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  1. You can break out a side window using the metal prongs on a headrest. Easier to find in a hurry, and much better for your hearing than a shot.
  2. Rawhide - This is the critter as shown by Midway. Not sure there is any extra pad on the end. Is it what you are looking for or not? Ruger part kmr07200
  3. Still digging through my Ruger parts box. Found some 10/22 stuff; sold the gun a while back: > Auto Bolt Release; used release converted. I got really good at this conversion a while back. > Weapon Kraft Bolt Recoil Buffer, new. > Weapon Kraft Allen Head Takedown Screw, new. >Tipoff Mount & Screws, New. > Lekie Oversized Receiver Cross Pins, new. > Extended Mag. Release, not sure of mfg. All for $20 shipped. First "I'll take them" here gets them shipped after you PM me your location.
  4. Been sorting through my parts bins (actually cigar boxes by gun mfg.) and found two of these in stainless that fit guns I no longer have. Will ship both for $10. They are new from Brownells. Accept PayPal or whatever. First "I'll take them" here gets them shipped after you PM me your location.
  5. I live about 10 miles west of Charles Town, WV. They had a reenactment of his hanging in 2009 using the original wagon that carried him from the Jefferson County Courthouse to the actual hanging ground a few blocks away. The wagon resides in the museum next to the Courthouse. Anyhow the event was really moving except for the Black Lives Matter speakers eulogizing the traitor. A trivia fact: Brown's followers killed in Harpers Ferry by the citizens were mostly shot with Sharps rifles and then left in the streets to be eaten by wild hogs. Apparently the citizens did not view them as saviors.
  6. I grew up in Washington, DC, three blocks from the Eckington RR yards which were the largest yards East of Chicago. I remember the steam engines starting up and sanding the tracks to gain traction. You would hear a couple of big Huff's then wheel spin with clouds of black smoke. My mother would have to shake the coal particles off the sheets after they dried on the clothesline. It seems like one day all the steam engines vanished and were replaced with diesels.
  7. I believe the record during the Civil War was something like 14 bullets in a barrel. Though the solder loading it was obviously in the middle of a nasty fight.
  8. I worked with a guy who piloted them until he left the Air Force as a Major to fly for American Airlines. He knew his day's were over when an F4 Phantom caught up with him when he was going full tilt and said "Bang you are a goner'" Up to then they could outrun fighters.
  9. I pay dues and compete in SASS, IDPA, ASI, GSSF, ATA, NRA, and Leetown IWLA. Total annual cost for dues is $310 or about $25 a month. My weekly trap shell cost is more than that. Don't even want to get into the ammo cost for all the other shooting activities or almost worse, the travel cost for these activities. Am retired and have the time to do what I like. Don't worry about the organizations that allow me to do my thing. Just glad they exist.
  10. Just received mine from Badman Bullets. It is a quality product and, IMHO is worth the cost. Has slightly closer tolerances than the one I currently use (reload shotgun shells for CAS and trap). In my particular case I especially appreciate the knurled resizing end so I can visually ID which side is up on my bench. My current checker appears the same from both ends and somehow manage to turn it upside down a bunch. I also got the Slix 73 mag. tube screw wrench. Again, a very well made product. Especially appreciate having the Stoger 3-pin wrench built into the reverse side. Beats my current approach of using two 3/32" drill bits, a small block of wood and a screwdriver to tighten the Stoger. One of my hobbies is accumulating specialized tools for the guns I have. Much cheaper than buying more guns.
  11. Then the old blues song: " Dead Presidents" becomes obsolete.
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