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  1. Hello Shifty Jack, I will take your SKB. PM me with where you want the funds sent. Thanks, Flat Top Okie
  2. 2023 LAND RUN NEWS FLASH (SASS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP) We have about 50 spaces left for the Cowboy Match. To check the shooter list click here: shooter list for your name and any friends who have entered, to be sure they are listed. If you or you have friends who want to come , but have not entered, please enter as soon as possible. We will be consolidating categories soon and I will contact everyone who is entered in a category that did not reach the minimum requirement, to discuss their options. Thanks, Flat Top Okie
  3. Hi Brandon, A shooter at our club has a set for sale. PM me with a number and I will pass it on. Flat Top Okie
  4. Hello Kathy,

    We have a new shooter at our club who might be interested in your .32s if you still have them. Are you flexible on the price and if so what is your best price on cash with face to face delivery, shipping not necessary. I know they have been on the classified wire a long time.

    Flat Top Okie

    1. Kathy Ross

      Kathy Ross

      I currently have an interested party that I am waiting to hear back from. I will let you know either way.



      Bisbee Kate

  5. Thanks for the P.M.. I will send you a check Monday. Flat Top
  6. Hi Al, I will take the two timers. Tell me where to send money. Flat Top Okie
  7. Thanks, but I am helping anew shooter get guns so I will have to pass. Thanks anyway. Flat Top
  8. Hi Charlie, If you will cover shipping, I will take this pistol for $900.00. Thanks, Flat Top Okie
  9. Al, You made it with some time to spare. You could have had another drink. I think you were camper number 23.. Thanks, Flat top
  10. Hello Shooters, As you can imagine, it has been a hectic five days for Missouri Mae and me. We now have approximately 600 confirmed entries. Anyone who submitted an entry should have received his confirmation by email. I expect to the match to reach capacity in a few days. Campsites with water and electricity are sold out at this time, but I would recommend that you put your name on the waiting list if you have not registered at this time. The Territorial Marshals will be working to make 2023 better than 2022. Thanks for your support. Flat Top Okie & Missouri Mae PS: In week or two we will post the "Who's coming List" and we will notify shooters if their chosen category did not reach required number. We will do our best to fill every category.
  11. Hello All, Applications have slowed to about 20 per day and we have approximately 550 signed up so we should sell out in a week or so. I believe RV spots with power and water are all taken. We still have nice dry camping spots available and there are plenty of RV parks nearby. Please remind any of your friends who have not signed up to not delay. We look forward to seeing everyone. Flat Top Okie
  12. Hi Sgt., You are both in, but it will be a few days before you get your confirmation letter. We are at 500 plus now with room for another 200. We will probably fill up this week. Flat Top
  13. Hi Hud,

    I can't get your PM to open. Call me at 405-409-9442.

    Flat Top Okie

  14. Hello All, It has been approximately 18 hours since we opened registration for Land Run and we have more than 450 entries. Thanks for your support. Last year we sold out in less than a week and we are on track to repeat. Thanks again, Flat Top
  15. We are in the process of correcting that mistake. For now just use the 2022 dates to get entered. We will go by days of the week instead of dates until it is corrected. Flat Top
  16. No, there is not a printable entry form. Flat Top Your confirmation letter will have information that you need.
  17. Hello All, Thanks for your patience. By some of you using the direct link, it appears that the website is no longer overloaded so entering should go pretty smoothly for those who have not gotten registered yet. We have about 100 registered so far and I think Mae and I will go to bed. Thanks again, Flat Top
  18. Wild Bunch Direct Link https://bit.ly/wildbunch2023
  19. There are separate links for cowboy and wild bunch on the webpage
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