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  1. Recently I went to HD to buy a 25’ roll of electrical wire. A locked cable had been passed thru all the rolls which required finding an employee to unlock. I asked her why they were doing that and she said it was because of all the theft.
  2. I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.
  3. Screw the filler, takes too long to load. Use C45S (Cowboy Special) or .45 S&W (Schofield) cases. I prefer the C45S cases because the rim is the same as .45 Colt. Lots of smoke and flame too. Ask anyone from posse 3 this weekend!
  4. What Silver Creek Jack said. Thanks Dawg!
  5. Good to see you back. Outfits are awesome. Donna’s “tattoo” was inspired!
  6. I’m thinking they need to be dropped off in Gaza or any of the criminally governed, racist, women-abusing Islamist hell holes in the Middle East to see what it’s really like.
  7. Yup. See my post above about my buddy who carried one. He fired a round under the canopy and said it just rattled around amongst the trees like a golf ball and just fell to the ground.
  8. Buddy of mine carried them loose in a canvas bag slung from his shoulder, similar to bicycle messenger bag.
  9. There is no workmanship except in these digital images. These things don’t exist except in the virtual world. From their website: “While we don’t manufacture physical products, our digital designs lay the groundwork for what could be. Our blueprints are meticulously detailed, harnessing the power of advanced design software to bring out every intricate detail..”
  10. Thanks. Like I said, I’m old. Cultural jokes & references are becoming increasingly foreign to me.
  11. Crayola crayons…Marines..? OK, I’m old.
  12. Been there done that in 1966 St. Louis when a tornado leveled much of our subdivision and a number of others in its path. We were spared, others not so much. Lots of classmates missing from school for several days. I’ll never forget the sound as it passed overhead. Weird storms, tornadoes are. They’ll flatten one house, but leave the one next door untouched.
  13. “Buzzards gotta eat same as worms.”
  14. I’d start with contacting a local garage door company who might be install one that locks & unlocks with a key and T-handle. Just being nosy, but how come you don’t want electronic?
  15. Launched in 1977, it’s now 15 billion miles from earth. It took 5 months to fix a glitch in its computers. Think about that, the computers aboard are over 47 years old, and the engineers communicate with it using 1977 computers and their ancient language from earth. A stunning achievement! https://abcnews.go.com/amp/Technology/nasa-voyager-1-spacecraft-sending-readable-data-back-earth/story?id=109572983
  16. Sometimes real life intrudes and throws a curveball, which is why I figure these ancestry things are nothing more than an approximation. Family secrets tend to distort the info. A good friend found out at 60+ years of age after parents were long gone, that his father wasn’t his birth father. Seems his mom was prone to fooling around and became pregnant. His dad married her anyway and raised my friend as his own.
  17. I remember vacs like this, where the bag was huge and suspended from the handle, similar to the Bissell. I also remember that dust and dirt settled in the bottom 10 percent of the bag and never came close to filling it up, requiring it be emptied frequently.
  18. That was Andrew Young, Jimmy Carter’s U.N. Ambassador.
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