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    Transferring a cocked revolver from strong hand to off hand is a SDQ. Better to take the MSV and miss. BS
  2. The bottom line is that if both parties are happy then it is a good deal. BS
  3. Check with Bond Arms for spring kits. BS
  4. Large rifle and large pistol primers have different dimensions. If I remember correctly the large rifle primer is taller than the large pistol primer. Small rifle and small pistol primers are the same dimensions and can be interchanged. BS
  5. I hate it when I put something in a safe place and then can't remember where that safe place is. BS
  6. $90/thousand is a good deal today, especially for Federal. Most times it's $100+. I hope this is a start of a trend. BS
  7. I like the Kimber Micro 380. Fits in my back pocket and has an external hammer (I dislike the hammerless designs). I also have a Sig 365 in 9mm that is a little bulkier. BS
  8. If you have a "Hatter" in the area it doesn't cost a whole lot to resize the hat. BS
  9. Still here. I believe when Sailorville Lake is at extreme flood levels that the lower part of the park is closed. Camping is on the upper part, by the entrance. Great campgrounds. BS
  10. Rafe - what part of Iowa are you in? We're at Ledges State Park near Boone. I believe there are 2 or 3 clubs in central Iowa, one near Iowa City, and some near Moline. Not sure on the rest of the state. Edit - just googled Decorah. I see it's in northeast Iowa. BS
  11. Illegally enter pretty much any other country and see where you end up. It doesn’t make sense unless you want more and more people on government subsidies. This would end up being a Socialist society. BS
  12. Many of the world's problems can be fixed by installing a flush valve in DC for the House, Senate, and WH. One rotation of the handle and many of the world's issues are history. BS
  13. My oldest brother retired with 3 days at sea. One of those was a family cruise/BBQ on my old ship. BS
  14. At least the Navy gives you a free cruise. BS
  15. I think you shot the table on purpose just so's you could get a poncho. BS
  16. We've got this one on the bucket list. Hopefully in a year or two we'll make it up there. BS
  17. Part of the reason for the 2nd Amendment was to keep government in line. At the time no one envisioned Congressmen or Senators making a career out of their government service. The firearms have evolved, but so to has the devious minds of some of our representatives in D.C. Just my thoughts, BS
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