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  1. You don't need much to get started. This is what I use for my rifle cases. All you need to do is measure how many seconds you turn the lazy susan to get the brass a cherry red colour. VID_20201214_204644652_x264.mp4 VID_20201214_204644652_x264.mp4
  2. Bit of a random question, but I remember a Clint Eastwood movie where he reloads his 1851/1861 revolver in the middle of a gunfight in town using preloaded cylinders. He calmly disassembles the revolver and loads a new cylinder. Does anyone know which movie this is please?
  3. It works for me. I think it uses the same login details.
  4. I've reloaded since I started in this game. Some of my other guns have never seen factory ammunition and I haven't bought CF ammo in several years. Saying that the process is a chore. For this game I'm not looking for accuracy, just reloading with the minimum of fuss but being consistent.
  5. What are they worth in Australia nowadays? They do look purdy.
  6. In my 1873 I ran PGW springs but they wore out after 12 mths of only monthly usage. I then installed Slix Springs wire springs using my stock carrier and no short stroke. That was several years ago and has been nearly perfect although I think I've adjusted it a little too lightly as the timing is slightly off if the rifle is canted 90 degrees left/right but it's never been a problem when shooting. It's only a problem on the unloading table when trying to show clear and the rifle is flat on the table. I tried an aluminium carrier but the timing was way off and the carrier would never drop low enough to let the next round in from the magazine. I would need to modify the lifter arm to force the carrier further down. The wire springs made a huge difference in ease of cycling and highly recommended.
  7. We have between 10-25 shooters at our monthly match, which includes visiting shooters from other clubs who pay an entrance fee. Most of us barely care what place we come or what times we get. It's all about having fun and socialising. We don't need a badge or ribbon or any other prize to confirm if we did well. If you feel you need a prize to feel good about yourself then you're in it for the wrong reason.
  8. I tried PGW lifter arms several years. It wore out after 12 months and I only shoot once a month. The shop I bought them from admitted they don't last long on their personal guns either. I switched over to wire springs (Slix Springs I think) and have had no problems since.
  9. Semi-wadcutters are never recommended for any lever-action.
  10. As I stated above I've ordered a 3/4" punch, obviously for 12g, hence need a over-shot card.
  11. I've just ordered a 9mm (0.354") and 19mm (3/4") punch and try them out. If need be I can open up the 9mm punch slightly to get to 0.36". I intend to use cereal boxes for over-powder and over-shot cards. Maybe some 0.06" thick rubberised cork sheet from the automotive store as wads. Is this material OK as it's rubberised?
  12. It's been several years since I bought mine but I believe the vaquero had the internal lock and nmv didn't, hence the springs are different length?
  13. I'm in in the process of refinishing my stocks as I need another project. I've done my stoeger and now moved into my Uberti 1873 rifle. The butt stock was easy to get off however the fore end proved challenging. It seems Luigi at the Uberti factory was feeling very frustrated when he assembled my foreend as the end cap screw was impossible to get lose and my gunsmithing bits just ate into the soft metal. I tried a soldering iron with oil, hitting with a rubber mallet and then resorting to left-handed drill bits and a drill run very slowly. Thankfully it was aligned enough not to cut into the end cap itself.
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