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  1. Hurricane, Call me tomorrow. I may have a set for her. Flat Top
  2. Hi Missouri Marshal, Missouri Mae's and my blocks were delivered and they look great, but I can't find my record if I paid you and I can't find the invoice. Please let me know if I still owe you and the amount. If I did not pay you, I apologize and I will send check as soon as I hear from you. Flat Top Okie 405-409-9442
  3. Hi George, Do you still have the Cimarrons? I could give them as shooter drawing gifts for Land Run. Flat Top Okie
  4. Hi Everyone, I am happy to inform you that we moved ten shooters from the waiting list to the match. Flat Top
  5. Hi Dang it Dan, Let me see what I can do. Flat Top
  6. Hi Phantom, After our waiting list exceeded 100 we removed the application. There should be a printed application on the website. Complete the application and send it without payment and I will add your name to waiting list. If you get in you can pay when you get here. I have never had more than 20 cancellations in previous years so I don't really expect more than a hundred this year, but who knows. Flat top
  7. Hi Toranado

    Do you know what time Wednesday you expect to pass through OKC.

    Flat Top

    1. Toranado, SASS # 58447

      Toranado, SASS # 58447

      It's going to be Thursday.    Looks like directions say between 2-3ish.   We'll be on 44, but then I think there are a few different ways through Ok city.   Where abouts are you located?

    2. Flat Top Okie

      Flat Top Okie

      We are located near the I44 turnpike on the west side of OKC. I will be available Thursday so call me when you cross I35 going west on The Kilpatrick Turnpike (I44) through OKC and we will figure a place to meet. Are you pulling an RV.

      Flat Top

    3. Toranado, SASS # 58447

      Toranado, SASS # 58447

      Sounds good.   No RV,  Just driving a black Ram 1500.

  8. Hi Toranado, I will buy the Norinco hammered double for $550.00 if it is still available. Tell me where to send funds. Flat Top Okie
  9. Hello All, The bad news is that we have approximately 90 shooters on the waiting list. The good news is that we had two cancellations so Mad Cat With a Gun and Ray Heartless who were first and second on the waiting list are in. The updated waiting list will be posted soon. Flat Top PS: We still have space for Wild Bunch shooters.
  10. Hello All, We continue to receive entries for Land Run. The cowboy match is full with 720 shooters and we have 67 on the waiting list. The Wild Bunch Match still has openings. Thank you all for your overwhelming response. As cancellations occur for the cowboy match we will contact shooters in the order that their application was received. Flat Top
  11. Hello All, "MONDAY MORNING NEWS FLASH" I have contacted or attempted to contact every shooter who may be effected by a category change. As you know, the minimum for men's categories is seven and the women's categories is three. I left messages for several of you. If we don't hear from you in a couple of days, we will assume you are happy with the change. Soon we will be sending an e-mail to each shooter listing his or her category and the various activities you are registered for. When you receive the e-mail, please examine it carefully and contact us if something is not right. Thank you, Flat Top
  12. Sorry, didn't mean to credit you for someone else's comments. Flat Top
  13. Hello Again, In response to the question from Nichols Creek, I have checked shooters from the waiting list and there are only two that could effect the categories and I will contact them first. Thanks for the question. Stan's name as sent by the SASS board so his original information was incorrect, but is corrected now. Flat Top PS: As per the bigbucks, that Sue mentioned, they are holding mine until the job is done.
  14. This list does not appear to list shooters from outside the U.S. Flat Top
  15. Hello All, We will not be posting shooter categories until we have contacted shooters who signed up for a category that did not meet SASS minimum requirement and give them the opportunity to change. When we post shooter list with category, shooters will have one week to request category change. After that there can be no category changes. Here's a link to a shooter by states report: Thanks, Flat Top Who's attending by State.pdf
  16. Hello Everyone, I just updated our waiting list and we have 55 shooters waiting for a spot to open up. Everyone on the wait list should have received an e-mail showing their place on the list. In the next couple of weeks I will be calling te shooters who requested a category that did not reach the SASS minimum (7 mens & 3 ladies) to allow them to move to a category that did make or combine a few categories. If you see a number on your caller ID from area code 405, please answer. It is not spam. It is me. Thanks, Flat Top Okie
  17. Hello All, Thanks for the kind words and yes, this was the fastest Land Run sell out, by far. The shooter list is current, but we have an additional six for the waiting list. Although, I do expect several cancellations because the registration was one year before the match. Don't be afraid to sign up on the wait list. Thanks to you all. Flat Top
  18. Hi Everyone, Just a reminder that we still have openings in Wild Bunch. Flat Top
  19. Hello Everyone, The cancellation of the 2021 SASS National Championship and the fact that the Land Run the 2022 National Championship is being held later in the year than it has been in the past has perhaps caused confusion about which regional champions are entitled to a free entry to the SASS National Championship. In an attempt, to resolve this issue and do as much as possible for the shooters who won his or her overall Regional Championships, we will do the following. Regardless of when in 2021 your regional championship was held, you will receive free entry to the 2022 SASS National Championship. In 2023 we will honor the 2022 regional champions with free a free entry. If you were an overall winner in a 2021 regional championship and you paid for your entry to the 2022 National Championship, please call me and I will send you a refund for the match. Flat Top Okie 405-409-9442
  20. Hello Shooters, Although the cowboy match is full and we have a waiting list, the Wild Bunch National Championship still has openings. You can enter the Wild Bunch match and be on the waiting list for cowboy. Thanks, Flat Top
  21. Hi All, I just printed the number of shooters by state and it is really great to see so many shooters from East of the Mississippi, who have possibly never been to the National Championship. I will try to post this list on the website. Flat Top PS: Texas has 156 and Oklahoma has 84 for the highest number of participants.
  22. Hello All, We updated our registered shooter list. At 6:00 PM-CST. We have 699 registered with 5 more that just came in. Which means we are less than 20 from our maximum. After we reach 720, we will add names to our waiting list, in the order that they are received. Please check to be sure that your name is on the list if you have registered. If you have friends who say they have registered, verify that their names are on the list. If you plan to register, please do it online tonight. Thank you all for your response. We will do our best to not disappoint you. Flat Top Okie
  23. Hi Slick, It is there and all jr. shooters shoot the main match free, courtesy of Mernickle Leather. Flat Top
  24. Hello Everyone, All applications received by 7:00 PM CST have been processed and confirmation sent by e-mail to shooters. We have 675 signed for Cowboy and 80 signed up for Wild Bunch. That means we have a few spots left, but not many. After we reach our limit, we will start a waiting list. If you are planning to come, please register on line as soon as possible. I will try to update the shooter list tomorrow. Cowtown Scout, Rowdy Bob and Annie Hickok yours came while I was typing this. We will enter you tomorrow. Thanks, Flat Top
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