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  1. Great Job dude! ! ! Hope to see you again sometime. Regards
  2. Hello Joe, guess I forgot a few words in the original post. I wanted to duplicate the exact STS factory load. I don't like light loads, I prefer 1 1/4 loads, but a 1 oz load will do. Thanks for the reply, hope to see you at Bordertown. Regards
  3. Pards, after 8-10 year hiatus, I feel the need to re-load shot shells again. I can't locate a suitable load on the computer. I have a number of STS hulls and some WST powder and would like to duplicate PM me me a powder load to end up with a nice crimp.(or email at blazekinkaid253@powerc.net) Also has anyone ever used Trail Boss in shot gun loads? Thanks in advance for your reply. Regards
  4. OK, U come & get it here in Tombstone, $50. cash Re-designed, Re-built, Re-painted (forest green); w/leather accents & canvas brass bags, non-collapsible- & with new extra wheel. Cannot ship, but will drive up to 100 miles from Tombstone to deliver with pre-paid arrangements. FIRM $100.
  5. Barry, what day do you plan on commig in and I am more than willing to help. Charlene wants me out of the house Regards
  6. As I was walking the streets of Tombstone, the staccato of my walking stick on the wood sidewalks of Allen Street was interrupted by the sound of gun shots. Cool says I. Tombstone is returning to normal as there was a gunfight, actually it was re-actors preparing to open their shows. About 40% of the stores have re-opened today Monday 11, and the rest will be open by the week-end as there is a chili cook off here in town. It is co-sponsored by a local brewery and BBQ business. There was also a CAS match scheduled Sat at the Tombstone Livery, but alas it was cancelled. Ironically there was scheduled CAS match in Tucson on the 9th and it was not cancelled, go figure. The weather here will be in the mid 80's for the next week or so, life is good, but it would be better if there was a CAS match this Sat. - just sayin' Regards
  7. PD I'll take it. PM me with the mailing address, Have we cross paths on the classifieds here before? Regards
  8. Pards, those of us that was around watching westerns in the '50 should remember the series "Have Gun Will Travel". I think I will change my business cards to read "HAVE FACE MASK AND HAND CLEANER, WILL TRAVEL" Regards
  9. Fellow respondents, after reading both pages, so far, of this post I conclude that we should resume shooting this weekend. As an 82 year old, in good health I don't have any reservations about shooting a match. Regards
  10. Ever so often, I ask myself how old would I be if I didn't know how old I am.? CAS and WB keeps me in tune, excuse the pun, with the younger shooters. Thanks for the post, hope to see you at a match sooner rather than later! Everyone stay healthy and safe. Regards
  11. keeping it simple but delicious - home made Taco Soup, with lots of Hatch chilies, homemade cornbread, an ice tea. yummy Ms. CharminChar, the one that cooks for Blaze
  12. Received the pony express today, and the package will be going out tomorrow, thanks

  13. I don't know if a small amount will help you out, but I have 155+/- of small primer ACP brass, the postage might cost more than the brass is worth.  Let me know


    1. Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      Ninety Caliber Al, 50218

      Thx Blaze, I managed to find 500 to try!

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