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  1. Thanks. Lately I have found another 'reputable" company that is not as customer conscience as they used to be. My dealings left me with the impression that $ are more important than happy customers. Also, the CS seemed to be undermanned and largely ignored by the 'corporate leaders. Dutch
  2. I have two S&W 625s, and I found your post interesting. I have several other S&Ws and have always found their customer service to be top notch. What happened? You can answer via PM if that makes you more comfortable. Dutch Cassidy SASS5252
  3. Bump for a cowboy who needs a helping hand.
  4. I am also honored to help a fellow Veteran and SASS member. Dutch Cassidy
  5. Dutch: 

    My information: Michael D. Cory...2904 BRALORNE Ct

    Bakersfield, California 93309-8877. I'll be needing your

    address also. Your personnel check ($225.00) works just

    fine for me. Shipping USPS I'll pm tracking info when shipped.

    It's packaged up and ready to go Dutch.

    Happy trails

    QDG/Mike 10/13/22

    1. Dutch Cassidy SASS 5252

      Dutch Cassidy SASS 5252

      Charley Vanderhyde

      35 Benjamin St.

      Wading River, NY 11792


      PS I never received a notification re this PM.

    2. Dutch Cassidy SASS 5252

      Dutch Cassidy SASS 5252

      Again, there was no PM notification. I stumbled onto this. I sent an email yesterday.  The check is in the mail.

  6. Hi Dutch,

    Sorry, but when i didn't receive an email response I thought that you had changed your mind. I will send the pictures.

    Flat Top


  7. Dutch, I received your check today. Thank you.  I also called USPS Tracking #1-800-222-1811 and keyed in the tracking #9505 5129 7197 1167 3679 33.  I got a message that delivery was attempted today June 19th, 2021 at 1:59 and was advised "Could Not Access Delivery Location" for Wading River, NY Zip 11792.  You may want to check with your post office. 


    Clayton Todd aka Sandhills Slim

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    2. Sandhills Slim, SASS #22998

      Sandhills Slim, SASS #22998

      Does this mean you have received the package?  

    3. Dutch Cassidy SASS 5252

      Dutch Cassidy SASS 5252

      The package was delivered today.




    4. Sandhills Slim, SASS #22998

      Sandhills Slim, SASS #22998

      That’s great! Glad to hear that. 

      Sandhills Slim 

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