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  1. For Sale Lee Production Pot IV, ingot mold, 2 ladles. $70.00 shipped in conus.
  2. For sale used, handmade, Buscadero rig. Buckle to belt holes measure 41-44 inch. Cartridge loops are set for 22lr. Any leather smith can remake cartridge loops to your favorite caliber. Used this set for my Ruger SASS Vaqueros with 4.62 inch barrels. Will also fit Ruger Wranglers. Unlined. USPS priority shipping in a medium box is $15.05. I will pay shipping. $90.00 shipped in conus. Thanks for looking
  3. I have a dusty set of 38spl Dillon SDB conversion kit #20240 with a tool head #20113. USPS priority shipping in a small box is $12.25. I will pay shipping. $100.00 shipped in conus. Castalia
  4. For sale: Used, in great shape, set of Dillon Square Deal B 44/40 #21035 conversion kit and tool head. $100.00 shipped in conus First "I will take it" on this forum gets it. Thanks for looking, Castalia
  5. Bought some guns back in 95'. Shot them every month, and a bunch of Bordertowns. until this year. Had to sell them because of some medical issues. The buyer got almost new guns that were very smoooooth. I tried to wear them out. Even shot black powder duelist for 10 years. Some of those old guns I see at the guns shows had to have been tied to a rope and dragged behind a wagon from St Louis to Tucson or stored in a leaking barn. Good luck on your journey. Castalia
  6. Don't forget a gunsmiths"best friend" the Dremel Tool. Castalia
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