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  1. Just go to the main page for 1873 rifles. It's under Current Production. The link above takes you to where it used to be under the Exclusive Product section and it's not a good link anymore.
  2. Welp, I'm gonna stand and correct myself. They moved it from an "Exclusive Product" to a "Current Product". Looks like I get to go back to my preferred LGS and look stupid. I still can't say if it is short stroked or not, but I do apologize for my previous report.
  3. Thank God y'all see it, too. I was starting tp get concerned.
  4. Are you supposed to take your posse's bullets to do it?
  5. I'm guessing somebody only reloads on a single stage press.
  6. In essence, yes, but there is a couple of "feel" differences. The trigger is farther forward and the half cock is slightly different on the 3 click setup. Not a big deal, I never had a light strike problem with mine, it was just throwing off my concentration at the tables. I honestly didn't notice it at the beep.
  7. Just FYI from the ask me how I know department. I changed my "3 click" to a "4 click" and it was a drop in that worked perfect after I did some minor polishing to the hammer and sear. It was a feel thing, timing and everything else was fine. I started having problems with the firing pin in my older Model P being a bit worn out by lots of use. I couldn't find just the pin, so I just ordered the whole hammer. Ya know, been there, done that. I'm just changing out a four click for a four click, what could go wrong? Well, it function checked on the bench fine, but went o
  8. Well, I would love to help y'all out, but I just got back from my LGS and that bad boy doesn't exist. (At least for now)
  9. I am nowhere near an expert on the subject, but..... How surprised were you by the screw, spring and plunger for the hand? When you put them back in, did you get them in the correct order? How far in did you tighten the screw?
  10. So knuckleheads like me will run out and order one. I should probably stop by my favorite LGS and check on one Friday.
  11. This has been a staple at Casa Hendo for years. I usually cook up two boxes and use two Kielbasa so I can have lunch at work for a day or two.
  12. I dunno, Zolt just kinda rolls off the tongue.
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