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  1. Hi Creek .. what do I have that you know about lol that we may make some sort of deal for the 1884 ? Will call tomorrow. And I may know someone interested in 1887.. I will tell them to ck your ad. Sure miss some of fun times we had in CAS...especially when blessed to honor you with JEDI Gun Fighter at Tin Star...super special occasion for all including your folks. ...crosscut hardy
  2. May have one Possom..... I will check and call you tomorrow if your still needing one. ...crosscut
  3. Hi my friend Preacherman...long time seeing you hope all is well. I have the grips but they are on my bisleys lol... been thinking about selling them. ...crosscut hardy
  4. Thx to our club Pres. for keeping the word out there about our need to raise funds to help rebuild CAS range. Many sincere thanks to all of our great friends around country who have donated. Our special thanks to all folks at Deadwood Marshals at Hot Lead La. State Shoot this weekend and their generous donations. ...crosscut hardy
  5. I have a matched pair, Lassiter worked and short stroked, gun f. checkered grips. I shot them 1.5yrs then stired in gun s. Decided to sell...conract me thru email only, we're still recovering from 2nd hurricane 5 wks apart. I will get back but to you but may take 3 to 4 days. crosscuthardy@yahoo.com
  6. Hell Bender truly you're too much lol. Thank you for using all your skills and appeals to encourage CAS folks to make a heart felt donation to help us rebuild Up The Creek Gang CAS Club here in Lake Charles. We really have our work cut out for us and will appreciate any and all donations given. ...crosscut
  7. Big Congrats TJD ... many of your friends know of and appreciate just some of your contributions, you have done a lot more that most folks never hear about. You are a great ambassador for our small but I think special group (Jedi Gun Fighters) Your pard...crosscut hardy Jedi GF
  8. Prayers still going up. ..crosscut & fam praying
  9. Sad new prayers up for family and friends. ...crosscut
  10. Brad ... they sure look good y'all put some fine craftsmanship into those. Good talking with you the other day. ...crosscut hardy
  11. Prayers up for a good friend .. keep looking to Jesus Parson. ... crosscut
  12. Congrats Deadhead and look forward to meeting you down the trail. ...crosscut hardy
  13. Hey Mule Town, please e-mail me at

    (crosscuthardy@yahoo.com) I'm not good at this. tks, croscut

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