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  1. Probably the same type of people that intend to restrict screaming/yelling on roller coasters.
  2. I'm mailing a USPS flat-rate medium box from Italy tomorrow. We shall see...
  3. There is a considerable difference between a gun safe and a vault, in build construction and price. What are you really trying to protect against? Kids in the house or professional thieves? Are you trying to protect one of a kind documents? Where are you going to put it? Do you need to worry about floor load ratings? How much money are you looking to spend? As for capacity, if you're looking for a 12-gun safe, buy a 24 or 36-gun safe. Long guns have a tendency to multiply when left alone in dark gun safes. Fort Knox,
  4. If a shot timer is having problem picking up .38s and some .45s, I'd think a new shot timer (or TO) are in order.
  5. I don't 100% follow what you're saying... However If I run stages at two different clubs and I use the same scenarios at both clubs, does a shooter who shot the stages first get an advantage over the shooters who didn't? I don't think so. I don't think it's possible to set the stages up close enough to make a measurable difference on the timer. As also said above, it's a good habit to run through the stages for a big match during a small match ahead of time to make sure there's no issues.
  6. If your club is allowing .22LR across the board for competition are the scenarios being written to end with the shotgun more often? If you're ending with the pistols, are you having trouble recording the last shot on .22LR revolvers? If you're not having problems recording the last shot with .22LR revolvers are you considering more scenarios ending with the rifle? I haven't seen any complaints of timers not picking up shots on the Wire. I figured there's be threads for days if people were having problems.
  7. Not that I'd planned on using smokeless in brass, but this would be a reason not to if I did. No desire to have to manually pull the shells out of the chamber after firing.
  8. Yes it is. My wife has probably watched every episode. They used to, and may still, have "boneyard" in East Texas. It is interesting watching them repurpose some of the old wood.
  9. No - unless it happens to still be in a pocket. When I go home the phone usually goes on the table my chair until I go to bed unless I'm going outside to do work.
  10. Did the three that went bang slide easily back into and out of the gun they were fired in? If so, could it just be that the chambers in that gun are substantially bigger than the others? A person only using one shotgun may or may not have the issue.
  11. I have one (two cards actually - one account). Each of my daughters have a card for emergencies and I have a couple of recurring bills going to it. Pay it off monthly with no interest. Have had no issues and occasionally receive e-mails/texts verifying larger purchases.
  12. There are fewer and fewer "parents" - baby delivery vehicles and sperm donors.
  13. The Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels debut a F-16 Fighting Falcon and F/A-18 Super Hornet flight formation known as the “Super Delta” during a joint training evolution over Naval Air Facility (NAF) El Centro, March 2, 2021. (U.S. Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Cody Hendrix) Military.com article
  14. My personal opinion is that a competent gunsmith can assemble an AR that will run neck & neck with a Wilson for less money. I actually believe that a competent individual can do the same. Most of the parts are available for purchase independently. That said, if you have the "desire" for a Wilson - get a Wilson. Regardless of what else you get and how it performs you're still going to "want" a Wilson. Buy once - cry once. If you don't like it you won't be wasting time wondering about "what if".
  15. I don't know about roaming, but there are definitely international charges...
  16. For me it's not a question of why we do/don't need it, but why is it not consistent. Whether I like it or not, I can learn to live with it if it's consistent.
  17. With all due respect to the OP, it appears to be a covert advertisement for services offered.
  18. I've read that Drew Carey wears "prescriptionless" eye glasses.
  19. Annoying - and compresses the screen. Don't like that.
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