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  1. Sorry about your bad day, but glad you are all ok! Fast Eddie is a great man!!
  2. I took mine off to make disassembly for cleaning easier/faster. I’m not sure where it is now though…I’ll look for it. It has to be removed to get the bolt out.
  3. It doesn’t list the 150. Does the 150 use different springs?
  4. I don’t know about the carbon fiber tube…but Scarlet Darlin sold me a brass knurled cap.
  5. You did great Lucky! It was a pleasure to shoot with you :-)
  6. He said the anodized aluminum would cause unnecessary wear, especially on the carrier.
  7. I dry fire quite a bit and the gunsmith that setup my 73 advised against using snap caps...I am 2+ years into the sport and dry fire multiple times a week and have seen no problems to date.
  8. Agreed - big congratulations to you both! It was great to see you both and I appreciated the help/coaching...you are a pair of great competitors and fun to be around.
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