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  1. Slick money has been sent, sorry for delay. ...crosscut
  2. I will take 1000 if available, thanks Slick ...crosscut hardy
  3. I made good friends with Lash and shot with him several times...... real fun to shoot with and also he had a great testimony for our Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. Bear I have 2 pair of frames and both sets are a slight but definite difference in size. Let me know or let me hear from you, meantime I can check dem. Only problem I need to sell as pair. (crosscuthardy@yahoo.com) 337.396.1142
  5. Need Uberti 73 buttstock , to cut off. ...crosscut (crosscuthardy@yahoo.com) 337.396.9000
  6. Prayers still going up. ..crosscut & fam praying
  7. Texas Stiles, hope the best for you and familk down the road. ...crosscut hardy
  8. Hellfire shoot is absolutely one of the best all around shoots in the US of A. Slicks family are all seasoned troopers helping prepare and put on a match. OK Dee, Irish Pat, and Red River Rudy almost said it all lol. Friendly, loving family of Slicks is truly what it is all about ...... I know I speak for all when I say we love your family Slick and appreciate the work they do helping you put on the match. This was my 2nd time to shoot in almost 2yrs and what a hoot, only 1 problem that came up at match....I had to put up with T-Bone being on my posse but I survived. ...crosscut hardy
  9. As stated by Utah Bob, my feelings excatly, it was an honor to serve. ...crosscut hardy
  10. Prayers just went up for Cody and family. ...crosscut hardy
  11. Sold "I'm almost certain" if not I wil place new ad ...crosscut
  12. Interested text or email me I will text pic. crosscuthardy@yahoo.Com 337.396.9000 ..crosscut
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