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  1. Big congrats to you Colt proud dad and especially our friend Matt Black it's been way too long since seeing you guys. Sure enjoyed 2 times shooting Fl. and meeting great new friends. Dylan I've won about 60 buckles in last 12 years but would gladly give them all up for Spirit of Game awarded me at Texas State Shoot in 2017 it really meant a lot to me. I know you earned it and God bless you both. ...crosscut hardy
  2. We have missed going to THSS last couple yrs as I've had serious rotator cuff problems. If the good Lord is willing and the Creek Indians don't rise we plan to be there 2020. Whatever you have to say about shooting match you have to say this 1) it's a fun shoot 2) it's has some of the friendliest folks to be around AND 3) they always have a nice banquet and give away lots of guns..... ...crosscut hardy .......... these are reasons I enjoy CAS
  3. Still for sale I will take it. Please email me. ...tks, crosscuthardy@yahoo.com
  4. Congrats to a good pard, way to go Dee. ...crosscut hardy
  5. Congrats good shootin' Slick and great family showing ..crosscut hardy
  6. Congrats Blackhawk way to go ... your Ole pard ...crosscut hardy
  7. If your gun is still for sale please contact me I'm very interested. ...crosscuthardy@yahoo.com
  8. MB email me "crosscuthardy@yahoo.com" I have blue consec. pair by Long Hunter .
  9. Prayers up for Jim ... ..crosscut hardy
  10. Gold will be mailed Wedn. morning. Wish I had known you before as we could have met in person last July/Aug the wife and me were in Pueblo West. ...crosscut hardy
  11. I will take them. Please email me your address & pH nr. would like to chat with you. ..crosscuthardy@yahoo.com..
  12. Sad new prayers up for family and friends. ...crosscut
  13. Brad ... they sure look good y'all put some fine craftsmanship into those. Good talking with you the other day. ...crosscut hardy
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