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  1. Pards, living in Tombstone, we don't have advantage of being close to an In N Out, so we drive to Tucson 80 miles away and meet our relatives TA/Mist Chance then we go and enjoy the local In N Out. Then we complete the trip by playing "Push" for several hours and than we go to a local DQ and have dessert. For what ever reason TA/Mist always take us to the cleaners in the card game! we also do the double meat with the raw onion, yummy Regards
  2. 205 + - Starline .45 spec Cowboy brass w/ flash holes drilled out to .125, so as to eliminate primer backout using light loads. 55 + - .45 Colt misc brass also w/enlarged flash holes, cut down to match spec Cowboy brass. 155 +- .45 ACP range brass w/sm primer pocket. Will trade for 1# Clays powder, face to face at a Tombstone Cowboy match, or? Regards Blaze blazekinkaid253@powerc.net
  3. J Mark Flint, I am surprised that no one has chimed in on your request, concerning a 20 ga in WB. On page 12 of the WB Rule book it only lists the 12ga cal in the legal shotguns, but I imagine you could that ga at any club match if you have a legal WB shotgun. At our WB match here in Tombstone you could definitely use that ga. We also have a local category called Hired Gun where 20 ga would be okay. Regards
  4. Woody, good job on hosting the WB match. Since I live 2000 miles away, Tombstone, Az, I can't make it ha ha Our local WB match is the 4th Sat of each month. Since your 2000 miles away I don't expect you at our match here in Tombstone either. Regards
  5. Great Job dude! ! ! Hope to see you again sometime. Regards
  6. Hello Joe, guess I forgot a few words in the original post. I wanted to duplicate the exact STS factory load. I don't like light loads, I prefer 1 1/4 loads, but a 1 oz load will do. Thanks for the reply, hope to see you at Bordertown. Regards
  7. Pards, after 8-10 year hiatus, I feel the need to re-load shot shells again. I can't locate a suitable load on the computer. I have a number of STS hulls and some WST powder and would like to duplicate PM me me a powder load to end up with a nice crimp.(or email at blazekinkaid253@powerc.net) Also has anyone ever used Trail Boss in shot gun loads? Thanks in advance for your reply. Regards
  8. OK, U come & get it here in Tombstone, $50. cash Re-designed, Re-built, Re-painted (forest green); w/leather accents & canvas brass bags, non-collapsible- & with new extra wheel. Cannot ship, but will drive up to 100 miles from Tombstone to deliver with pre-paid arrangements. FIRM $100.
  9. Received the pony express today, and the package will be going out tomorrow, thanks

  10. I don't know if a small amount will help you out, but I have 155+/- of small primer ACP brass, the postage might cost more than the brass is worth.  Let me know


    1. Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      Thx Blaze, I managed to find 500 to try!

  11. Howdy, Just got the 2 rifle cases from Red, and they are perfect! I didn't find a bill with them, so was wondering if I owe you and how much.  

    Merry Christmas to you and Bess.



    1. Kid Rich

      Kid Rich

      Merry Christmas. No charge.


  12. Boggus, I've been out of town for 6 days so I just saw your post, thanks I will do that. Thanks for your reply.
  13. Does anyone have an email address for Mark (model 12 gunsmith) - I would appreciate the info - - Thanks
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