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  1. The directions on the box doesn't included water. The liquid added to the mix is moo juice.
  2. The mini Harbor Freight chop saw is the 1st step in turning 223 Remington cases into 300BO cases.
  3. I used SSP Eyewear shooting glasses with 3X left eye lens & 1X in right. I changed the left lens to 1.25X after cataract surgery in both eyes this summer. I wanted lenses that are optimized for distance; so I only have to use readers for computer & reading. P.S. I no longer need a red dot or scope with illuminated reticle to hit a target early in morning or in the evening.
  4. If you have an FFL #3 (C&R FFL) ammo can be shipped directly to you for your use otherwise you also need CADOJ ammo sales permit. An FFL #3 is cheap so it wouldn't take a lot of ammo purchases to pay for it.
  5. If you are going to fire a suppressed machine gun continuously the suppressor must be made with 100% inconel. A suppressor with inconel baffles and titanium or SS housing will fail.
  6. Major, Allie lives near Jackson, CA. Allie, you are in my prayers.
  7. The common carriers must not follow state laws unlike out off state sellers of firearms & ammo. They all have boiler plate restricting sales into states & cities with restrictions over and above federal law.
  8. The smoke from your "complex" fire buggered the AQ in Lake Tahoe, Minden, Gardnerville, Carson City, Reno, Sparks, Fernley & Fallon. I could smell the smoke from burning fur trees in the air this morning.
  9. J.D. Daily

    IMR Red

    Every item in a mfg's catalog has a fixed cost just to have in the catalog. The also there is the cost of money to for inventory. Slow moving powders will be dropped from the catalog. Don't blame the accountants they are the experts hired to efficiently use the owner's assets. P.S. Hodgdon has many brands; therefore, some are duplicates or equivalent in density & performance. Therefore it is likely that more Accurate, Hodgdon, Winchester, IMR & Ramshot powders will be discontinued.
  10. I assume that the black powder supplier at the link, unlike online sellers of firearms & ammunition, don't have their web site setup to prevent shipping to addresses sales into jurisdictions that have limits on weights of black powder & smokeless powder that are less than Federal limits. CA requires a permit to posses more than 1 lb of black powder & 20 lbs. of smokeless. 2020 California Code Health and Safety Code - HSC DIVISION 11 - EXPLOSIVES PART 1 - HIGH EXPLOSIVES CHAPTER 4 - Permits Section 12102. Universal Citation: CA Health & Safety Code ยง 12102 (2020) 12102. This chapter does not apply to any possession or use of 20 pounds or less of smokeless powder, or one pound or less of black sporting powder, provided that: (a) Smokeless powder is intended only for hand loading of small arms ammunition of .75 caliber or less. (b) Black sporting powder is intended for loading of small arms or small arms ammunition of .75 caliber or less. (c) All such powder is for private use and not for resale, and, in the case of black sporting powder, there shall be no gift, delivery, or other disposition to another person. (d) The storage, use and handling of such smokeless and black powder conforms to rules, regulations, or ordinances of authorities having jurisdiction for fire prevention and suppression in the area of such storage, use, and handling of such explosives.
  11. The the primers/igniters that contain black powder are used to initiate the ignition of propellant used in artillery & other large diameter powder propelled projectiles. The patent at this link https://patents.google.com/patent/US5831204A/en lists Rheinmetall W&M GmbH as the patent assignee; so,. unless Rheinmetall has a facility in US or has a US subcontractor the black powder charges used in the primer/igniters the DOJ procures have German black powder in them. With a Buy American requirement only 50+ percent US content is required & if no source of item meets the requirement Buy American is waved. Considering the complexity of primer/igniters the black powder component costs way less than 50% of the manufacturing cost. And for howitzers & guns (rifles) that use cased ammo the primer/igniter is a minor part of the cost. Therefore I suspect that unless the German mfg's can't supply the US commercial demand no one will purchase the GOEX facility except as property to convert to another use. Hodgdon's black powder trademark's would have value for one of the German co's. In the time that Hodgdon has owned the plant they had 1000lb explosion in 2011 and the June 18th. With this history I expect that insurance is now unobtainium or unaffordable. By unaffordable I mean the cost makes the Cost of Goods Sold higher than the retail price of Swiss & Schutzen. I am sure Hodgdon's decision to permanently close the facility was driven by either no insurance or manufacturing costs not being competitive.
  12. For Walmart items not stocked in the store I always choose in store pick up to save the freight cost.
  13. When I or my wife order stuff from Walmart we always select store pickup. Walmart is closest to us since it is located on the west side city limits. The other store with groceries is Safeway which is 3 signals farher into town. Besides since early January 2020 they have curbside pick up. Our Mr Coffee went tango uniform yesterday morning; so, the misses ordered one this morning & picked it up 90 minutes later at the curbside pick up area. P.S. I live 8 miles north west of town. The closest (5 miles) retail establishment is a minimart with 4 gas pumps and a small casino next door.
  14. In early August I bought 1000 124 grain 9mm plated bullets from Powder Valley. The box was shipped UPS. Tracking emails indicated the package was to be delivered on a Friday. It even stated "out for delivery" on that Friday. It didn't show up nor did I get the usual delivered email. The status didn't change for another week then it changed to searching for it in their Kansas warehouse. Stayed that way so I contacted Powder Valley. The were great. They sent out a new package & stated that when UPS completed the search by finding the package it would be returned to Powder Valley. Last week I got a tracking email from UPS saying their search turned up nothing. Never had a lost package before. Had one during the Christmas season that bounced all over the southwest for more than a week. I did have a XL650 press aftermarket enhancement that was shipped USPS from Alaska a few years back. It fit in one of those padded envelopes. Six months later I was walking my dogs along our road & found a opened padded envelop on the shoulder. I picked it up & found a packing slip which listed the press enhancement I had to reorder. Some scumbag had stolen it out of my mailbox which is located 1 1/4 miles from my house.
  15. There are more vulgar chants at college football games this season. This one in particular, "F*** Joe Biden" repeated continuously. You'd think the fans in stadiums would have more respect for the President most of them helped elect. It appears they have a bad case of buyer's remorse.
  16. The target for the dummy MIRV's is the helipad on one of the islands in Kwajalein atoll. I spent a week on Kwajalalein island in 1985 as a techrep for a CAT dealer that sold 8 800kW diesel generators to replace the nackered White Superior 8 cylinder diesel gensets that were the power source for the terminal guidance radar for the Nike Zeus program. When the program was canceled the two radar's power plants became the power sources for the island. The plant with the White Superiors was the back-up source. While I was there, a test of a Trident missile was conducted. It was an education. If I see a green shooting star I will bend over & kiss my bum goodby. P. S. The Zeus program was before phased array radars; so, the power output of the two radars were high enough to cause tissue damage. The radar buildings were surrounded by 40 ft. high monel wire fences to shield people from the microwave radiation. Access to the radar equipment was through a culvert tunnel.
  17. One problem with jet engines is their power output is proportional to mass flow. Mass flow is a function of intake air temperature, pressure & humidity. An issue with jet engine powered helicopters is close to the ground in a hover is the HOT exhaust gas mixes with the rotor air which is deflected upward by the ground. Some of the heated air will be ingested into the engine air intake. The hotter intake air reduces the mass flow through the engine; therefore the max. shaft power is less than when not hovering. P.S. The only way to counteract the loss of max. power would be if there is a water supply to humidify the combustion air (cools intake air by evaporation & increases mass flow). This and/or air conditioning the intake air of gas turbine powered utility power generators are employed to maximize revenue during peak electricity demand periods.
  18. J.D. Daily


    The ban on importation of Russian ammo is a misnomer. It is a ban on processing new licenses to import Russian ammo. Typically import licenses are valid for 2 calendar years. Therefore it will be a while before 20-25% of ammo supply of ammo dries up. Also the E.O. only applies to ammo not components. Either the Russian ammo manufacturers will sell the ammo that no longer will be imported into the US to other customers at prices that undercuts their competitors or they will sell components to ammo mfg's outside of Russia. This could be good for us reloaders.
  19. Winchester & Rio 209 primers are the hardest and Federal are soft. The wax bullet cartridges used in the Cowboy Fast Draw game use nickle plated 45 Colt cases with an oversized 209 primer pocket. A 209 primer provides the gas required to propel the wax filled plastic cup bullet. The gas pressures generated by the primer are not enough to insure a convex bulge in a primer is flatted against the recoil shield. The bulge in a soft primer more than fills the gap between the cylinder and recoil shield. The cylinder will not rotate. To clear the jam requires removing the base pin & cylinder.
  20. A local native American told me they use the flowers as a remedy for upset stomach.
  21. It was Pappy Bush who rode the back set of an SR71 to & from Paris to conspire with the Iranians!
  22. With the yellow flowers this time of year it is most likely rabbit brush. Other than sheet grass, goat head & Russian thistle (tumble weed) it is the only thing that grows in Fallon unless next to the Carson River, Carson Sink or an irrigation ditch. To dry here for sagebrush to grow. I never herd of Rabbit brush until I moved to Fallon. Go 20 miles west of here & the dominant brush is sagebrush.
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