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  1. I thought the “Tri-5” Chevys are 55-57. The ‘58 was significantly different in appearance.
  2. “Posey” isn’t the “P” word I’m thinking of…
  3. Dad was VQ-1 pilot 1958-1960 and is why we sailed to Iwakuni. Small world.
  4. Doubtful, especially with a car like Calvin’s dad. At best all that would happen is they shear off at the level of the frame. Not much traction available when the weight of the car is spread out over a mattress of snow. Most likely the car would build up a damn of packed, heavy snow in front. Can’t power thru that.
  5. Snowmen are possible because of wet, heavy snow. No damage to the car unless you slam into them. Either way you’d get hi-centered with a lot of packed snow underneath. Then you’re stuck good.
  6. Palmetto State Armory is just as bad. Had to move them into the spam blocker.
  7. I logged 11 days aboard the troopships USS General Mann and 8 days aboard the USS General Mitchell before I was 8 years old - as one of two-dozen or so dependents. The other passengers were Marines. That’s how we transited the Pacific in the late ‘50s & early ’60s.
  8. Gallopita gallopita machine Is also a nickname for the North American T-28 Trojan.
  9. And to underscore one of my other posts and the NR column, another shooting has occurred at a Waffle House in Indianapolis. One dead, 5 wounded after an altercation among two groups. No need to read an entire article about it. It’s the same as all the others thru the years. “Police said two groups of people were involved in an altercation inside and outside the Waffle House before the shooting happened. Investigators are still searching the area for witnesses.” -Fox News
  10. Interesting article from the National Review. It’s maddening that more in the press/MSM won’t do more than repeat the usual dogma. https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/on-the-peculiar-coverage-of-the-kansas-city-shooting/
  11. Oh Lydia, oh, Lydia, say have you met Lydia Oh, Lydia, the tattooed lady She has eyes that folks adore so And a torso even more so Lydia, oh, Lydia, that encyclopedia Oh, Lydia, the queen of them all On her back is the Battle of Waterloo Beside it the Wreck of the Hesperus too And proudly above the waves The Red, White and Blue You can learn a lot from Lydia
  12. Hmmm. Maybe if I acted this way the liberals would leave me alone?
  13. The kids have been charged. See the AP link above.
  14. https://apnews.com/article/chiefs-super-bowl-parade-shooting-kansas-city-278e2d3e2cfece1cbe958511e54127ad The only thing unusual about this event is that it’s getting national attention. This crap happens all too frequently here. Usually it’s a group of two dozen or fewer young thugs, with 2 or 3 shooting at one another, mostly striking a handful of bystanders. The other dynamic is that everyone including bystanders all know one another and won’t snitch. Everyone scatters when the shooting starts. Lots of witnesses, but nobody will talk which makes law enforcement almost impossible. Lots of drive-by shootings here too. But that’s another topic.
  15. As I understand it, the main concern is with antibiotics as they can increase the risk of drug-resistant strains developing in our drinking water.
  16. No color bullets or nickel brass for me. I use a sharpie to mark the head stamp side of the case with an X for BP, a single slash for subs, and nothing for smokeless. They’re easy to mark once loaded into those 50 or 100-count boxes nose down. Haven’t had a mixup in the 14 years I’ve been loading them.
  17. Huh? There weren’t any entrances, it was the end of a parade route. The only barricades present were to block auto traffic.
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