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  1. Brand new in the box Henry 22 rifle. Hasn’t been fired by me at all.
  2. Interested in 73 wood send pics to leephl@yahoo.com.  Thanks

  3. package on stage 


    tracking #


    9505 5103 5251 9211 2377 94

  4. rlluehr@yahoo.com


    send me your shipping inform

  5. don't know what's wrong with the post office some come to some they sent back ,guess they can't read


    try this




    12141 7TH ST


    Houston,TX. 77072-5323

  6. I sent a check for the brass but envelope came back as undeliverable.  Do you want PayPal?  Address I used is exactly what is posted on your page here.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      got it will send tracking # sat thanks

    3. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      package on stage


      tracking #


      9505 5103 5254 9187 3712 08

    4. Cimmarron
  7. I said I would take the brass.  Do you do pay pal or you want check.

    1. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      send gold  check is fine to




      12141 7th st


      Houston,Tx 77072


      send me your shipping inform please

    2. Cimmarron


      Will send check.  My address is

      Phillip Lee

      2476 Honeybee Ln

      Frisco, TX.  75036

  8. I also have a Lefever nitro 12ga with 30” barrel I think that I can offer plus $500.

  9. Made an offer on the Hi Wall.  If you wish you can email me at leephl@yahoo.com.

  10. Ill take the timer just need email to send money by PayPal.  My address is 

    Phillip Lee

    2476 Honeybee Ln

    Frisco, Tex. 75036

  11. I have always wanted a pair, do you do PayPal?

    1. Sidewinder Sid

      Sidewinder Sid

      Sorry, I don't, I would prefer a check or cashier check. These are brand new, I paid $650 for them right before he quit.

    2. Sidewinder Sid

      Sidewinder Sid

      Got the knife thank you.

  12. We’ll just say $5 for shipping and $40 for shirt. Total of $45 to


    Phillip Lee

    2476 Honeybee Ln

    Frisco, Tx   75036


    send your address so I can get package ready.  My email is 


    1. Hopalong Mac McLin

      Hopalong Mac McLin

      Calvin McBride

      3742 S Woodtrail Rd SW

      Decatur, AL 35603


      I sent the address to your email address as well,

    2. Hopalong Mac McLin

      Hopalong Mac McLin


      I overnighted your money on Friday.  You should have gotten it on Saturday.  Please let me know when it is received.   It would be great if I had it by Wednesday so that I could take it to the SE Regional in Memphis.  UPS Next Day Air Tracking number 1Z97WY740198868412




  13. Tan pair still available $40 plus shipping ($10)

  14. You can email me at “leephl@yahoo.com”.  Can do PayPal or mail a check.  My FFL will be Frisco Gun Club in Frisco TX.  Let me know what you need.

    1. Dakota Fox 24875

      Dakota Fox 24875

      Will send you an email

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