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  1. And if you look at the cute little gal front row left side standing by that big gullut . Thats Boss Shamrock Classical Cowgirl of the Year. Shot the match Black Powder !! Congrats. And Congrats to everyone!! Ditto what Major said! Ok 2021 here we come!
  2. His name is Marvel. Australian Sheperd. Pretty good buddy. Spoiled terribly!
  3. And another vote for Asa Smith!! That Postal match was some kind of fun
  4. I also want to vote for Boss Shamrock for Classic Cowgirl. A delight to be around and is passonate about the classic cowgirl category. And she runs a lever shotgun like crazy!!
  5. Sorry but do not remember call on this one. Duelist loses count shoots 4 out of first pistol. Does not reholster first pistol holds in hand hammer down on spent round. Pulls second pistol out never cocks it. TO hollers 1 left in first pistol . Reholsters 2 nd pistol. Then shoots last 1 on 1 st pistol. Then finishes with 2 nd pistol. Any penalty? Sorry again if this has been covered.
  6. Absolutely one of the most enjoyable shoots Ive been too. Perfect mix of speed and challenging stages. Great food, Posse 1 was something else. My stomach is sore from laughing! Weather was perfect considering middle August. Thanks JW and all who had a part in T-town. Cant wait till next year!!
  7. All of the previously mentioned folks are certainly worthy. I mean no disrespect to anyone. I would throw my vote in for Dantankerous even. BUT!!!! I want to nominate ASA SMITH . Probably the most deserving ole cowboy I know. He has been doing and promoting Classic Cowboy since it first became a category. He has shot them open tops and that 66 rifle ( not short stroked)!! for a long time. He is the range master now at his home range, makes sure new folks got everything they need to have fun. Has great passion for this game and our 2nd admendment rights. He is all that Dragon Hill Dave spoke about. And I am glad to call him friend. So my vote is for ASA
  8. Me Too!!! Great shoot, great friends, great food... No some of the best food!!!! If ya havent been your missin it!!!
  9. Hi Hud - Doc Hurd sent his to us - they are going to shoot the US Open in Sparta that weekend. So you can pass yours on. Sorry you won't be there! I'll miss your fuzzy legs!

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