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  1. LOL unfortunately they did not. About ready to put them back into the safe for now.
  2. Hello Kathy,

    We have a new shooter at our club who might be interested in your .32s if you still have them. Are you flexible on the price and if so what is your best price on cash with face to face delivery, shipping not necessary. I know they have been on the classified wire a long time.

    Flat Top Okie

    1. Kathy Ross

      Kathy Ross

      I currently have an interested party that I am waiting to hear back from. I will let you know either way.



      Bisbee Kate

    2. Kathy Ross

      Kathy Ross

      Hi guy. The pistols are still available if you have someone interested. The other fellow changed his mind. I can drop the price to $1850.00 for both.


      Bisbee Kate

    3. Flat Top Okie

      Flat Top Okie

      Hi Kathy,

      Sorry but they found a a pair last week.

      Flat Top

  3. Hi Dusty, I just saw your message. If it's alright with you I will give you a call tomorrow. I have a bit of laryngits and am hoping the voice will be in better shape tomorrow. Thank.
  4. You would have to change the grip frame to make plow handles work
  5. They are not consecutive. Only one user, my son and he only used them between 2002 and 2003 because in 2003 enlisted in the Marine Corp. They've been in the safe since then.

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