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  1. I've been looking into this as well. A lot of bumper pull TTs are being outfitted with residential A/Cs lately. They're just inside the camper instead of outside in a window. A 6x10 or 6x12 would be large enough to put a queen size memory foam mattress on a foundation with plenty of room left for a toilet/bucket and a small table and camp chair or two.
  2. I don't remember who it was, but a vendor couple in Cheyenne a few years ago had one of the real nice canvas wall tents. He had large lagging-type screws with the washers and he used an electric impact wrench to drive them into the ground and remove them. I have been looking at this Gazelle T4 tent. Whether we camp or not, the trip will be in our extended cab F-150 with ARE topper. Plenty of room for a tent with accessories, a cooler/DC-powered fridge, air mattress, camp toilet, blankets, and clothes (as long as I don't try to bring more than two hats).
  3. It's quoting me $40 for shipping and almost $20 for HAZMAT fees. I'll have to pass.
  4. My wife was a SeaBee. She "Can Do!" Yes, we have discussed it. We live on the MS Gulf Coast - it's not unusual to cook outside and live out of an ice chest for a few days to weeks at a time. The only concerns she has is the cold, the heat and the "bed". The only concerns I have are the heat, the "bed" and the bathroom! Part of me would really like to get another smaller TT, but we aren't sure what we're gonna do. We really don't travel that often due to the short summer she gets (she's a teacher) and we won't retire for another 10 years. Can stay in a lot of motels fo
  5. What nipples are you using that they fit like a Rem #10? I'd like to pick some up but don't want to waste money if they won't work well on ROAs with Slix nipples...
  6. A good TO will count the number of rounds fired and can observe the rounds being ejected from the rifle, even from a fast shooter. You don't necessarily have to look in the chamber as it's sitting on the prop. That said, a good TO will look if they think something is amiss. That's not to say the TO will call a shooter back to correct it, though. Sometimes, trying to correct a round on the carrier can cause a more dangerous situation, and penalty, than just letting it go.
  7. I'm really not trying to sound like a smart @$$, but you probably won't get a solid reason. It's been this way for a while and the people involved are not here (on this forum, or even physically still with us) to answer exactly why. If PWB can't answer it satisfactorily, I doubt anyone can.
  8. Yes - Avengers: Endgame (I think).
  9. But didn't you read - that's not a good enough answer!
  10. Wife and I sold our bumper pull TT a few years back because we didn't particularly care for towing it. We are looking at ways to travel this summer (provided I can make it home, we aren't under socialist/communist travel restrictions and we have the disposable income). We'd like to travel back up to Cheyenne for Hell on Wheels again, and maybe even up into MT the following weekend. Or just start back to the Gulf Coast and find a monthly to shoot at along the way (OKC area, maybe). Take US or state highways and see the country. I haven't been tent camping in many years. I figu
  11. There is definitely room to question - but sometimes there isn't anyone around to answer the question. And continuously asking the same question is going to get you the same answer - but no change. It seems to me you want the outcome for both situations to be the same. Continuing to ask the question of "why is it like this" is not going to get it to change. The only way to get the change is to get it before the TGs and submitted for a rule change.
  12. Because that's what was decided in the past and that's the way it is. It may not be an answer you like, agree with or understand - but it is the answer. No one here can tell you exactly why the decision was made years ago. No one here is going to be able to explain it to you so that you accept it. If you want to change it, then the process is to take up with your TG.
  13. MSRP - $180.30 MSRP - $189.39
  14. Well, grip feel is one of the rare times that I prefer Army over Navy. I also prefer Ruger Bisley grips over NMV grips.
  15. 25 gr IIRC. But, that did require loading the cylinder out of the gun. I used a Tower of Power. I'm all for people using however light or heavy a load they want as long as it's legal and doesn't damage targets. That said, there are certain shooters that I'd hand off the timer for so as not to subject myself to concussions that I didn't feel was necessary.
  16. A recently passed family member had about six in various configurations. After he passed I was offered my choice of a couple at decent prices. I had to pass. I'm a bigger fan of the .460 S&W, though I don't think it will do anything better than the .454 Casull in all reality.
  17. It appears there is only one router for the entire facility. I have carried my laptop to both of the pavilions inside the grounds and two of the buildings opposing each other and my "available internet" name never changes. I have no idea where the router is located, but the facility is not that big. It's still connected and working this morning.
  18. There's a waiting list and you have to send your guns to him, but they are custom made and fit to your guns. Give Joe Perkins at Classic Single Action a call to get on his list. When your number comes up he'll call and tell you to send them to him. A couple weeks later he'll call and tell you they're on the way back.
  19. Ok. So I walked over to the libby with the laptop and tried to connect to that router - no joy. But, I was able to connect to the other router that's listed and it stayed connected walking back to my room.
  20. I'm not sure what you're asking. The laptop says it's up to date but I can't get internet. I'm not having any problems with tablet other than it's slow. Here are what I see on the laptop:
  21. Windows 10 on the laptop. Network is identified the same way on the tablet as it is on both my personal and work laptops. My tablet is a Samsung. I have no idea what the OS is other than to say android based.
  22. I appreciate the suggestions but it didn't work. Disconnected everything and tied to connect the laptop - no go. Connects but no internet. Turn the tablet back on and it connects almost instantly.
  23. I'm in a hotel with free internet. My work laptop and my personal tablet connect fine. My personal computer connects to the router but shows no internet. I only have one option to connect to, regardless of which device I use. I've deleted the cookies and restarted the computer but I get the same thing. Any ideas or recommendations?
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