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  1. I live in WV just above the VA line. Winchester has a large hardware store with a gun shop in it as does a town below Winchester with an Ace Hardware with a gun shop. I bought several guns from Montgomery Wards in Wheaton, MD. First was and Enfield .38 S&W revolver for $17 with a box of shells (ca. 1960). The second was a Western Field shotgun aka. Mossberg 500 in 1972 for $85.
  2. I once tried to replace a seal on a spring piston air pistol; never again.
  3. I visited the original DuPont powder plant in the early 90's while taking class at National Defense U. We were working on a paper about their Cray Computer. The original buildings were on a river and three sides were brick, the fourth side was originally made of long-gone wood. This was by design, in case of an explosion the brick walls would remain intact, while the wooden walls would end up in the river. My father worked at the US Central Heating Plant in DC. It was a seven-story building with five-story boilers. All of the walls had windows stacked vertically the entire height o
  4. Am currently finishing off selling stuff I no longer use as my son died last summer. Have kept my CAS, WB, IDPA, Trap, and defensive stuff, everything else is gone. Finishing up selling my film camera collection. Stuff just sitting in closets and in safes no longer interests me. Amazing what people are willing to pay for things like watches. I timed it well as eBay is changing its payment policies in May to no longer accept PayPal, instead requiring payments to be direct deposited in your bank account. Just wait until the hacker community descends on them with a determined attack. Would not su
  5. About 20 years ago, I shot CAS at a long defunct club in Southern MD called, if I remember correctly, St. Charles Sportsmen's Club. Doc Shapiro was one of the match directors and they had really creative stages. One stage he setup had 16 shotgun knockdowns. You could stage ammo on a table, so stupid me brings up a full box and tears the lid off, forgetting to rearrange the shells. What a disaster as I was shooting a double; Duh! They had stuff like a huge gong hanging out at about 100 yards that you had to shoot while prone and other such neat things. They also had the best lunch I
  6. His war service was extremely commendable. I appreciated the navy hat and sword on his coffin. Very appropriate. The British know how to conduct state funerals as they have been doing it for quite a while.
  7. Some folks have been educated beyond their level of intelligence; they fit this description.
  8. Are you using the same wads for both shells? If so, need to use the correct wads. I've found that the STS shells are a bit longer than AA's. I just stick to STS's. Finally, make sure the wads are seated correctly, otherwise some bad things happen.
  9. I worked at the DOE Hqs. building (originally AEC Hqs.) in Germantown from 1967-2000. They had three WWII diesel sub generators for emergency power. The computer center had an Interruptible Power Supply (UPS), that kept thing going until the diesels came online. We were at the absolute end of PEPCO's power line as across the road was the terminus of Potomac Edison's power line. It was interesting when a blackout would occur on one side or the other of the road. All the commercial buildings on one side would be dark; while across the street all would be lit up. This happened with great regulari
  10. We live about 1/2 mile from a limestone quarry. The ATF and a couple of local counties decided to dispose of illegal fireworks as a joint project at the quarry last fall. Apparently it was amateur hour as they managed to have them all go off at once. Everyone in the subdivision was out in the street wondering what happened. A neighbor went over to the quarry and there was a highly animated discussion going on with the sheriff. Lots of arm waiving. Was an excellent example of our tax dollars hard at work with fantastic Federal Gov't leadership running the show.
  11. I worked at Georgetown University in the middle 1960's. The campus was started 1n 1789 and consisted of a bunch of mainly old brick buildings and several 7-story brick dorms with very narrow alleyways. Anyhow, when a dorm fire happened, the DC fire department sent out all their hook and ladder trucks. They had no trouble entering, but took hours to extract them. Usual fire cause was oily rags in 60 year old elevator shafts. Caused big pucker factors on everyone's part. Was really entertaining to watch those firemen earn their pay (big time).
  12. The 15 minute wait after the injection is a normal one for vaccines. It's in case you have an allergic reaction to the shot. For the mass Covid shots they usually have an EMT and an ambulance on standby. I get my flu shots at Walgreens and they request that I sit in their waiting area for a while after the shot. Don't want someone getting into a car after a shot and conking out.
  13. My local gun shop had a new Colt Gatling gun for $59,999. He sold it to a collector who made payments monthly for 18 months after putting $20K down. The buyer owned a local business and is a serious collector. Colt only made 100 of these critters.
  14. I pocket carry in the summer, a S&W Bodyguard. With a coat on carry a hammerless Ruger SP 101. Will not use a pocket carry gun that's not double action, as don't trust the strikers light triggers. I shoot Glocks in IDPA and ASI and are very familiar with them, but a no-no in my pocket. Prefer a revolver on my belt. My only real concern is Coyote's when dog walking. Live in a somewhat rural area where they are a problem.
  15. First Modena no reaction, 20 minute wait. Second, 20 minute wait. Wife, no impact. Me felt somewhat tired for three days; no big deal. Go do it.
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