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  1. I saw on the Ruger website, if this is your pistol my apologies, but I have seen here that the old model had the large frame that would handle the pressure of the .44mag cartridge and the NMV frame was too small. My apologies, but this one was the only one I saw and not sure what is on the barrel. I will accept the wrist slapping!
  2. The New Vaqueros weren’t made in .44mag, .44 special yes, magnum no.
  3. Great idea! Not sure how long it took you to make, but I am thinking you got something you could not only to lovely ladies, but to some of who are either suffering from arthritis or in my case, neuropathy from chemotherapy. Might want to consider it. Either way great craftsmanship and ingenuity.
  4. I can do that! PM me your PP ID and I will send payment by tomorrow noon as I am in Orlando and traveling back tonight.
  5. No worries. Didn’t take it wrong. Thanks for well wishes, on Keytruda now but 10 treatments of chemo last 2021 did it to me! But I am looking down instead of up and thanks to both Doctors and prayers from family and friends I am clean.
  6. Was at work trying to get it written in a hurry and with the neuropathy from chemo affecting my fingers, I sometimes don’t get it right. My Bad! Thanks for the correction
  7. I got a set piece by piece, at the time the prices were around 2,000.00, back in 2017. Should be above that easily for a Calvary set of 2nd gen guns with matching shoulder stock. I would agree that ColtForum would be a good source.
  8. Thanks looking for 24” octagonal barreled one to plate the receiver with brass to match the “Henry” rifle John Wayne was selling in The Commancheros movie. Thanks anyway!
  9. If u are saying to me, no need, my fault in not doing it sooner! But I took a chance that Paco might have changed his mind. Don’t get kissed if you don’t ask.
  10. If the deal with Paco falls thru I will buy the Winchester stock set. Let me know.
  11. If the buyer doesn’t want the additional items I would be very interested depending on price of each, definitely the bayonet! PM me either list and prices. I have both a rifle and a Winchester 1895 in .30-40 Krag. Thanks.
  12. Great little shop was there July 2019 and bought a Perdasoli Flintlock rifle from them. Very friendly.
  13. Dell also sells an external DVD drive that would work on your laptop for around 40-50. O am sure there are other manufacturers drives as well. Just a suggestion. I like books as well.
  14. I want them. Can you take Zelle for payment? nimble fingers
  15. unfortunately I didn’t hit send. If Montana Greg declines let me be second in line. I want them, can you do Zelle?
  16. Wow, don’t hold back! Tell us what you really think! But I have to disagree with you on it being a piece of crap. I am happy with mine and the 1866, 1892s, 1886 and 1894s I have from Miroku. But you shoot what you want and I won’t stoop to your level of gun snobbery and insult your choice.
  17. If you are going with your wife then I would also recommend TUBAC! It is a small “town” of various craft shops and stores. Would visit with my wife every time we visited my folks in Green Valley. One time in the bookstore I met the Don of the author of The Shootist. Had a nice conversation ought his book and had him sign it. Another time bought some great jewelry for my wife, enjoy the mountains!
  18. I would substitute Reuben sandwiches, but like the desert idea!
  19. If it hadn’t had a polished look to it I would have said it was finish was worn and in “white” and it was just the receiver, the barrel and mag tube were not polished. I am thinking that one of the gun rental firms just had one plated.
  20. Not sure what your point is? Are you criticizing John Wayne movies? If so that is ok, your right to have an opinion, but there are a few that are alike, his early “B” westerns, the Howard Hawkes trio, but most of the John Ford directed ones had different story lines and allowed John Wayne to be different.
  21. I always thought he had different outfits and 2 different hats?!?
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