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  1. While you are kicking tires, look at the Northwood Mfg Nash travel trailers. Off-road frame/suspension, generator ready, and great insulation. I've got one on order and can't wait to try it out. Good luck, BS
  2. It's a game and we're supposed to be enjoying ourselves. If members of the posse aren't having fun, then they need to look inside themselves to see why they are there. My brother, Hugo Bear, is recovering from open heart surgery, rare blood infection, and removal of a 6 pound tumor. He still shoots C&B and if he's feeling froggy he shoots his Spencer (7 shot). And he's smiling. Bottom line: if you enjoy the game don't let others influence your decision. That's my 5 cents, BS
  3. Diesel here is running $3.80 to $4.40 per gallon depending on the area of town. Last week some stations jumped 40 cents! It's crazy. BS
  4. I get tons of emails also. Every once in awhile I used to get a flyer from RNC asking which direction the party should go. I finally sent one back to them with the simple statement "if you don't know what direction we should be going, then all is lost". I don't get those anymore. BS
  5. SR - Senior FC - Frontier Cartridge, black powder BS
  6. I have to flip a coin. Heads it gets polished and tails it gets painted. And sometimes we had to scrape the paint off to polish it. BS
  7. Polished. But only when it starts to look bad. I don't polish it every time I shoot it. BS
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