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  1. Their original tactics sucked too.
  2. Been using these for years https://www.buffaloarms.com/44-40-wcf-ammo-box-by-cheyenne-cartridge-boxes-cp44wcf
  3. Not to the unwashed and uninformed readership here though. We are trying to eddicate . I was surprised at the uncharacteristic brevity of your post which are usually much more erudite in tone and structure. But you technically win. I haven’t decided what the prize is yet. I don’t own a T14.
  4. There are lots of thoughts on the answer to that question. Sort through them till you find one you think will work for you.
  5. I’ ve seen. It debunked on other sites. Not just Snopes. Seeing as how Antifa was formed an anti-Nazi communist group in Germany in the 30s it would boggle the mind to think they would adopt a close facsimile of Schickelgruber’s iconography. Of course these days my mind is frequently boggled on a daily basis.
  6. I don’t care what they were expressing. That’s an idiotic thing to wear. But idiocy is not banned.
  7. Yup. Seen that especially in Florida. Luckily , we are in a cockroach free zone here.
  8. Wow! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/swastika-masks-walmart-bans-minnesota-couple-seen-in-video-wearing-nazi-swastikas-on-their-face-coverings/ar-BB17fDFj?li=BBnbfcL
  9. We have a winner. T14, Combat Photographer’s helmet. If anybody has one I’ll give ya eleventy-six dollars for it.
  10. We are talking about the whole helmet. Joe got the model number right. It is a T14. But what is it?
  11. I said Not the lady. But yeah, that’s her. She did not design the helmet. She used one though. The question remains.
  12. Not the lady, the unusual helmet she has on. Prize to the winner.
  13. It has been my experience that mechanical failures in quality revolvers are rare. When they happen however it is generally due to breakage or failure of an internal part, rendering the gun useless at that point. Most semi malfunctions are either operator or ammo caused but can be corrected immediately. But the odds are greatly in the revolver's favor as far as malfunctions go. Simply said: a revolver probably won't malfunction, even with an untrained shooter, A A semi might malfunction, even with a trained shooter. With an untrained shooter it probably will.
  14. Nothing funnier with hi-jinks involving firearms ay? Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Why, that's plumb Hilarious! NOT!
  15. You pay for the name like a Colt. I’ve had some Kimber I liked and some I didn’t. Personally I think they are overpriced. Glad you got a good deal on one.
  16. I would agree that for 80-90% of people the DA revolver is the best choice. Not necessarily for reliability. A quality semi will be extremely reliable also, but the vast majority of ccw holders do not practice defensive shooting enough to be fully competent with a semi. It takes as you say, a Lot of practice in order to be sufficiently competent to carry a semi in harms way, because of the chance, however small, of a malfunction (either gun or operator caused) that can put you at risk of dying real quickly. Advantages of a semi in my opinion are lighter trigger pull which increases accuracy, more rounds, faster reload, balance and ergonomics. But there is always that specter of a malfunction looming in the shadows. Significant professional training, intimate familiarity with the weapon, and constant practice in high stress defensive shooting situations are the most important elements to consider if you are going to carry a semi auto. If you cannot devote the time necessary to achieve a high level of competence you should choose a revolver. This is not to say you should train less with your revolver, but you will not have the additional mental burden of memorizing immediate action procedures. Life is full of choices. This is one of the most important ones.
  17. Somebody fired a couple of rounds in Aurora at a Jeep that decided to drive up the Interstate that the protesters were blocking. They got out of the way. But one of them was armed. Two or three protestors were wounded.
  18. Yeah I’m a no good commie socials left wing wimp. I send my pension check to Let’s Destroy America dot com. Y’all watch what you want and I’ll do the same. Anything else?
  19. W played Little League in Midland TX.
  20. I wasn’t aware that anyone here liked beer.
  21. Beer! A warm afternoon. Chores done. Colorado bazeball and Colorado beer. Color me a happy man.
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