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  1. Mine is also a 45-60 and Smokedawg who I purchased it from is sending me the components to get loaded. Been thinking to seriously get it restored by Turnbull, this and an 1887 Winchester shotgun are the oldest in my collection and I would really like to see the 1876 restored. Just have to find a 1895 and my Winchester collection will be complete lever wise with originals and replicas. I have a Navy Arms 1860, but the rest are original Winchesters or in the case of my 1866 & 1873, Moriku replicas.
  2. Not sure what you mean by thumbprint but thank you for all your information and I have ordered the book you suggested from Amazon new, even though I hate doing business with them as they helped shutdown Parlor and the owner’s and a lot of the employees’ political philosophy.
  3. The dust cover slides back and forth very easily and doesn’t stay in place when then hammer down and lever closed, letting ur do the job it is supposed to. There is a screw on top, seems to be holding a piece of steel under the “ramp” to the dust cover. I believe if I were to tighten this screw it might hold the dust cover in place but as I said it is an original and I don’t want assume making an ass out of me and breaking the part.
  4. I am the proud owner of an original 1876 rifle. As I was “playing” with it making believe I was Tom Selleck, I noticed the dust cover is loose. Now I could possibly turn the screw to possibly tighten it but I would rather have a manual that tells me what is the correct fix. Is it the same as a 1873 and I should look for one of those instead? Thanks in advance.
  5. I agree, get your sons or a local Cub / Boy Scout group out and giv them all lessons on gun safety and shoot some cowboy guns.
  6. Yes they did, but not any more unfortunately according to the catalog and a call to customer service, I missed it, so now I will have to buy and plate.
  7. I believe they were a Henry and a 66 as you say with the forearm taken off to match his Fathers. I am always looking at a 92 with a 24” octagon barrel to make it a Hollywood Henry as seen in the Commancheros movie. One day I will buy a Rossi and send it Steve the 92 wizard to have him plate the receiver, lever and butt cap.
  8. I bought Smokedawg’s rifle, just got it from UPS, was supposed to arrive before 7pm got it at 8:59! But his description was right on and he got it out to me quickly! Good man to do business with. Now all I need is an 1895 to complete my Winchester lever collection thru 94. Thanks Smokedawg!
  9. If it is cancer I almost know what you are going thru. Getting ready for my 7th chemo treatment next Tuesday for colon cancer. you can do this! You can get better! I am stage 4 and the chemo is working. Hope your treatment is not too serious and you will get better!
  10. Well if you decide to break it up, I would consider the 44-40 conversion for the Square Deal B.
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