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  1. Richard Pryor Rodney Dangerfield Bernie Mac Henny Youngman Jack E. Leonard
  2. If you didn’t get an opportunity to attend EOT this week , the Cherokee Cowboys are still shooting their monthly match on Saturday 6/26/21 , Blindshooter wrote the stages this month , just hope we don’t run out of clean match chips lol
  3. Max , bring $185.00 to the state match Thursday , got something for you.

    1. Max Payne

      Max Payne

      Okey-doke. Bet I can guess what! We're gonna be in the 1st motorhome on the right with a concrete pad.

    2. Dirty Redd
  4. Costume, what's a costume? I dress like this all the time.
  5. Have a safe trip and Merry Christmas .
  6. Did I miss Nevada Smith or Tom Horn or Ride the High Country and the Culpepper Cattle Company ?
  7. Yo UB , We're in the saloon , remember.
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