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  1. After 22 years of retirement, I've found all my time is taken up by either making or attending doctors' appointments.
  2. I have one imported by Garcia (fishing folks) of Washington, DC made in the early 1960's. It's now my only .22 rifle.
  3. I've got a Kel-Tec Sub 2K in 40 (16.25" barrel). Following are some chrony tests: 4.0 Grs. Bullseye, 180 Gr. TCFP coated, 1063 fps Same load in a Glock G22 (4.49" barrel), 906 fps 5.8 Grs. Power Pistol, same bullet, 1195 fps, Kel-Tec Same load, 984, G22 Accuracy with both guns/loads is excellent (red dots on each).
  4. Dug out a 1972 Herter's catalog and found "Herter's Famous Pure Butyrate Tenite Plastic Duck Decoys" at $2.60 each; $26.95 a dozen. Inflation cost today = $16.76 for one. Still reasonable.
  5. My 1962 Renault Dalphine had the gas cap in the rear trunk, next to the engine and the radiator fill cap. Caught the attendant several times holding the pump handle in one hand and the radiator cap in the other looking puzzled. French engineering at its finest.
  6. West (By Gawd) VA plates have the expiration month as the first character of the serial, except for custom plates which all expire on Jan. 1. The renewal sticker has the expiration year and is placed on the lower right. Everyone calls the plates either tags or plates. The state has lots of optional plates available for an extra $15 per year. Mine features a Red-Breasted Grossbeak bird. Oddly the state bird is the Cardinal, but it's not on a tag. If one wants to irritate the climate change Wookie's, you can get a black "Friends of Coal" tag.
  7. Several trivia items: As noted above the CAS club near Berkeley Springs WV (CASS) is still very active and runs the WV state match every September. It's my understanding they are the 2nd oldest CAS club on the East Coast. I've been a member since 2000. Over the berm there is not a concern there as the backstop consists of the Cacapon Mountain. However, you can be called for breaking the 170 vertically. "Country Roads" was written by Bill Danoff in 1970; inspiration came while driving up Clopper Road in Gaithersburg, MD. Clopper Road's lovely appearance is unchanged to this day as it surrounded by the Seneca State Park. I lived a mile away from it for 20 years. Finally, CASS was an early adapter of regular Wild Bunch matches. It's my home club and is about 30 miles due west from my home as the crow flies; but 54 actual driving miles. The issue is the four mountains between it and home. I have to detour through either MD or VA to get there, otherwise there are some scary roads that seem to have 1/2 of WV's deer population using them regularly. Finally, WV is a no permit required CC state. It's best to get a permit so you can carry in VA, PA, etc. (HOWEVER NOT MD).
  8. My father was Merchant Marine in the 1930s and then worked in a steam generating plant which ran 24X7. He would come home from the 4-12 shift and boil coffee in a percolator for a good while on a gas stove, cook eggs and bacon, finish several cups of coffee, then sleep to 8 am. Get up and reheat the remaining coffee, which resembled tar by that time. He loved his coffee.
  9. Doc - Sorry that you have run into medical issues. I just had a flashback and remember the good times we had at matches in Waldorf at the Southern MD Sportsmans Club. Especially down in the sand pit during July/August with the air temps at 100+. Also remember the gong hanging way out at the long-range berm. It was also the only club where breakfast or lunch might be fresh-caught perch. Hopefully you will be able to find a medical treatment that will alleviate your situation and get you back to normalcy. Don't give up.
  10. Mine is the target model (Match Champion, Duh!) that I use(d) in IDPA. I really like Rugers. Hopefully, I can start up using it again after all this Covid crap winds down.
  11. Suggest you look into Consumer Cellular. Everything is done online and they are both cheap and responsive.
  12. I grew up in Washington, DC. Was in the high school cadets and marched in Ike's 1953 Inaugural parade (McKinley Tech Company C). Was a mild spring-like day and we wore kakis, no coats.
  13. FYI - Ruger has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing lever action rifles; the Ruger 96. Here's a link to Wickopedia on this model: Ruger 96
  14. Comment deleted. Thought a ROA was available, but the owner does not want to ship it out of state.
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