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  1. What Joe said. How are you crimping your bullets? A firm roll crimp is recommended for revolvers with lead bullets.
  2. Cool setup! However, I highly recommend getting rid of the drink holder or using it for something else. Drinking and/or eating while loading is always a bad idea.
  3. What caliber, what case, what bullet weight? That's critical info. I shoot 4.1 gr TB in a .45 Cowboy Special case with a 160 gr bullet. That load is way below minimums for any bullet in a .45 Colt case. What's the source of data for your loads?
  4. California - where rivers are drained to irrigate the desert.
  5. I have a few, I think. TCM’s criteria is pretty broad though, so I might have more than I think. Most of the pics they feature have won Oscars for lesser known categories such as best editing, best sound effects et al, with some being pretty obscure.
  6. Executive orders are mostly PR, meant to give the appearance of acting on an issue.
  7. Yup, about an hour east of me. His parts appear to scattered though. Scroll down to Burial at this link. As I recall from the referenced book, his head remains unaccounted for as it was part of someone’s collection, or so claimed. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Quantrill
  8. While not a biography of him, “A Dynasty of Outlaws” covers him pretty well, along with the Daltons, James brothers and more.
  9. Mine’s a Glock 43. No need to post a pic as it looks like all the others. I think it’s classy because it dispenses everything I put through it without a hiccup and is easier for me to manage than a revolver in DA mode. I can’t shoot the wings off flies with it, but I don’t think I need to worry about them. Lovely pistols shown in this thread!
  10. Replying to scammers is fool’s errand, even if you think you’re playing a game. That just verifies they have a valid contact which will now be spread globally to other scammers.
  11. Which today, marks the start of wabbit season.
  12. Conditions aboard US subs were better than the U-boats. They were 60-90 feet longer and air-conditioned. (The Pogy was 311’ long vs 220’ for the U-995.) The A/C was mainly to keep moisture out of the electronics, as opposed to the crew’s comfort. It was nice benefit for them though, as no surface vessels had it. Of the roughly 4,000 German U-boat sailors who put to sea, 3,000 never returned.
  13. It’s in the can. On the back label it says “mix thoroughly.”
  14. Looks like an airplane in the background. May I ask what it is?
  15. You can’t light your gas stove with a match when the electric igniter is out? Never heard of such a thing. Is there some kind of electric valve that shuts off the gas flow?
  16. My son and his wife live in Flagstaff, where they’re getting hammered this year. He said he’s never seen a winter like this.
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