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  1. Yes that will be fine. Send to: leephl@yahoo.com. Email me with your address.
  2. I bought this last year and never used it. Don’t need it. The original price was $57, will sell for $45 shipped. Amazon says they are not available.
  3. just want to let you know I received the brass grips. Thanks.
  4. thank you Big Iron. I deal with others as I wish to be dealt with, which is with honesty and forthrightness. That is the cowboy way. When I say these are slick, I really mean it. Plus I made sure they shoot all primers not just Federals.
  5. You can’t receive messages, but no one knows the hat size. If 6-7/8, I’m very interested.
  6. Would you consider a trade for two Cimmaron “Evil Roy’s” 4-7/8” barrels, 38/357, or 45.
  7. Interested in 73 wood send pics to leephl@yahoo.com.  Thanks

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