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  1. Ms Charmin Char 1935 here; Blaze and I can't thank all of enough for your kind words and prayers for our friends Bob and Shirley. I will keep you posted on Ms Shirley's condition. Please remember Bob, being a caregiver is hard on anyone when taking care of a loved one. Proverbs 18:24 “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”
  2. This is being posted with the permission Shirley and Bob. Ms Charmin Char (1935) and myself are asking prayers for Dirty Bob’s (10066) wife Shirley. From the time SASS moved to Albuq Shirley has worked as a score keeper until last year. She is now on Hospice and we covet your prayers for both Bob and Shirley. Thinking you in advance for your prayers. †
  3. Ripley, glad you are happy with the transaction. I see on your business card that you are a gunsmith, if your field is Colts/clones and Rugers I have quantity of parts for them that I will never use. If you are interested let me know. Regards
  4. Received the pony express today, and the package will be going out tomorrow, thanks

  5. Thank you - - You may mail payment that is convenient for you to; Pat McMahon P.O. Box 242 Tombstone, AZ 85638
  6. Pards, I'll never use all this brass, so I have 1255 +/- ACP casings, all large primer, mixed head stamp, no plated, some once fired others more. $50. + $15.05 med box flat rate shipping. Please no partial request! Regards
  7. I don't know if a small amount will help you out, but I have 155+/- of small primer ACP brass, the postage might cost more than the brass is worth.  Let me know


    1. Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      Thx Blaze, I managed to find 500 to try!

  8. Thanks to everyone that posted, I thought it was May but looked on line and couldn't find anything. regards
  9. Pards, just checked Winchester web site and they don't list any rebates on the Double A at this time, any body have any idea what time of year this goes into effect? Regards
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