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  1. Watched all youtube reviews They say it's a darn good!
  2. Iso Taurus tx22 22lr pistol Interested in reviews And pics/price Thanks J.S
  3. Looking for m&p 15-22 sport or similar for my boys . Anyone out there have one?
  4. Curious to see if anyone has one laying around the room? For a good price
  5. Well I guess I know where to find them. Looking for some myself when I get some extra cash!!!
  6. Midway usa has a lee pro 4 20lb pot for 80 bucks
  7. Look up Johnny rebel on the wire, he may have something or can make you a set for a good price.
  8. It's sad to see prices so crazy on gunbroker. We have made it a whole year being new to cas and have been able to have some stock of primers. I have 2 youth shooters using 38spl and myself. If need be i(dad) can let my boys shot and I can just watch them have fun!
  9. Order a $5 reduced tension lever spring from longhunt.com That alone works awesome. You could also hone and chamfer chambers a bit
  10. I might be crazy but have I seen a post for a stoeger for a left hand shooter, that the lever moves to the left to open? If so what is the trick to doing so?
  11. Is this lever shotgun sass usable and what would a used price be??
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