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  1. Wow so let me think this out some. Im getting slow and feeble and slight of mind. How many places do they go in the regular awards? 10?:):) Butterfield has some of the best awards . Way to go Major !! Great idea. Surely this will make the Chronicle!!!
  2. Hey Ned I bet you got an 1860!! You would look classy you know. Give the rest of us chance! Maybe knowing you a very small chance will be good to shoot with and againist you again. Always fun. See ya then. And Woolaroc?
  3. Not trying to hijack thread .BUT had same senerio. Same thing shooter lost count. BUT shooter missed LAST shot. Does he still get the P along with miss?
  4. Well now its got real serious now!! I think there should be a requirement for a back ground check and like the carnival rides a height requirement:):). They are letting anybody in this apparently. Whip up on Classic Cowboys? We going to be on you like guineas on a snake!!! It is going to be fun Willie. As usual buckles dont matter as long as i am one above you.!:)
  5. Me Too!!! Great shoot, great friends, great food... No some of the best food!!!! If ya havent been your missin it!!!
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