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  1. If you have time & don't mind building the lower, PSA, has a "No Beto" multi caliber (not marked with caliber) stripper lower for $50. There is a 8-9 week lead time. Palmeto State Armory are known for their political themed lower receivers.
  2. A Frye's joke, but true, was if you have a question about some computer component was to shout out your question & a customer within earshot would answer it. Before retiring to the Battle Born State I would shop at the most convenient Frye's in the Bay Area for electronics. Never bought a TV there and shopped at COSTCO exclusively for TV's until they ended their unpublished lifetime warranty ended. I used the policy a couple of times. As I recall walking into their home entertainment dept. was like walking onto a car dealership with turn over sales model.
  3. I believe it was the 2015 legislative session that state preemption passed which mooted the Lost Wages handgun registration requirement. Repealing preemption was one of the wet dreams of the anti 2A legislators & governor voted in Nov 2018 that didn't survive the 2019 session. Prior to the 2013 legislative session you could only carry the type of firearm you qualified with, revolver or pistol. That restriction as well as the breaking the law if the concealed handgun becoming unconcealed was removed in 2013. Of course you could carry open any firearm without a CC license.
  4. Got an email from Midway that has the Lyman Brass Smith All American turret press on sale for $135.03 which is 40+% less than suggested retail. It is made of heavy cast iron. The press includes primer system & the turret holds 8 dies. Extra turrets are about $45. P.S. Amazon has it for same price & if you have Amazon Prime shipping is free.
  5. The only reason to darken the door of a Dick's would be to purchase an item that is a loss leader. And even then the discount over price at competing retailers has to be significant. In Elk Grove for firearms there is Wild Bill's Wild Old West Trading Co. & if it is like Wild Bills 2 in Carson City, NV has a huge selection of firearms in a tiny venue. I am sure it isn't as diverse as the NV location. It is in Commifornia so, there will be no "featured" AR's, AK's, H&K 91 or FAL clones plus most of the semi-auto handgun models available in states other than Massachusetts. A CA resident can't legally acquire the hottest pistol today, the Sig 365, unless you have a parent or child 21 years or older living in another state & they gift it to you. Of course you and the gifter have to show up at an FFL, hand the gun to the FFL & after 10 work days you can pick it up assuming you pass the CADOJ background check. I am not sure who has to pay the state transaction fee & FFL's charge for their services. Does that have to be a gift?
  6. The cutoff date may be due to engine emissions labeling. In the off-road & on-highway medium & heavy duty markets the order cut-off date is 12/31 minus the lead time. The model year of an engine is the start online year.
  7. I don't know of any business that doesn't use LIFO accounting to determine cost of goods sold. "Last In First Out"
  8. What are those LEO's going to do when their neighbors target their families?
  9. AR-15 lower with a Fostech ECHO II trigger in binary mode w/223 Wylde upper. Unless with your weak hand pull the butt firmly into your shoulder it is nearly impossible to not double tap the target. The next most fun to shoot is a CZ452 silhouette. Off a rest I can break beer bottles at 100 yards with every pull of the trigger.
  10. I clamp the strut in the chuck. Clamp the spring retainer in vise's jaws. Lower the chuck to compress the hammer spring & remove the retaining pin. Raise the chuck to remove & install new spring. Lower the chuck to compress the spring & install pin. For me the press makes it a lot easier to compress the spring.
  11. A drill press & vise is an invaluable tool for changing Ruger Vaquero hammer springs. Much better than a fork. A set of bits that fit the screws on your firearms is essential unless you want to bugger the screws.
  12. The best price I found with a DuckDuckGo search (I don't use google search or the chrome browser) was from Midsouth Shooters. The price is for 50 tins at $242.89 ($4.86 a tin). https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/0005022617/-number-10-percussion-cap-(5000-count)
  13. NVA or North Vietnamese Army doesn't sing.
  14. Back in the 90's there were LE agencies that issued 357 Sig. The Alameda county sheriffs was one. A lot of 40 S&W pistol mfg's offered barrel & spring kits to convert their 40 S&W's to 357 Sig. The parent case is 40 S&W & the mag's are the same. I haven't shot one so I can't tell you that the recoil impulse is less, same or worse than 40 S&W. The misses doesn't complain about the recoil of a 25 oz. Kimber Ultra CDPII; but she won't shoot my full size H&K USP40. She has bought 2 other guns that she shoot once; 9mm derringer & Taurus 380 TCP. The derringer is a safe queen while the Taurus became my boot gun after I fixed its' designed in reliability issues.
  15. Except for ESL's I never here the Mexican city just across the border from San Isidro pronounced correctly. Usually it is Tia-Juana. There isn't an "a" after the "i"; therefore, it's Ti-juana. Non Californians are a lot better a correctly pronouncing Spanish origin place names. In GA in 1970 all the locals said Frisco for San Fran-sees-ko & Joe or Josie for San Hose-a or really grating Las Ang-less for Los Ann-hell-les
  16. The safe handgun law has been around for almost 20 years. In 1999 I bought my 1st pistol a H&K USP Variant 2 & the law didn't exist. A year or 2 later the list came out & only 2 variants of the gun were on the list. A SADA right hand control & a DAO variant. The V2 is a SADA left hand controls. Gifts from out of state children or parents isn't significant enough to get the attention of the inmates under the capitol dome. You know the stated reason for creating the law "safety" was BS since the law exempts single action revolvers. I.E. used Colt SAA's that are the reason for the SASS rule about having an empty chamber under the hammer. There is no way they pass the required drop test required to be deemed safe for sale to peons.
  17. The DC-3's airframe is well suited for how they are used. So much so that companies that refurbish them have bothered to go through the expensive process to get FAA certification for turbo-shaft engine repowers.
  18. The Navy sure have forgotten the sailors stationed at Norfolk VA. My machinist mate, nuclear, grandson who is a crew member on the Ford called his grandmother Thursday and said the mess facilities & BX except for the mini-mart gas station were closed leaving those on the base without food except for what was on the shelves at the gas station. His grandmother told him to get there before the only thing left on the shelves were inedible. He would be satisfied if at least he had MRE's.
  19. They haven't proved to the CA DOJ that they are safe for sale to peons. Eventually the people of CA will only be able to buy a revolver as DOJ approvals for pistols expire & no pistols have micro-stamping technology. Eventually the only way to acquire a pistol will be if you have children 21 & older or parents who live in a free state. They can gift you any firearm that is legal for sale in Kalifornia, no EBR's unless they look like Pat Riot's.
  20. It is the Majestic Arms 3.2 Speed Strip Kit for Ruger Mark I, II, III & 22/45. Midway USA has it listed for $54.99. If you do a DukDuckGo search you'll find it for less. https://www.eabco.net/Speed-Strip-Kits-for-Ruger-Mk-I-II-III-and-2245-_p_13702.html
  21. The 1st press I bought was a Dillion XL650 basic with strong mount, tools & bullet tray. After my 1st 500 45C I sprung for an automatic case feeder. Most defective reloads occurred when refilling case feed tube (every 14th cartridge). I probably have $2K in it with every upgrade except a bullet feeder plus a toolhead set-up with dies for every caliber I load except for 44SP, 44M, 300 Savage, 30-06. Even if you use a progressive press you'll need a single stage or turret press to fix buggered reloads or do short runs. Even with toolheads with dies for each caliber it takes me a minimum of 30 minutes to switch calibers that use the same primer feed size. For single stage use Hornaday L-N-L or Lee breech-lock and buy bushings for each die.
  22. You get what you pay for! The 1st gun I owned & still own a late 70's Remington 1100 with deep blued barrel had a couple of rust spots under the ventilated rib after 30 years light use. This happened in arid Kalifornia. I always cleaned & oiled it after each use. It rusted where you can't wipe oil without using a Q-tip or spray applicator. A little buffing with steel wool removed the rust & a Q-tip applied oil under the rib.
  23. The Kali Key would be good for a suppressed 300BO loaded with subsonic ammo. It would be an interesting experiment to compare the noise level with the Kali Key vs. standard BCG. Oh! Kalifornia civilians can't posses suppressors.
  24. I is one & the M16's I shot in the Army, 1969-1971, had one uncomfortable ergonomic problem for me. Had to fasten the top button of the fatigue shirt when firing. Otherwise I'd get burned. The only drawback to the brass deflector is some AR's are so overgased that they dent brass. Some of the cases become scrap when the dent is in the shoulder. I installed an ADIGS gas key on the bolt carrier of my Colt Sporter A2 HBAR. On my home built lower, which has an ECHO II trigger I replaced the buffer weights with 3 tungsten weights. The ECHO II requires the weights to reduce the cyclic rate to prevent malfunctions in the double tap (binary) mode. The side benefit is it doesn't dent brass. P.S. UniqueTek sells elastomeric covers called "deflector brakes" that protect the finish & eliminates the case dents.
  25. Until the Mark IV, Rugers are a bitch to reassemble after field stripping. I have a Mark II that I have stripped a couple of times. I now will only strip it when it is so dirty that it doesn't cycle. If I shot it more I'd buy the aftermarket conversion that simplifies the task. P.S. I once loaned it to relatives who wanted to return it as cleans as received. They followed the owner's manual to disassemble; however, it was a basket case when returned. After a couple of hours trying to reassemble they gave up.
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