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  1. I have a codymatic 73 that I got in December. Used it for my 1st 5ish months and then got a Harland Wolff. Haven’t touched the Cody since. $1300?
  2. So as far as syncing goes, each device just need to sync via hotspot for a minute and then all the results will be available? Is there any need for a laptop/master device?
  3. Anybody have an overview and recommendations for moving from paper to electronic scoring? - Best App choice (probably Practiscore or CAS)? - Hardware required - recommended tablets, other required hardware? (our range doesn't have wifi) - point me in the direction of "how to" - other things to consider? Thanks in advance! - SB
  4. Yeah...so I’m pretty new to SASS and didn’t know about the scholarship fund until this ad yesterday. When I saw the ad I thought “neat idea.” What I have noticed though is that you tend to be pretty negative about just about every thread I’ve come across which you are commenting in. I don’t get it. I came from other sports to SASS because of the people...the way you seem to put people down on these forums reminds me of the other sports. Of course, I’m not asking you to change...just thought you’d want to know how you come across to a new guy. I guess I should probably steer clear of the forums.
  5. I got the notification yesterday and entered. It’s a neat idea and a good cause. Maybe a small advertising snafu, but let’s cowboy up and support the scholarship fund!
  6. I just deleted my messages and sent a PM to you. Hopefully that works.
  7. I’ll take them. My calf measures 15&3/4 bare so they should work fine with pants.
  8. I’m afraid mine might be too skinny. I’ll measure mine when I get home. It’ll be a couple hours, if they’d fit I’d like them. I’m 6’3” 200lbs with bird legs. Don’t hold them if someone else chimes in and wants them
  9. I have one that just barely interferes when SLOWLY levered. When operating the lever more sharply the bolt clears perfectly...I see no reason to fix it to work slowly when that’s not how I’m using it. Maybe worth a look since you said your is running fine?
  10. I don’t, but I found this top 5 review if it’s useful. I have used Smith Optics before and they made the list. FWIW. https://www.gunsafespot.com/best-shooting-glasses-reviews/
  11. I wish I could! Being my first year and all, I haven’t planned ahead so well. I’ll do better next year. Shot GA state and planning SC and NC this year. GA was a great time!
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