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  1. Man oh man, I'm bummed. I only had a chance to talk to that nice lady once, but it was more like 5 minutes of ordering a SG belt and a bag and 15 minutes of talking to an old friend.
  2. Well, now I got something else to look at on my shooters when I clean them. So there's that.
  3. Well, see? You should be thanking me for not cutting into your supply.
  4. For the record, Wayne's batting average is way better than Nicholas Cage's.
  5. So they died of complications due to Covid-19, too?
  6. I'll raise a glass to the success of both parties on their chosen trails.
  7. Yup. Usually in my spam folder. Which also happens to be the only spam I don't like. Well except for that teriyaki spam. It's pretty nasty.
  8. Sounds good. You seriously gonna roll that bad boy with 4 wheel drum brakes and a single pot master? Brave, very brave. As far as the 200R4 is concerned, properly built, it will stand up to your engine. I've put them behind some really stout small block and big block Chevys including a few 572s. Notice I said "properly built". The ones I installed were done by California Performance Transmissions (that would be Art Carr himself). The key to the hydraulic GM auto-overdrives is the the TV cable adjustment. It's critical that it is adjusted properly and the carb bellcrank pulls the cable correctly. In your application, gas mileage isn't the goal, but driveability will go way up. There is the option of going with the 4L70/75/80 transmission, but as stated, you'll need to run a wire harness and computer with it and the computer will require "tuning". There some good systems out there, and there are some not so good ones, too. Generally, by the time you get one of the computer transmissions gone through, get the right parts, converter and electronics set up and dialed in, you could do a 5 speed for about the same price. Don't even worry about the six speeds. Nobody needs a double overdrive transmission if everything else is planned out right. Oh, as far as that rear suspension is concerned, check out Global West https://www.globalwest.net/ I knew these guys back in the day and they have a well designed product and really know their stuff. Hope that helps.
  9. Ya forgot... It's not airborne. It's airborne. It can last for days on objects. It won't last for an hour on exposed objects. It has more symptoms than a bottle of Dr. Snarks Snake Oil can cure. Every week there's a report from the CDC saying C-19 has a half dozen more symptoms. Flattening the curve was about preventing overloading hospitals and resources all at one time, Not about a cure. Now you can't reopen until there's a vaccine, a cure, or the infection rates go down even though we are doing a thousand times the testing than we were at first which makes the rates seem to be going higher. Just sayin.....
  10. You're gonna have a hard time convincing me that many weren't. Just sayin....
  11. Hell, I just got here. I ain't going nowhere.
  12. I honestly didn't know about the changeover to the new hammer when I bought my second shooter. I had the first pistol (Cimarron Model P) for quite a few years and shot the hell out of it at the range. When I joined SASS, it was a no brainer and just ordered another of the exact same thing. Truth be told, I thought I broke it for the first 2 or 3 days.
  13. Easy on the Cattleman. They've swithed to the hammer with the "safety" firing pin. Some folk have reported problems, although the one I bought to match an older one with the 4 click that I already owned hasn't had any problems. I believe that currently only the BP frame Uberti and the Pietta made Californian/ Alchemista have the traditional "4 click" hammers. I could be off, so there's that.
  14. Wait! Wait! Wait! Your wife already told you what to do and you sneak in here for "advice"? You, Sir, are very brave indeed.
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