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  1. C N Double, the 200 grn. Cimmerons sounds good, was wondering how many are in a box?
  2. Go West, thanks for the reply hope you and Amy are both well. The 180 is a little lite for Wild Bunch because of the power factor and knock downs we use, so I will have to pass, but thanks Hope to see you Sat. regrds Blaze
  3. Looking to swap 1 bag, 25lb, of lead shot, #7 1/2, for a negotiable amount of 200gr RNFP, bullets, .452dia with a crimp groove, either coated or plain, F2F in So AZ only. Anybody?
  4. Thanks Oregonian, but if I sold my sm p. primers than that would leave me with nothing. 

    1. Oregonian


      No problem.  

  5. Pards; A Southern Arizona buy/sell/ trade publication had A Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle .223 Caliber, listed for $1500, that seems a bit high unless I’m out of touch with reality. What are your thoughts on this price? What would I expect to pay that would be fair to both parties in a face to face deal? Thanks for your imput. Regards
  6. Pony express arrived today, package goin out today also, find enclosed some extra parts no charge,, hope you can use them. .  


    1. Warden Callaway

      Warden Callaway

      Thanks for the update.  




      I have an old Frontier Six Shooter in 44WCFmade in 1881 that should have a bullseye ejector but was changed out to a crescent.  There is a lot of other things uploaded like the etched pannel has been updated to roll marked as other markings like used in the early 1900s.

    2. Warden Callaway

      Warden Callaway

      PS.  If you got a tracking number, please pass it to me.



  7. thanks but its all taken care of, courtesy of Colonel Kraken, Regards
  8. Thanks pards for your input, and Brass. Iis a done deal! Regards
  9. BMB thanks for rthe reply, the reason I want F2F is I don't want the added expense of shipping, as I have spent enough money over the years on this sport. I"m 83 and living on a fixed income, Thanks again regards
  10. 200 + Starline .45 spec Cowboy Brass w/flashholes enlarged to .125" to eliminate primer back out w/light loads. plus 50 + range brass .45 spec Cowboy size, also w/.125 "flash holes. Will trade for .45 ACP Brass W/SMALL PRIMER POCKET, Even swap or close to it. FTF only at a Tombstone match. regards
  11. 4 Sale Four (4) ejector roes with heads #1. plated w/birds-eye head. round rod #2. blued w/birds-eyed head flat/round rod 3. blued w/ half crescent head flat/round rod 4. blued w/ standard head? round rod All 4 " long . Colt/clones/Vaqueros & 3 screw Rugerss? $100, plus mall flat rate box charge pic not available contact blazekinkaid253 @powerc.net
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