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  1. IMHO, lead composition is the biggest factor in richocets and injury. No scientific evidence to back me up, only anectodal and personal experiences. My pure lead C&B, and 20/1, projectiles have never been reported by Posse members to cause splatter My reclaimed and new lead SG shot does produce splatter that hits me and others. Both have antimony in the mix. When I have been hit while another Pard was shootin' rifle or revolver, he said "hard cast" each time I asked. Just sayin' Amarillo Rattler
  2. PM sent on Stoeger Supreme. Amarillo Rattler
  3. Goody, Do your prices include shipping, or is the shipping added to your prices? Thanks Amarillo Rattler
  4. I think his C&B inventory will drastically increase with the new mobility!!!! Speedy recovery and watch your tongue at the first therapy session!!! I know!!! Amarillo Rattler
  5. Top gun 1sg, I'll take 'em. PM sent for payment and shipping addresses. Thanks, Amarillo Rattler
  6. Dawg, I am changing the 1860 Armys 8" barrels I bought from you 3+'years ago and Rowdy Yates did the full work on 'em. I installed the Birdshead grips I bought from you recently. Perfect fit, thank you again. Bought 4 7/8" 1851 Navy barrels. Sending the barrels and frames to Colorado Coffinmaker for his magic fitting the barrels to the frames. The term "Kit Guns" comes to mind. See ya' Amarillo Rattler
  7. PM and e-mail sent. Amarillo Rattler
  8. 100% agree with all above. Then stumbled on Southshot while shopping for Buffalo Trace. $22 for a 1.75ltr bottle. WOW!!!! Amarillo Rattler
  9. My practice BP load is 34 of 2F. Plastic wad, OS wad and rolled crimp. My match load is 40 and 52 of 2F, OP then lubed wad, then dry filler wad, then lead and OS wad, rolled crimp. If the practice load is fired near or on the KD, it's down. The smaller match load is used 90%+ of the time. The heavy match load is used for difficult KDs, smaller or at significant angles. When I used waxed filler wad loads, that resulted in many misses, due to the donut patterns. Just sayin' Amarillo Rattler
  10. Dawg, Sorry to use this thread, I sent you a PM on another thread. Thanks, Rattler
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