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  1. I don’t, but I found this top 5 review if it’s useful. I have used Smith Optics before and they made the list. FWIW. https://www.gunsafespot.com/best-shooting-glasses-reviews/
  2. I wish I could! Being my first year and all, I haven’t planned ahead so well. I’ll do better next year. Shot GA state and planning SC and NC this year. GA was a great time!
  3. Hey Johnny. As a suggestion, you might reach out to Scarlett Darlin. I saw that she sells safety glasses and if you coordinated with her before a match (like if you were going to come down to Greenville again) I'm sure she'd be happy to bring some for you to try on in person. I can send you her contact information if you need it, just let me know. As we have shot together a couple of times, you know I am new to CAS but not to shooting. While the "it's just your eyes..." comment above sounded flippant and unnecessarily rude, I would offer that somewhere beneath it is the message that the #1 priority should be eye protection. There is way too much chance for us to get a ricochet or gun malfunction in the face to risk using anything not ANSI rated to protect our eyes (the Wiley appear ANSI rated). Also I would recommend looking for UV protection. Other than that it's all preference - clear, yellow, pink, smoke, frame/frameless...I have tried a bunch and they all have pros and cons.
  4. My very crude measurement maxed out at 8 inches. I buckled the band on the last notch and ran a cloth measuring tape around the inside.
  5. Never used, in box. Right after I bought this, I found out I could replace the battery in my original CED 7000 shot timer...so I did that and never bothered to learn how to use this one. $75 shipped CONUS. Includes charging cable and quick start sheet.
  6. I just removed my mag tube cap for the first time with the help of a knowledgeable and experienced pard. This is gonna sound weird, but I held the rifle with the butt grounded. He put a socket on the mag tube plug to protect it and tapped the socket a few times lightly with a hammer to loosen it (no torque, just tapped straight down). After that I literally removed the cap by hand with no tool. On the jamming...you said you’re using factory rounds, so I’d check 2 things to start. Are they 1.45” or longer and do they have a flat point? In my humble new guy opinion, both are critical.
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