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  1. Howdy, would you consider a trade? I have a post on page 3, (3 screw Ruger parts) if interested will trade you even. Regards
  2. Ruger 3 screw Parts F/S 1 stock un-cut .38/.357 hammer assembly 1 plated ejector rod w/birds eye head 1 mainspring (lightened) 1 mainspring strut 1 mainspring seat 1 stock cylinder latch (bolt) 1 stock Pawl $85, shipped Regards
  3. I assume that is a part # but with whom? Are you sure it will fit a Marlin '94? What are you asking for it? I've been thru Farmington several times but never spent time there. Thanks for reply
  4. WTB Marbles peep site for my Marlin '94 Cowboy special, anyone have one? Regards
  5. BINGO! Father Kit Coolgun Garth you win . . .good job. Regards
  6. According to Eugene Cunningham "Triggernometry, page 347," which was copyrighted in 1941; Will Carver of the (Wild Bunch gang) killed Scarborough with a long-range rifle shot. So, who killed Will Carver?
  7. He killed the man, who killed the man, who killed the man who was a killer of men. Who were those guys? Hint; today's date is significant. Regards Blaze
  8. Boggus, I've been out of town for 6 days so I just saw your post, thanks I will do that. Thanks for your reply.
  9. Does anyone have an email address for Mark (model 12 gunsmith) - I would appreciate the info - - Thanks
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