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  1. Aloha,


    I just got back on island. Thanks for the loading block. Wife loves it!!


    Mahalo (Thanks)


    Col. Del Rio


  2. I've seen a lot of folks talking about the Nylon 66. What was hard about it?
  3. Howdy Will, They will be in the mail today. Just finishing them up now. MM
  4. Howdy Col Del Rio. I'm Missouri Marshal. I make and sell loadin blocks. I have them in every state except Hawaii. I've been trying for years to contact a Cowboy or Cowgirl in Hawaii with no luck I will give the first Cowboy/Cowgirl from Hawaii who places an order a free loadin block just so I can claim a Missouri Marshal's Loadiin Block in EVERY state. They can PM me here for instructions on how to order a block
  5. Wow, 3500 loadin blocks made since 2004. They are in every state except Hawaii and they are in Australia, France, Canada and now Denmark. Not bad for a redneck from Missouri
  6. Howdy Hoss, Thanks for your support. Ya gonna make me blush. BTW, didn't you just have a birthday? Well Happy Birthday (late) Yee Haa!
  7. Howdy Al, Working on your order. I have a Mahogany stain which is a dark reddish brown. I'll use that
  8. Howdy Sloe Moe, Glad you are happy with them. Thanks for the endorsement and post on the wire.. It's pards like you spreadin the word about my loadin blocks that has got me to LB3000. Thanks again.
  9. Howdy Scarlett, Glad you like them. Just let me know when you want to order some more. Looking forward to seeing y'all again. Happy Trails, MM
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