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  1. I'm in Rota, Spain this week - I'm going to have to go to the commissary and look for stuff to make red beans & sausage... No oven in the room so no cornbread, though.
  2. And make some mexican cornbread to go with it.
  3. Mid $2000's were very common for the auctions that I looked up earlier. And that does not include the buyers premiums though the auction sites.
  4. Yes, sir. Just have to bet back in the states... Soon.
  5. This was bought through a Rock Island Auction and through a bit of research I've found out what it was auctioned at (not including all the fees) - $2875. That's a little steep for me.
  6. I don't invest in guns. I'm not a Colt collector but I'd buy one for the right price. Those pictures were the best I could get from half-way around the world. I don't have to have it and won't lose sleep over not getting it, unless I could get it for a steal.
  7. I was made aware of a Colt SAA available at a LGS and would like a little assistance to determine a fair offer.
  8. DCC - thank you for your service. Maybe we'll meet at a match when I get back CONUS. Home is the MS Gulf Coast.
  9. There are a lot of accessories you can buy for a 550, but my advice, at least initially, is don't. Get the press and use it as is. Some people love the roller handle, I can't stand it. The first thing I do after a match is throw my brass into a tumbler and get it clean. Then when I'm ready to reload, my reloading process goes like this (it may help you or it may not): 1) Fill up however many primer tubes I'm planning to reload (primer tube holds 100 primers each). 2) Place clean brass in loading blocks (this gives me the opportunity to inspect for cracks and ensure I
  10. If you don't get a case feeder and/or bullet feeder with the 750 you're not going to see a marked increase in speed over a 550. You'll still have to use both hands after you pull the lever to place a new piece of brass and a bullet, but you will get the extra die capacity. Regardless of press, you still have to reload the primers every 100 rounds. Filling primer tubes take a few minutes at most. Either will be faster than loading on a single-stage.
  11. Animate: it's a tough call between Aladdin and Toy Story.
  12. My daughter's truck just got repaired. Hoping she can safely leave Springfield first thing in the morning.
  13. The CZ 457 series of rifles that I have handled have all been very nice. KIDD accurate? I don't know, but much less than KIDD cost.
  14. Got an e-mail yesterday concerning my membership renewal. I briefly thought about going with life, but went with a yearly. Renewed mine and the wife's. I haven't shot a match since last January and not sure when I'll be home to shoot another, but I do plan on making it happen. One thing being over here has shown me is that I need to decide what I want to spend my time on and who I want to spend my time with when I get back.
  15. Relatively speaking, I can buy a TV size that gives me the same view and a stereo surround system that gives me the same sound as if I was sitting in a theatre. Better, I can use subtitles and pause while sitting in my house.
  16. If it cuts down on the number Hollyweirds in the world...
  17. Neither is going to be bench rest accurate using .22 Mag - depending on what your definition of "accurate" is. Some .22 Mag ammo is better in some rifles than others, but as a general rule .22 Mag is not near as accurate as match or standard velocity .22LR.
  18. Everything I checked on Starline website (including 454 Casull, 460 S&W Mag and 500 S&W Mag) is back-ordered with ship date "to be determined".
  19. The Ruger Precision is significantly heavier, so if you want a rifle that you can carry consider that. Accuracy wise, I believe it's a wash. With .22LR especially, you have to find the round the particular gun likes. Look for standard velocity rounds for potentially the best accuracy. .22 magnum is not known for it's accuracy and choices are much less. As for scopes it depends on what you want to accomplish. If all you want to do is targets, then a high power scope with adjustable parallax could be a benefit depending on how serious you are about it. Adjustable obje
  20. My daughter is at a truck stop in Springfield. A younger/new driver hit the nose of her truck while she was inside getting something to eat, broke the passenger side headlight/blinker and cracked the hood. Her company sent her to a repair shop but the shop couldn't get replacement parts yesterday and didn't know if they'd be able to get them today. I'm hoping they do and she can get back on the road.
  21. Well, I bought this beast, and it is a beast. Looks pretty scary to me and will definitely do a body harm. Not something I would want to fight with, though. This is a small, 4 1/2" blade, paring knife. And this is a 5 7/8" boning knife. On their own, they're just tools. I believe any of them would look mean in the right hands.
  22. Why did they have to say it was an extinct wooly rhinoceros?
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