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  1. Plastic and lead in shot shells. Loaded for maximum dispersion. Wait till the gov'ment finds out. OH MY.
  2. Your very lucky. About 7 years ago a friend bought a used Stoeger coach gun that someone put very light springs in. It would open upon firing. Took it to the local Stoeger dealer to get a new set of springs. The dealer recommended sending it back to Stoeger for repairs. The story line was the same as the above example. Only thing was his was spray painted yellow. The whole shotgun,. Then they wrote on it with a red marker. "Unsafe to Fire."
  3. Used to be a guy around here that stated he could fix anything with a belt sander, Including a bad marriage! Haven't seen him in a while.
  4. Sold to Flanigan Flats. PM sent. Thanks, Castalia
  5. Guess it would. Took me a while to get the drift. Almost snorted my adult beverage. Have a great day.
  6. Neck Knife for sale. I bought this from a vender at Bordertown. Tip could be ground into a screwdriver blade. Has a new soft tanned deer skin lace. Asking $45.00 Thanks for looking. Castalia
  7. The 45 loops were taken off and discarded. A new set of loops were made. The belt lining was un-sewed and the new loops sewn on. Then the lining was resewn in place. The one large loop in the center back is made to hold a 45/70 cartridge and was sewn on and screw riveted through the lining. Any leather worker could put 45 loops onto this belt. I added 2 new pictures to show the detail of the loops front and back. The holsters were originally made to fit 7 1/2 inch revolvers. They have been cut off and sized for 4 3/4 inch revolvers. Castalia
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