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  1. SASS Alias: Castalia SASS #: 18915 Where you are from: Tucson, Arizona Territory How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 20 glorious years
  2. Bought and sold. All good. Great group of people. Had such great dealings on this wire that once "I'll take it hits my post" and I get an address. I ship and wait for the check. Probably had close to 100 transactions.
  3. Is he using 45 Schofield brass? It has a much larger rim than 45LC. Local pard had the same problem.
  4. The 1997 SASS rule book has no rules for boots other than in the outlawed section. Outlawed: Tennis, running, jogging, or aerobics shoes ( Indian moccasins work well for relaxing after a long day in boots.) 2016 rule book: Classic cowboy/ girl: Boots are required and must be of traditional design with non-grip enhancing (i.e. ―NO Lug‖) soles. Moccasins are not allowed. "B" western: Boots are required and must be of traditional design and embellished with fancy stitching, multi-color fancy design, conchos or spots. Soles must be non-grip enhancing (i.e., ―NO Lug‖) soles. Lace up boots and moccasins are not allowed. Outlawed: All types of athletic shoes or combat boots, no matter the material from which they are constructed.
  5. I remember going to a mountain man weekend and a guy had sewn a zipper into his leather pants. His excuse was "If they'd a had 'em, they'd a used 'em! sic 1972. Same argument been goin' on for decades. Any jeans, long sleeve shirt, work boots make the grade in SASS's world.
  6. Here ya go. Wild West Mercantile has what you need. Bought the Mad Hatter eight years ago and still going strong. Great people to deal with and a great hat. http://www.wwmerc.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?category=6100&orderby=INVENTORY%2Ehot%20desc%2C%20INVENTORY%2Ebrand%2C%20INVENTORY%2Emodel&template=&templatehead=&templatebody=&templatefoot=&templatethumb=&&start=12
  7. Been shooting a double barrel for 10 years. Switching to an 1887 lever shotgun. Slow, but many style points. Castalia
  8. My beautiful wife bought me an 1860 last year for Christmas. My most prized rifle. Biggest surprise in a long while.
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