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  1. I am speechless. What a great cowboy. Prayers and thoughts for family. Amen....
  2. This is so much fun!! Thanks Major what a great idea. SOoo what if some young tall cowboy comes in and beats everbody and shoots BP? He get both buckles then? ouch that would be something!! Just asking!! You know T-bone Was 1st overall last year!.
  3. Yes have shot with both Lucinda and Pinky. Both defenitely deserving of the award also. Both have been doing it along time too. Couldnt go wrong with these gals. And well deserved. Ok 2 votes each from me. Senority counts for something!!
  4. I am going to nominate Mattie Mahala West for Classic Cowgirl. She is one of the nicest gals you will ever meet. Ornery as could be, has a great time shooting!! This gal is a shooter. One of the kindest gals you will ever meet. She moved to Alabama as she is full time Army. Her duties keep her from shooting sometimes. We do miss her in Kansas. Heck she shoots bigger bullets then I do!! She is proud to shoot Classic Cowgirl. Please folks I am not writer so I might do her more harm then good. Dantankerous or Major you boys edit it up if you want.!
  5. I am going to nominate ASA SMITH. He has been shooting Classic Cowboy before it was a category. Works his tail off for his club. Powder Creek Cowboys. When new shooter shows up Asa outfits him with holsters guns and ammo! Been doing this for years! Nice guy. Straight forward talker. Christian. Anybody who has been around him can testify to his worthiness. Its ok to vote for 2 nominees!!
  6. Me Too!!! Great shoot, great friends, great food... No some of the best food!!!! If ya havent been your missin it!!!
  7. Hi Hud - Doc Hurd sent his to us - they are going to shoot the US Open in Sparta that weekend. So you can pass yours on. Sorry you won't be there! I'll miss your fuzzy legs!

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