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  1. I doubt I'll TO anytime soon. I don't trust my ability to do it correctly, so I wouldn't expect anyone else to trust me with it at this point. I've been doing spotter duties fairly consistently at monthlies and will admit the mistakes I've made, take them seriously and strive to always do better. Heck, I even take the brass picker job seriously. As long as I'm in the game, I will always try to do better, whether as a shooter or a posse member. There is a human element in this sport, as long as we all do what we can to keep the consistency and adherence to the rules, the playing field
  2. For many, "concealed" IS the only option.
  3. My body, my choice....
  4. Hendo

    Boot Knives?

    And it can help you tuck your pants down into your boots, too. (Ya might want to leave it in the sheath, though. )
  5. I thought they did the broadcast on Facebook, too
  6. I'll try and keep that in mind the next time I'm at a baseball competition.
  7. Since when did they say that SG targets have to social distance? And trying to knock down multiples with one shot adds some fun to the game. (It's still a game, right?) I put it right there with pop ups.
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