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  1. ..........................who I sent 8 Colt/Colt clone bolts, to find one that fits, and send the rest back. Haven't heard from him since, and its been a couple of years. All I recall is that he lives in Eastern Pennsylvania? He also uses a Colt clone of some kind! One of those bolts was a new uncut Colt Bolt which currently lists @ &125 (peacemaker spec). You know who you are and the Cowboy Way suggest that you make this right.
  2. Thanks Tully, but the ones I saw was a case with full length zippers and a handle on them. ps -after my next cup of coffee headed out to a Wild Bunch match, at the Tombstone Livery Regards
  3. Its a done deal! Jackrabbit Joe has provided me with what I was looking for. It has worked out great. Thank you to all that responded. Regards
  4. Pards, a couple years back WR provided the shooters with black rifle cases., and I don't know if they were door prizes or part of the shooters "packages". At any rate could someone provide me with the maker/model # or source for these cases? I saw a shooter with one at the recent Bordetown match and I would like to purchase two of them for my main shoulder arms. Thanks in advance Regards
  5. Holds four shoulder arms. Has "Tombstone Stage Line" wording inside box. It has just been re-fabricated, re-painted "Forest Green", and fitted with leather accents and upgrades. Extra new 10" wheel. Sharp looking rig! Located here in Tombstone, cannot be shipped. $150. Pic's available send inquiry to blazekinkaid253@powerc.net
  6. Hi, this not Blaze but his wife Ms Charmin Char 1935. We had such a nice gathering for Cowboy Church at Bordertown, I want to thank everyone that came. I also want to thank John Boitel (Bushy) for donating New Testaments for anyone that wanted to pick up one, I know several were interested and did pick up one. Have a blessed day! Charmin'
  7. Congratulations to Blackjack Zak for being Arizona's top Cowboy Action Shooter. Besides a HOF inductee he was one of Bordertown's RO's and he is also Winter Range shoot boss, which is a year round job. I wonder when he practices,? Actuality he rehearses. Good job Zak!
  8. 1500 .45 ACP Brass, mixed head stamps, all lg primer, some fired once, others reloaded, no plated. $85 plus $14.35 flat rate shipping. Regards
  9. I am sure I will be at the range on Mon, but thanks for the # and will call.
  10. I don't use the computer so never let my wife know the message box was full,. She has now emptied it I pulled out of Bordertown last week because of the gun, so will not be shooting. I will be out there every day, I didn't think Jim worked on 1911, knew he was coming. Will have the 1911 with me when I am out there. Thank you for getting back to me, , ,
  11. Thank you Joe for the info. I will answer each paragraph as best I can. It is a Kimber Match Grade full size 1911, mfg 2004, I've had it for 7 years and probably have shot 15000 rounds, the slide release appears normal size. The last major jam I had the spent cartridge was horizonal with a live round underneath it, it was jammed so tight I couldn't get it into slide lock. I mentioned the slide release because occasionally after I ram home a mag during a re-load it the slide moves forward without me engaging the slide lock. Thank you very much for offering or the use of your backup, but my policy has always been to not borrow fire arms. As far as the ammo I've checked and re-checked my procedures in re-loading, and I always put each round through a case gage prior to use. I've changed mags from McCormik to Kimber and numbered them to see if it was one particular mag causing the problem, to no avail. I checked the Bordertown WB list of who is coming and saw that Bogus Deal wasn't coming. Would it out of line if I asked you to bring the parts, assuming you have them, and taking a look at my Kimber? I realize you are shooting both matches and you probably have your schedule all worked out, if not don't concern yourself as I understand you are here to shoot, not to fix someone' pistol. Regards Blaze
  12. Happy Jack, thanks for the reply and the information, I will try and do as you suggest. Thanks Blaze
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