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  1. I am a Glockaholic that has reduced my inventory down to three of them. However my Glock Model 20, which is a 10mm, has a 6" 10mm aftermarket barrel, a Sig .357 barrel and a .40 S&W barrel. All use the same magazine and work fine. To confuse things even more, I have a Glock Model 21, which has a frame identical to the Model 20 and shoots .45 ACP. I can take the slide assembly off the Model 21 and use it on the Model 20, provided I use the Model 21 .45 ACP magazines. In other words, I have a Glock that shoots 10mm, .357 Sig, .40S&W, and .45 ACP, just not at the same time. One gun frame
  2. Crazy Larry - Sorry that I neglected to mark it as sold after TommyKnocker posted an "I'll take it." Will update the title now. My reflexes are declining big time; Duh!
  3. TommyKnocker - PM'd you with my contact information. The barrel length is 51cm ( a tad over 20"). It can handle 3" shells, and for some strange reason it has screwed in choke tubes. I'll measure them when I pack it up.
  4. I bought this from the original owner in 2017. Original box included. He shot it in classic cowboy for many years. Has some cart bluing wear on the barrels as he used a wooden cart with minimal padding. Excellent shiny bores. Is a heavy solid critter probably made out of recycled Japanese tanks or Russian RR tracks. Norinco shotgun importation was halted in 2003. Its basically been sitting in my safe since I got it in 2017, as cannot always remember to cock the hammers when reloading; Duh! Have a good memory, its just very short. Price is $425 shipped via USPS from a non-FFL holder to your FFL
  5. I've had many 1911's. Finally settled on a Ruger SR1911 with Tripp magazines. The only issue with it was the early ones had front sight problems as Ruger initially outsourced them. Mine disappeared during a WB match. Ruger fixed it with their own inhouse sight. Utterly reliable. Had a Norinco that I used for WB Traditional. It worked fine, but my eyes got tired of the tiny (military fixed) sights, so I sold it.
  6. I had a Daly 500 made by Miroku. It was the predecessor of the BSS except it had extractors and double triggers. Had Cody C do an action job on it. He said that internally it was identical to his older SKB. Like an idiot I later sold it and kept a Stoger; duh! Miroku is a first-rate manufacturer.
  7. When I first started CAS in 2001, there was a guy from VA who shot an original Evans, Long-barreled Colts, and an exotic 1880 era pump. He said that .the 44 brass he used was $3-4 each until Starline came out with some .44 brass (believe .44 Super) that were about 50 cents each. He dressed in a RR engineers outfit and shot at Waldorf, MD. Was a really cool dude. Don't remember his name.
  8. Been down this road as my SS card has Jr, while my birth cert. does not. Jr means son of, however the idiots at the DMV are adamant that they must be exactly the same. Looked into an official legal name change. Three trips to court, $200 court fees, $50 newspaper fees + 3 months processing time. Just renewed my passport; all done.
  9. I started out with a Lee LoadAll for CAS and quickly went to a MEC Jr as I just disliked the Lee. Started shooting trap and went to a MEC hydraulic. Found out I was not saving much for the trap loads as Wally World sold STS's for $7 a box and I could sell once-fired hulls for 10 cents each; net cost about $5 a box w/tax. Sold the hydraulic kept using the Jr. until I stumbled across a mint MEC Grabber, then sold the Jr. That said, I now believe that should have just kept the Jr as it is basically idiot proof and produces excellent shells. However, it's enjoyable to me to get new (to
  10. My home defense story: Have kept a Wards Western Field (M'Berg 500) in bedroom closets since 1972. About 10 years ago heard a crashing sound downstairs, followed about 30 seconds later with another crashing sound. Grabbed the shotgun and headed for the stairs behind my wife who decided to go first (duh). Yelled at her to get out of my way. Slowly cleared the house. Then turned on outside floodlights, grabbed a flashlight and swept the yard; found nothing. Came back and harangued wife big time for getting in front of me and my loaded gun. Bottom line is that we had a large and very
  11. A friend of mine's wife has a business restoring museum flags. She learned her trade working for the National Park Service in Harper's Ferry, WV. He ended up buying a new, but unfinished restaurant to house her processing tanks. It is a very slow and precise process. She has done work for some really wealthy folks, including a Texas billionaire who collects US Civil War regimental flags. These have been rolled up for perhaps 150+ years. Some folks take collecting flags to interesting levels.
  12. Went from $1.99 at Winchester, VA to $2.29 in a week. Democrap's are here.
  13. Terrific - I'm just about 10 miles from Ranson. Will Give him a call.
  14. With all the lockdowns, I'm reduced to an email (remote) air pistol league run by the Rockville, MD IWLA. I shoot in my basement. Am using a Daisy 777, which is a fairly high quality type air pistol with smooth grips. I would like to get them stippled and don't have the skill set to do it myself. Would like a recommendation for someone who knows how to do this. This is what they look like: Daisy 777.odt
  15. Both Dottie and I got the COVID 19 shot today. The Governor of WV has prioritized distribution to medical, then nursing homes, then emergency workers, then 80+, then school employees, then 70+, etc. They use all means available, including the National Guard. My county only had 500 doses today for 80+, first come first served, but they know how to organize. The early bird got the needle. Took a total of 2 hours. I remember in about 1950 going to the fire dept. on North Capital Street in DC and getting a sugar cube for the polio vaccine. WV used the National Guard to cover all the st
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