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  1. I've had lots of 1911's including a bunch of Colts that I sold to make $$$. Have finally settled on a Ruger SR1911 with a Wilson extended slide release. It has the usual upgrades already included at a reasonable price. Shot a WB match today at Thurmont Sportsman's Club in MD. Five stages with a total of 146 pistol rounds. A really fine match. Enjoyed it immensely with the only pistol issue being a self-inflicted reloaded ammo problem; Duh! As mentioned above, Tripp mags solve the majority of 1911 issues that are not ammo related. Budget an extra $200 and you will forget mag problems. Then you can worry about shotgun matters.
  2. One would think that after 75 years of turn signal development, BMW would consider them as proven enough to install in their vehicles.
  3. Matthew - Went through a situation where I've been a Jr. forever, including social security, except on my birth certificate. In my state (WV) was $200 for court + $50 for the paper ad. Went through the paperwork for a passport + $125. Worked out fine + I have a passport.
  4. Agree with the mini-swiss. I also always carry a small Sebenza. It was a retirement gift from me to myself. Pricy, but worth it.
  5. I've shot stainless Ruger Vaquero's for 20+ years and have never noticed a glare problem. I use the front sight looking through the rear notch and the barrel is not visible for me at all.
  6. I'll take them. PM me w/details. Hope you take PayPal. PS: pic only shows 5.
  7. My little buddy is Sparky, a 70lb Airdale/Pit Bull. Most people friendly critter I've ever had. Also the fastest kid on the block.
  8. Been there, done that, it hurts. Worth the pain.
  9. COSTCO sells a Panasonic package with five phones that has a feature you can turn on that requires callers not in your phone book to press 1 to leave a message on voice mail (no rings); stops robocalls. Also has a call block button that keeps any call you want from ever causing a ring. Works great for about $99.
  10. I worked for the US AEC in the 70's at their Germantown, MD Headquarters, a 1.5 million sq. foot building laid out like a 4-story VA hospital with dozens of wings, each with rest rooms. Was working late one evening when the PA announced "All Guards report to the A Wing Command Center." Oh, oh, thought perhaps the SHTF. Anyhow flagged down a guard who was scurrying around and asked what's going on? He laughed and replied that Jones left his gun belt in a crapper and could not remember which one. The whole building was painted institutional green and every wing looked the same. I guess they eventually found it. Jones is probably still being reminded about it.
  11. I'm a Power Pistol person myself. That said, I prefer .40 S&W, even in my G-20's. Not sure why; just do. At some point the 10 mm's cycles so fast for me, they become unreliable. The Underwood boomers are the worst.
  12. Son of my next store neighbor in Germantown, MD killed a fellow high school student with a baseball bat. Dummy is serving 25 years for it.
  13. Bruce - Spare yourself the grief and go down to the Ace Hardware in Stephens City, VA (just below Winchester). They sell once-fired .45 ACP from the Quantico FBI range for $45 per K that is even cleaned. Last batch I saw was by Norma.
  14. I was originally using Blazer Brass, then Remington green box. The 30 rounders jammed with both. Tried the S&B's, same thing. I'm thinking that I'll just rent a Ruger at the indoor range where I shoot ASI. If it works OK, might buy one, or most likely just spend $15 extra per match for a rental. They only have one match a month.
  15. Trigger Mike - The Chiappa M1-9 worked fine with the OEM 10 rd magazines and with Beretta 92 - 15 & 20 rounders. It choked on Beretta 30 rounders. My guess is the springs in these magazines are so stiff that they push the next round so strongly under the round being chambered that it pops up over the chamber = jamsville. I tried S&B ammo which is more powerful than the Remington I was using; still failed. I was using the Chiappa in both ASI & Kahr carbine matches. The last ASI match was a bummer as had 3 jams in 7 rounds. The club earlier had stages with a max of 18 rounds before a reload, no problems. This time they went with 24 rounds. Was a disaster. Life is too short to be frustrated. I'm getting a Ruger PC 9 which uses Glock magazines. Will get rid of the Chiappa, either as a trade or sell it cheaply with a warning to the new owner. It was extremely accurate with excellent iron sights. I like it, except for the jamming issues.
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