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  1. For strange pizza I pick Captain Tony's pizza on the Plaza Las Glorias docks. In the 90's we used to go to Cabo every year. By chance we discovered Captain Tony's and the house special had white garlic sauce with cream cheese, salmon & capers. We all liked it & remembered to order them on subsequent trips. When Hawaii air fares became cheaper we stopped going to Cabo.
  2. If I can't find it at the local liquor & sporting goods store I check ammoseek.com The price is as low as $2.10. Hornaday Lever Evolution is $2.75.
  3. That show is why my 50 year's old son is a captain in a two city fire dept. in northern CA. Before that he was a paramedic, then fireman paramedic.
  4. From the VihataVouri website cowboy action load for 158 grain pill using N320 powder: starting at 3.6 grains & max 4.1 grains
  5. No need to resize. A RCBS sizing die is only required the 1st load if you want a slight roll on the case mouth to make loading the chambers easier. The sizing die is useful otherwise to straighten out brass that has been stepped on.
  6. Winchester (Miroku) & Italian clones are the most expensive. Rossi Winchester 1892 clones are less expensive but have limited slicking up opportunities. JM Marlin 1894's are in same price range as the Miroku & Italian clones. I have 2 main match rifles one is an 38/357 Uberti 1873 half round half octagonal short rifle. The other is a 45 Colt Beretta Gold Rush which is a medium frame Colt lightning clone. The Gold Rush was made for Berretta by Uberti. After Beretta acquire Uberti they a sold as Uberti Lightnings.
  7. This is a link to an article re recovery from the procedure. https://www.reboundwear.com/blogs/injuries/how-long-is-recovery-from-shoulder-replacement-surgery How long is the recovery from shoulder replacement surgery? The recovery from shoulder replacement surgery varies. The shoulder joint is a complicated structure, so many things can affect the recovery process. It will vary with your age, weight, medical history, and activity level before shoulder replacement surgery, along with your surgeon’s preference for surgical approach or patients’ comfort levels post-surgery. After you are discharged from the hospital, your arm will have to be in a sling for 2-4 weeks until it has healed enough not to need support any longer (about 1 month). During this period, there may only be limited movement. Make sure to not lift anything over one pound. Also, try to avoid strenuous activities that may cause complications such as reopening wound decay and infection. As you know, this can potentially extend your recovery time. If you are impatient to sit around all day doing nothing, then try to engage in mild shoulder exercises with the help of a physical therapist or occupational therapist. That will ensure that your shoulder muscles stay strong to expedite your recovery process. Most people have good shoulder function after shoulder replacement surgery in about three months to one year. That depends on how quickly they recover from the pain and swelling around the new artificial shoulder implant. Full range of motion usually returns within six months. Still, it could take up to two years to regain full strength of shoulder muscles surrounding the shoulder joint without any prior physical therapy treatments. When it comes to recovery after surgery, time is on your side, and every day counts towards improving function in shoulder replacement surgery! What to expect after shoulder replacement surgery? Shoulder replacement surgery is a major operation, but it does not have to be painful. The day after your procedure, you will likely experience pain at your incision site. Your doctor/nurse will give you oral medication, which will help alleviate discomfort at this time. However, if anything else happens other than what was originally planned, don’t hesitate to ask about switching over to post-op care where they provide more rigorous therapy programs tailored specifically towards shoulder rehabilitation goals. Your doctor will recommend you to take a rest for about six weeks after undergoing shoulder replacement surgery. Avoid activities such as lifting heavy objects in this time duration because your arm needs some time to heal properly. If necessary, pain medication will help you lessen the discomfort experienced due to inflammation and swelling in the area around your joints. Your doctor may also prescribe certain antibiotics if there are signs of infection near or at your incision site—this usually occurs. It is not unusual that people who undergo this type of surgery will have to take some time off work. How long you are away from work will depend on many factors, including the type of job you do and your age, overall health, and fitness level before having shoulder replacement surgery. The average length of absence varies between 12 weeks to six months or longer in cases where a person's occupation requires heavy lifting or strenuous activity, such as construction workers or athletes requiring shoulder strength for competition
  8. I typed marlingunsales.com into the Duckduckgo search box and without hitting search it popped up "marlin gun sales scam"
  9. We use Amazon for most purchases since with Prime shipping is free. I wish they sold ammo since the shipping cost brings the cost to that if you purchased it at the LGS or Walmart, if they have it. Royal Tiger Imports has surplus Italian Garand ammo for $.85 per round but the freight for 2 boxes of 44 is $45 which adds 51 cents per round. I don't need it that bad. I have only shot 32 of the match grade ammo i purchased for $1.50 from the CMP. Because, it is impossible to find Garand safe ammo at big box store or LGS I decided the best thing to do was buy a gas plug that lowers the gas pressure on the gas piston. I could shoot my CMP Garand for 3 months after I received it because the CMP ammo was back ordered. I have the components to reload the brass that is fired.
  10. Just like Chung King is Chinese food. I remember in 1970 at Benning my battery clerk* raved about a supper club in Columbus that served Chinese so one evening the misses & I at dinner at this place with his wife Joy. His name was Steve Joy so you can imagine the fun he had with that. The food wasn't that impressive to us being that we were born & raised across the Bay from San Fransicko. While the food was good it was high end Chung King. Egg foo young, sloppy chow mein & egg rolls. Needless to say the misses & I praised the food. We were more impressed with the catfish fry place in Phoenix City. Tables made buy attaching plywood to saw horses. * I got tapped as his assistant because I had a summery school typing class. Got me out of formation in the morning, police calls, KP & guard duty. The 1st time I volunteered for anything. The second time was in the 25th ID in VN. I was asked and accepted the position of broadcast engineer for a pirate radio station. The job entailed disassembling the equipment in An Loc & reassembling it in Dau Tang. I also repaired broken equipment. A lightning strike on the power lines took out the generator and one of the station's broadcast consoles. To get it back in operation I salvaged a power transformer out of a Collins receiver.
  11. The House Dems are just shooting their wad unless they are all morons, especially the lawyers. They are hoping it will energize their base to vote in November. The only people who will go to the poles because of this vote are single issue gun grabbers. They should know that after Bruen SCOTUS vacated & sent back to the appellate courts an AWB & a 10 round magazine case that were in the certiorari hopper. Both of the cases were appealed by the plaintiffs who lost at the appellate courts. That means that even if the appeals courts rewrite their rulings and still uphold the state regulations, the hand writing is on the wall these regulations will eventually fall. Their ain't no way they can pass the text & history test. You can find post (1876) Reconstruction laws in Southern states that required black citizens to get permission from the government to keep firearms; however, I would think that no self respecting federal judge would have the cahonies to cite them. Thereby removing all doubt that they aren't RACIST.
  12. Not dealing with the stress of commuting 100 miles M-F on Vasco Rd & Hwy 580 significantly improved my mental & physical health when I retired in 12/2012. It also was a relief to leave CA 1/1/2013.
  13. In the coming years many of the states' restrictions on firearms & accessories are likely to fall when plaintiffs sue in Federal court now that NYSRPA v Bruen is the standard by which 2A cases must judged. The to be constitutional the regulation must have historical, 1791 through Reconstruction and the test must be single step not the two step process Federal Courts have been using post Heller. AWB's toast, magazine capacity limits toast, safe gun laws toast, ammo sales background checks toast, 50 caliber metallic cartridge rifle bans toast, good moral character requirement for carry permits, FOID cards toast, etc. Unlike CC licenses where the ATF waves NICS check for firearms transfers FOID cards are only an infringement of the people's right to keep arms.
  14. You will find prop 65 warnings on sales webpages since CA residents purchase items on the internet.
  15. Was the prick a NHP? If he was most are chronically unhappy with the pay compared to LEO's in Lost Wages & Reno.
  16. You can't charge a 100kWH battery in an hour; because, the car's built in charge/discharge control will stop charging at 75%. Charging Li Ion cells generates heat which raises the temperature of the cells. Li Ion cells are flammable so will ignite if temperature exceeds the ignition point. So, if charged too fast they will ignite without sophisticated charging control. EV battery packs contain hundreds of 3 volt cells and imbedded in the pack are integrated circuits that control the charge current based on individual cell voltages & temperatures. Without this fast charge would be dangerous. You'd hear on the news more frequently about EV carbeques. P.S. Tesla Powerwalls use end of life Tesla EV batteries. To insure that EV batteries meet warranted life the charge discharge control limits the max charge & discharge to less than the battery's IEEE capacity rating. Therefore the cells can be repurposed and get more use before they have to be recycled. Repurposing the car battery pack is disassembled into individual cells the repackaged into packs that has a voltage rating appropriate for generating 120/240 volt single phase 60 hertz. The typical residential application the battery cycle is very short, a few cycles with infrequent longer cycles. A knackered EV battery pack can last years of UPS use before it is buggered.
  17. What do you do if neither of the two stores that are a hour away list zero inventory?
  18. How did you get 400 when the limit is 2? There are none in stock at the 2 stores near me. Both are 65 miles away & at 32 MPG adds $24.76 to cost
  19. The LCR has a non-linear trigger mechanism which improves the trigger pull. My wife is familiar with pistols & revolvers. Her choice for a carry gun is a Smith 38+P Bodyguard. She chose to buy the Smith even though she had a Kimber Ultra CDP II that she even carried open during the carry protest in CA.. After moving to NV & getting a CC permit she bought the Smith. I believe the reason she bought it is it is much smaller than the 3.25" barrel Kimber.
  20. I was in training training at Ft. Sill OK. I watched the broadcast on a classroom TV monitor.
  21. My son decided what occupation he wanted have when he was a crumb cruncher from watching Adam 12. After several years a a paramedic for AMR he switched to a fire service as a fireman/paramedic. To advance in his dept. he became a captain which meant he no longer has medic duties except.
  22. Maybe you could use one method used to smuggle handguns across the boarder. Drones!
  23. I didn't buy a stein when I was in Munchen for a day in 1971. I did hoist a couple of liter steins in the Hofbrauhaus. The serving wenches arm strength was very impressive. 1st Division Reforger 1971.
  24. Except for the one time I & my wife did Disney World & Epcot my visits to Disneyland have been with kids & the last time daughter & her boys. The last time was about 15 years ago way before Disney went woke. My last trip was the most enjoyable because my daughter's 1st boyfriend lives in LA area and is disabled. This allowed everyone in his party to go in the disabled line which is much much shorter than the normal line. The longest wait was 15 minutes for Space Mountain. I doubt I will ever visit a Disney park ever again unless to enjoying the shared experience of great grand kids. That will be meany years away since my 1st will be born in December. The best experience for kids is when they are 7 & older. P.S. The term, E ticket ride, has lost favor as the population ages. The last time I used it was in 1992 on a flight from Atlanta to Denver. The last hour of the flight was rough with the approach very rough. The landing was exciting. The yaw was very noticeable so after the bounce the nose jerked hard until the plane was heading straight down the runway. The boarding passes my coworkers had "E" printed on them so I made a wise crack "I didn't realize the the "E" on our tickets also indicated that we were in for a rough flight."
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