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  1. I’d join you too!
  2. There was a communication saying the raffle would be extended. Tickets are still being sold. Drawing is next end of trail.
  3. If you haven’t looked up the YouTube videos from Long Hunter and Deadeye, they’re worth your time. Evil Roy has some videos as well, but you need to buy those. All really helpful if you’re a visual learner. I started with those. I’ve shot other competitions with modern guns, but not 3-gun and those videos really helped me with gun transitions and “working” these cowboy style guns. Even little things that seem obvious now were not when I started (like not wrapping the thumb around the stock when levering). If you enjoy dry fire - do it - I enjoy dry fire and use it primarily to improve gun transitions. I’m not a top shooter at all, but I’m only about a year and a half in so I can relate to just getting started!
  4. Thanks PWB, I learn from your every WTC post!
  5. I just watched a video with Jerry and Lena Miculek and they (not surprisingly) made a great point about vision. If you are looking at the target, you can inadvertently create a blind spot in your presentation that will slow your ability to pickup your front sight. They described the need to bring your focus back to a foot or two in front of you. I think that staring at the target actually works against you. I do better when I look at the gun I an going to draw and bring my focus up after my hand hits it...not sure if that makes sense. The point made above about closing your eyes and figuring out where your natural point of aim is, is also really good. I think we have a tendency to stand far too sideways from the target and if you experiment you may find a different stance allows you to me stronger and more natural in your presentation and that could equal faster!
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