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  1. It's kinda like going from the mob to a cartel, isn't it? Oh, and thanks OG, you're a great pard to do business with.
  2. No, but I'm gonna grab a six pack and watch a baseball sport on TV with a few friends. Okay, maybe a 12 pack....
  3. You need to know where you're gonna put your next bigger gun safe. Just sayin...
  4. Shiny! As has been said, get to a match and get acquainted. See what tickles your fancy and try what you can. Leather is going to be a style thing, both personal and shooting. Mernickle has always done good by me. For getting to know more about the game, check out videos by @Branchwater Jack SASS #88854, @Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423, and @Longhunter sass #26602. (I hope I tagged the right Longhunter ) Welcome to the family.
  5. Hendo


    That's just silly. Everyone knows it's Mopar or no car.
  6. Hendo


    How long do you usually tumble them for?
  7. I must've seen the same show. I gotta tell ya, I was a bit disappointed that she didn't come up with anything new.
  8. So wait. Does this mean I can quit polishing this buckle with the typewriter on it for you?
  9. Gawd, I hope I'm not getting a reputation. I'll take a single malt, neat. Thanks.
  10. Try it with that length. I picked up a 97 with a 22" barrel and after I got the mechanicals worked out on it, it has become one of my favorites. Just sayin...
  11. Ya probably don't want to go less than 18. Just sayin.
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