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  1. Glad your gun is working right. From doing a little research it seems ALOT of people’s 3 click Uberti have major issues. I’d never buy one again. Sent mine back to BoomStick hoping he can do a hammer/trigger swap and get her working right.
  2. The gun is stuck at 1 click and will not go to 2 or 3... it goes somewhere between and feels like something is blocking it from going into 3 and won’t let the hammer down or the trigger pull.
  3. Yes it will fire the next time around. I went thru a box with 2 guns yesterday,, so 25 rounds each. And each of the 5 times, the DOC did not fire on the first round. It would finish that round at the end no problem. Was trying to see if I could visually see a difference last night, just pulling the hammer back and gently letting it down and now the hammer is completely stuck up and I can’t even get it down. I’m at a loss here. Something’s off, bent, or out of place.
  4. Yeah I can see the round perfectly under the hammer...I’m new but not completely stupid haha.. Yeah he’s lookin into it.. I’m prolly guna have to ship it back to him. Guns actin up big time.,, hammer won’t even go down now...
  5. Sadly I wish I’d done more research b4 buying... its pretty easy to pull up countless issues people are having with the new pin system. I bought the Uberti “DOC” cattleman and it had major issues after just a few boxes of ammo. Maybe 2 of 5 rounds would go bang. Sent to BoomStick to fix the safety hammer and just got it back. Now the first round won’t fire ..every time,.. next 4 work perfect. Any guesses or suggestions on what could be off ???
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