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  1. Don't forget to add your leather barrel wrap. Just OK'd August 12th. Will keep your hand and fingers from the heat of the barrel. Castalia
  2. I'll take #5) Bianchi Holster marked 1880 REV for 4 3/4" SAA. This was for a Duke rig for right hand strong carry with a rearward canted. $15 + $8 shipping
  3. Did you disassemble a bunch of reloads and pull the bullets. Then reclaim the powder. Don't ask me how I know.
  4. Yes it is a roll-crimping tool. Makes a nice rounded tapered crimp.
  5. Sold to Tyrel Cody. Thanks, Castalia PM to follow.
  6. 4 almost new brass cappers for sale. $25.00 shipped. Thanks for looking, Castalia
  7. Antique 12 Ga. tool for sale. $17.50 shipped. Thanks for looking, Castalia
  8. Home built .44 cal. loading stand for sale. I borrowed a friends "Tower of Power" and made a "home made copy" with close dimensions. Works as you would expect. Lots of power to load with. $35.00 shipped. Thanks for looking, Castalia
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