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  1. Got mine in after it went to Cody & Chuckaroo. It looks and functions great! Tab seems to be fine.
  2. I haven't bought one yet. I was looking at one in .38. It wasn't engraved.
  3. The shootin' version is out now. Just wondered.
  4. That is the problem I had. Switched to an SKB from Johnny Meadows and never looked back!
  5. Do they ever get in the way when you shoulder your rifle or shotgun?
  6. I may be the odd one out here but I had some issues with them shooting 3F Goex. They worked fine with a lubed wad under the bullet but by the time I spent that extra money and extra time I was better off just getting the big lube bullets. I didn't have ANY issues with APP but I like real black better. Doesn't seem to leave that "white wall" the subs do. YMMV
  7. Lots of differences CS. Holler at me next time we shoot and I will show you the one I like the least!
  8. Man, you wouldn't believe all that has gone on. I'll have to tell you in person. I'm gonna try and hit Outlaw Camp on the 14th.

    Hope everything has been going good for you guys.

  9. Nice to see what you really look like. :-) Dance away.... CK

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