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  1. I have a Stoeger Coach Gun and I used a BRM hone in my drill. I used Hoppes 9 lubricating oil. I ran the drill about 5000 rpm, moving the hone up and down the chamber for 2 minutes. I then used bore cleaner and a cotton bore brush until it was clean. It cleanly shucked the Winchester AA FL I shot on Saturday. I cleaned the chamber and barrel again Sunday, and I’ll be shooting again Saturday and we’ll see how it goes.
  2. cdc says the now ending flu season in the us resulted in 24,000 to 62,000 deaths, with numbers likely to be revised downwards. From CDC “ These estimates may partly reflect increases in testing in recent weeks and may be adjusted downward once the season is complete and final data for the 2019/20 season are available”. The benefit of flattening the curve provides time to research and develop drugs to treat the virus or the symptoms, as well as develop a vaccine for next year. And the number of actual cases is far more than reported, simply because we have tested very few people. With peak expected to hit most of US by May 11, there are many more deaths to come - think another 40,000. So we really will have 80,000 or more people die from this virus.
  3. Nice looking bag, nice touch to etch your name
  4. Agree outdoors should make it more difficult to spread. Great point to stay home if you are not 100%, it’s the only way to slow the spread and not overwhelm the system. Government also needs to let CDC do its job.
  5. Caution and care is prudent, and washing hands and wearing masks can keep you safer while you compete. Joking about this is immature and acting carelessly is simply ignorant and puts those of us with health issues at greater risk
  6. Evil Dogooder and Riverboat Red- i’ll pm you and thanks for the help
  7. Tex, im not expecting to be a fast guy; I want To have fun, shoot some guns and get better every time out.
  8. I am also looking to start shooting, and I have found that Morristown is closest for me (in Minneapolis). I was thinking it might make sense for me to go and observe the two April events, before actually participating. I think I need to observe processes of a match, as well as how and what cowboys shoot in shotgun portion (I only shot one once 45 years ago). I would certainly like advice between now and then. I have an Uberti 1873 in .357, which was an easy choice since I’ve been checking them out for 20 years. I also have a Pietta Frontier in .357, probably will get a second one. I also need all the other gear, like a belt and holsters, so I really want to talk to some others before diving in. Thanks in advance for your words of advice,
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