after Rose Byrd & company were recalled & replaced on the state supreme court, CA has had a defacto ban. Gavin Nuisance must still have plans to be POTUS; otherwise, why didn't he commute all the death row inmates to life wo/parole.
  22. You beat me to it! If it was a Colt Walker you could say it was a 44 magnum equivalent.
  23. If you do don't walk into Walmart if you don't want your picture wearing yoga pants to wind up in the peopleofwalmart website.
  24. White Front, I remember two of their stores; one in Oakland & one in El Cerrito. The chain went tango uniform a few years after your purchase. My 1st firearm was Remington 1100 that was a Christmas gift from misses JD in the late 70's. My 1st purchase was a S&W model 66 in 1996. While I hunted dove with a 2nd cousin as a teenager as well as 22 rifles as a Boy Scout; my parents didn't want firearms in the house. The 1100 gift was so I could hunt upland game birds & waterfowl with close friends.
  25. I have the 2nd generation Lee hand primer & I believe the shell holders aren't the same as the press shell holders. I find that after a while that my thumb is very sore. I looked at the Ergo Prime & it doesn't look like it will allow priming significanly more cases before the pain is unbearable. I believe that a hand primer that used a gripping motion would be best ergonomically. I bought a Lee bench prime & mounted it on a board to prime while sitting in a comfortable chair watching TV.
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