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  1. I acually use the 100 grain lead ones that are supposed to go in 32 mag's. I use just enough 231 to operate the slide. Can' give you the load because all of my reloading stuff is packed for my move out west, but it is very light. I had to put a plug in the bottom of the smallest lee dipper to make it smaller. I use them in 3 1903 colt pocket pistols and the feed fine.
  2. another reb agreeing with 12 mile reb. blackhawks are usually a little less expensive. they will get you started. ( I have used blackhawks my entire time in sass)
  3. long time ago when in law enforcment I had belt keepers for my sam brown. Back then they were snops, not velcro. I still use the same ones on my buscadero belt.
  4. Yes on the carbide. I also use lee dies. I did have a problem in some of my 1911's until I got a seperate taper crimp die. now the all work nice.
  5. The one time I shot long range I used my regular match loads. I just kept moving up the hill behind the bear being used until I found the right bush to aim at. 350 yards and probably 40 feet of hold over.
  6. Thank you all for the info and suggestions. hope it goes smooth.
  7. I didn't know penske had loading and unloading help. thank you.
  8. Do you have any info or opinions on moving company for a interstate move? safes? firearms? motorcycle. My wife and I will be moving and I am looking for information on what is the best way. Thanks in advance!
  9. Yes the Ruger Blackhawk is avail 357/9mm with 2 different cyl's. The are singe action and usable in most categories. I have 2 of them. 1 I have never used the 9mm cyl, the other is actually more accurate with the 9mm cyl.
  10. I have 4 presses on my bench. A MEC for shotgun. 2 lee 1000 and a Lee turret that must be 30+ years old. I have never worked with a dillon, but I have been very happy with my Lee presses.
  11. I think a pair of those matched with a marlin 1895 cowboy would be great for a match.
  12. SASS ALIAS - JIMMY REB SASS # - 54804 WHERE FROM Born in Portland Oregon. Grew up in Imperial Beach CA. Now live in So Maine. HOW LONG SASS - 12 YEARS?
  13. Widder, not at work,but at a church supper. We had a new pastor so I made chili for the pot luck supper. The pastors wife told me how much she like it. I looked at her with a deadpan face and said " I didn't know you liked squirrel. The look on her face was priceless.
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