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  1. How about just adding one more category. "Modern Frontiersperson". It would make all those Ruger Old Armies with adjustable sights worth more with the stroke of a pen. Or make all the fixed sight ones worth less.
  2. My dad used to tell me that cabinet makers would measure with a micrometer, mark with a grease pencil, and cut with an axe. Maybe Ruger is hiring old cabinet makers to set up there CAD machines.
  3. Left side: Nipple Pick. Tube for carrying extra percussion caps. Screw driver. Right side: Nipple wrench. Tool for removing spent percussion caps. Knife blade for patch cutting. Great tool. Castalia
  4. Binge watching Game Of Thrones. Just started the fifth season. John Snow is alive. Now to get some essential scotch.
  5. My son and I both bought Ruger 10/22 base models. We then decided to upgrade. We ended up with Tactical 10/22's that weighed 27 lbs. where so cumber some that you could not turn around in the living room. They also need four different types of batteries to keep the electronics working. The end results were: "We've never liked them, wouldn't feed cheap ammo well, felt large and toy like." JMHO , Castalia
  6. Stopped by Thunderstick Trading Company in Tucson. Pandemic hours and only one person in the store at a time. Gots some much needed primers and a small chat. Thanks to Mike and Sandy.
  7. Just finished reloading a bunch of 9mm. Starting on some 12 ga. I am on the third season of Game Of Thrones. Got to get some more scotch. Guess I have to wear a mask to go get it. Stay safe. Happy Trails. Castalia
  8. Pull barrel and cylinder, remove nipples, scrub with hot soapy water, blow dry with an air compressor and spray with WD40. Blow WD40 off with an air compressor Use a good anti-seize on the nipple threads. Has been working for 20 + years no rust. During the match I wipe all guns down with Ballistol between stages.
  9. Living in Arizona, cold is not a problem. "Clays" velocities will rise dramatically when 100 deg. or above. Especially if you leave your reloads in the sun.
  10. Stimulus money. Pay bills or ??? Dang what a dilema?
  11. Just started the second season to Game of Thrones and my third bottle of scotch. I do enjoy my scotch.
  12. I know it is biodegradable. According to more than a few sources has been used as a spice for consumables. Has been added to whiskey. "SMELLS GOOD IN THE MORNING". Makes you smile. Encourages bragging when having coffee or adult beverages. Has the ability to turn a bad day into a great day, even if it raining. Cures arthritis, especially if used as a double duelist. Gives you the incentive to get up in the morning to go to the range, even if you go alone. Encourage artistic urges to make half your gear at twice the normal cost. A life without black powder is a life lived without life. Just a few humble thoughts. Enjoy it if you still can.
  13. Since I am saving all this money from not shooting. I have invested in some very nice scotch. And binge watching all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones. After that I will buy some more scotch.
  14. Yeah. They would be almost $2.00 a shot in todays coronavirus world!!!!
  15. I thought the mayor said no more groups of 50 or more at any location.
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