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  1. That picture looks just like me. Glad I have have moved to WY. Only a small percentage wear a mask.
  2. Cut them into smaller pieces and make shotgun knock downs out of them.
  3. At my previous club they also held 3 gun and 1 other type of modern match (IDPA?). The amount of 9 and 223 brass left was unbelievable. 1 guy counted his 223 brass by how many 5 gallon buckets he had.
  4. Don't wear a ball cap. I like to wear a hat. Besides I look even more stupid in a ball cap. I put one one years ago, looked in the mirror, said "nope".
  5. My leather is somewhere in 1 of 2 extremely full storage units. However I still want to be there.
  6. I hope to be there even if I can't get my stuff out of storage in time to shoot the match. I would still like to be there to help out.
  7. Now that I live in WY I hope I can be there even if I can't shoot.
  8. My IAC is unmodified(just like it came out of the ox) slow but so much fun!!
  9. Regarding shooting ahead or shoot through, I find that I do a little better shooting through. As a worker or match dr. at a state match, when shooting ahead my mind was always on what still needed to be done and all the other stressful things you think about at that time. When shooting through, almost everything is already set so that I can think about my shooting. As for an advantage, before I started running matches I was a middle of the pack shooter. After I started having more responsibilty I quickly moved nearer to the bottom.
  10. has some lube built up on the seating plug?
  11. I acually use the 100 grain lead ones that are supposed to go in 32 mag's. I use just enough 231 to operate the slide. Can' give you the load because all of my reloading stuff is packed for my move out west, but it is very light. I had to put a plug in the bottom of the smallest lee dipper to make it smaller. I use them in 3 1903 colt pocket pistols and the feed fine.
  12. another reb agreeing with 12 mile reb. blackhawks are usually a little less expensive. they will get you started. ( I have used blackhawks my entire time in sass)
  13. long time ago when in law enforcment I had belt keepers for my sam brown. Back then they were snops, not velcro. I still use the same ones on my buscadero belt.
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