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  1. I've used 6.5 grs of Trail Boss under a 180 gr bullet in my Marlin for many years. My experience with Trail Boss is that it works best at medium to max charges. It's best to avoid the lowest ones. Never had any recoil issues with this load. I do use Winchester primers or Federal Mag primers.
  2. I bought a new Sig Super Target air pistol for 10 meter matches. Shot it perhaps 500 pellets and the pivot pin that you cock the barrel with started walking loose, jamming the gun. Called SIG, they emailed me a shipping label, off it went to the mother ship in NH. A week later they sent me a new one. Excellent service, plus they answer their phones right away. Try contacting Taurus; usually takes several 1/2 hour waits listening to horrible music.
  3. I just dug out my MEC Grabber as all my WallyWorlds stopped carrying shells and I bought my trap STS/Nitro's there. I have a couple of years worth of cowboy shells, but only a couple of flats of trap shells. Anyhow, spent over an hour relearning how to use the critter. Getting it to drop 18.6 grains of Clays was especially annoying. Went from bushing #34 to 29 until I found the misplaced #31 which is the correct one. Also had difficulties with the brass powder bushing; finally discarded it. Finally quit without loading a single shell. Hopefully can get started tomorrow. Regret the day I "upgraded" to a progressive from the MEC 600 Jr. which was simple, slow, but not annoying. I live in WV near the Kent shell factory. My local club buys directly from them. They were forced to shutdown for a while due to lack of lead shot. My guess is that shooting sports are in for a very rough future.
  4. A few years back was driving to a cowboy match at CASS, which is on Cacapon mountain near Berkeley Springs, WV. Over the berm is a straight up shot. Anyhow, was in the fall and had to be on the lookout for deer which were everywhere. Was approaching a little town called Largent which is a big downhill run, when I slowed way down for a couple of mountain goats on the side of the road. Got to the range and mentioned it. Was told: "Some local farmer brought a few back from out west, but they would not stay inside fences." However, never encountered any Kangaroo's; at least not yet.
  5. Watch the castle nut on the failsafe bar. They can unscrew. The cure is to add a second nut to keep it from unscrewing (don't ask how I know this).
  6. Got the Marbles a while back from Amazon = $12; the Swiss is about $16:
  7. I had just the opposite service with a new Taurus Spectrum. They had it for 6 months. Perhaps the Spectrums are such a POS that the repair backlog on them is just lousy. At least they can get 1911 parts from everywhere.
  8. bgavin - My wife is in the same situation as yours. She just got a RAV4 and will not get into my Camry.
  9. I live in a subdivision that backs up to a 400 acre cattle pasture with a quarry behind it. Last week a new-born calf was killed and eaten overnight by coyotes. Now keep a shotgun by the back door where I let the dog out in the fenced in yard. Also always carry a pistol when walking my dog. Self-protection is a necessary thing. Not too far from here, they have bear sightings. When the cats start disappearing, the coyotes have populated. A couple of folks will hunt them on the quarry property occasionally. One winter they killed about 70.
  10. My 2001 Stoger is still chugging along. Well worth the $275 new. I reload STS's with 3/4 oz. Loads. Only issue was the barrel regulation, nothing that good smith cured for $$$. I just slathered the hinge with valve lapping compound and opened/closed it 1K times + cut it to a manual safety.
  11. Am cleaning out the safe and this is next. An unused Fallkniven A1 satin finish w/Kydex sheath that I got about 10 years ago. This is a heavy-duty survival knife. Here's a couple of reviews: Fallkniven Website & Amazon Will ship for $125. now $100 First "I'll take it" gets it. Accept PayPal, USPS MO, check, gold/silver/lead, whatever.
  12. Got one from the CMP in the 70's; paid $112. Shot it in DCM competition for years, until my local range was closed which killed off our DCM club. and the free ammo. Finally sold it as it was just a safe queen. They were really fun to shoot. The DCM matches were 20 standing, 20 sitting, and 20 prone. Ammo was free as DCM sponsored the matches. Even shot an embarrassing 1,000 yard match at Quantico once. I was in the Jr. ROTC in high school (McKinley Tech in DC) and was captain of the after school company in 1953-54, when they replaced our Springfield 03's with M1 Garand's. We were given five gallons of gasoline, a case of rubber gloves, cleaning rods, cases of patches and lots of instructions. My little company cleaned the cosmoline out of 120 brand new M1's. Was a really messy job that we did in the quadrangle under the watchful eye of an ancient regular army officer. I preferred the Springfield's for drill rifles. Also learned how to avoid the "M1 thumb" after being bit once.
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