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  1. Take out the base pin and cylinder. Can you cock it now? BS
  2. Definitely lots of movement at this match. No P traps, target size and distance were good, and we had a great posse with Posse #4. This was on our bucket list and was well worth the drive. Barry Sloe and Trizzlee
  3. I completely missed that. My time was on DDs and a FFG. We hunted the "silent" targets. Take care, BS
  4. My only thought was, Retired or Retard?? BS
  5. And don't forget my hometown of Madrid, IA. You always knew when someone wasn't from the area when they mispronounced Madrid. BS
  6. Two separate people were indicted due to the hour/hour and a half that the police waited outside the school. BS
  7. Is it lead shot? I took a look at the package and didn't see an identifier. BS
  8. When I went through the corrections academy we were shown a full body "cuff" (think of a cross with cuffs for extremities). I told the class sergeant that my wife had a birthday coming up and those could come in handy. He didn't even smile. BS
  9. Can't make it this year, but we're putting it on the calendar for next year. Couple of quick questions: Do you know the dates for next year's match? Are there any rv parks near by that would be recommended? We need a/c for the dog during the time we're gone shooting. Thank you in advance, Barry Sloe and Trizzlee
  10. I appreciate that. I may have to go to plan B. BS
  11. Is it still going to be under construction in September? I've got a road trip then. Thanks, BS
  12. If you drop south to the I-10, go east to Las Cruses, east on hwy 70 to Alamogordo, north on hwy 54 to Santa Rosa, hit I-40 for about 60 miles to Tucumcari, then catch hwy 54 again all the way to Wichita. At Wichita get on I-35 north to I-70 and Kansas City. From there either take 35 north to I-80 or stay on 70 east. Safe travels, BS
  13. I ordered 1k and they are due to be delivered today. And, they are still available for backorder. BS
  14. I ended up changing channels. Too many stories, not enough music. Most of the songs I didn't recognize. BS
  15. Send the seller a personal message (PM). That is the best way to send and receive personal information. Good luck, BS
  16. Make sure that you rinse the cases with clean water. Once they have been thoroughly rinsed, lay them out to air dry. I lay mine on a raised wire mesh that is covered with a towel. Final step - with the brass laid out on the towel, roll them back and forth. This gets the water droplets off the cases. That's how I do it. Usually come out pretty good. BS
  17. That's one time I would want to be at the back! BS
  18. I look at the picture and wonder: just how did they move the planes around to give enough room for take-off?? BS
  19. Starlinebrass.com has 38-40 brass available for backorder. It's been awhile since it was last available, so if you need it..... I've placed my order. BS
  20. I also like the idea of leaving on Monday morning (long drive to Tucson). Not signed up for this year, but we have it on the to-do list for next year. Hope to see you next year, Barry Sloe and Trizzlee
  21. The shark watch was for both sharks and sea snakes. The good old days!! BS
  22. The beer was Budwieser, which I didn't like, and it contained formaldehyde as a preservative. This was in the IO and you had to swim out to the Captain's gig to get your beer. I'm not a great swimmer, don't like Budwieser, and then there was the shark watch that was posted with rifles. No beer for me. BS
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