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  1. Ok saw all that we shouldn’t use, what should we use? How do we clean and protect Nickel plated guns?
  2. All valid points on both sides of the coin, but if you start up a business, you need to have a FEIN and corporate registry with the state to open a bank account. All that takes an address. As for a website designed to do business over the internet, this is something that is quick and easy to do, nothing compared to even 10 years ago! and lastly it is common sense for the new owners to look at their own website and judge whether they would use it. This business has spent a lot of effort but only went 8 yards instead of the whole 9 yards. and unfortunately we need to be cautious in dealin
  3. And I thought that was a made up name from “Big Jake”! That was fun to learn.
  4. Isn’t that in that silly horror movie, where Oliver’s widow is thinking that her home is haunted by everyone killed by a Winchester rifle?
  5. Not to make you rethink your choice but Taurus just came out with a model that shoots .460 S&W, which I believe will also shoot .45 Colt and .454 Casull. You might want to entertain getting one of those instead. As for stuff to trade/sell, you might want to post some of the items that you have to trade.
  6. First, now that I read what he was originally was writing about Colorado, I CARE! You see I collect Winchester lever rifles as close as I can to either originals, Miruko or replicas. Secondly, it would be fun to find out what others had as I am trying to get a 1876 and 1895. so as I am told many times by moderators here, if the post or poster upsets you or writes about something you are not interested in or don’t like, don’t read it! That way we who do care get to read what we like. Ok?
  7. That’s too bad I was interested to see what the Classic Winchester Line was all about!
  8. Not sure but I remember a much less judgmental tone when someone asked for advice. But being as that was the late 90’s and there weren’t so many choices people were a little kinder. Yes the man asked why not and yes we got the obligatory opinions who have “heard” and never shot one. So all I am asking is that if someone has no experience shooting a firearm don’t put it down. Tell the poster to check the forum, search and find other people’s experience actually using them. And then you can stop, or ask what level of a shooter is he going to be, and if competitive then he may not want to choose
  9. She is correct, I worked for a furniture company and we had “QC” people in the various plants but still sometimes had issues.
  10. And no one called you a gamer. But you did say you have never shot a Big Boy in a match, do I took that to mean you have no experience a gun that you are telling someone else is a “bad idea” to use it. Did I get it correct? So again, I say to you it may be a bad idea to you but let the man shoot what he wants and tell him what you experienced when you shot it, oh wait you haven’t. So then how do you tell someone not to shoot a gun in the “game” with no experience doing it yourself? That’s the problem I have. You can voice an opinion on why you wouldn’t, but without any experience, saying it
  11. Just a bad idea to you, not to someone who has one and wants to shoot it. I never understand why there are people who feel the need to criticize others on this forum for their choices. We explained it, if you want to be competitive, shoot a short stroked 1873, 1866 or Marlin in .38 special. But if not, shoot what makes you feel good and enjoy being a cowboy/girl!
  12. The only company that did make an 1860 Henry in .44 special is Uberti I believe. Someone even suggested going to VTI to see if they had any barrels left. They had them listed but none in stock. You might get Henry Rifles to do a custom rifle for you, the would only need to work the barrel.
  13. I’d like the 2 Buck commemorative knives. Tell me how you want to be paid unless you don’t mind Zello and I can pay you that way?
  14. Well then I guess you think the same way about licensed Winchesters made by Moriku? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally I don’t like the looks of a Marlin, but when I started in the late 90’s, Marlins in .38 special were the rifles only serious Cowboy action shooters used! Stop being a gun snob! No one is forcing you to use one and if you would really look down your nose at someone who came to your monthly shoot with a Big Boy, the I am wondering what you think the “spirit of the game” is? I would be happy to have a new shooter and welcome him/her to the match! But that’s jus
  15. Just saw the Wednesday episode of Shooting Gallery, not knowing it was the last one, and just wanted to say thank you back at you for 29 years of shows where I learned a lot and enjoyed see new products, and new ways to use them. Obviously all the cowboy action episodes were great, but I think my favorite was you hunting with different .45-70 guns in Africa! I had just picked up a used Winchester 1886, and it was great listening to you experiencing the hunt with you. You will be missed, please do a “special” every so often so we can still have your “company” every once in a while. All t
  16. I have not heard mention of a Winchester original or Moruki 92 or that of o Browning 92? I have the afore mentioned JW in .44/40 but “adjusted” to shoot .44 special, and a Winchester 92 rifle and Browning 92 carbine, both in .44mag that I shoot .44 special in. These are much smoother than Rossi’s, and I used them before I got a Uberti 73 in .44 special, only to replace it with the newer Winchester model along with 1866, both in .44-40. I highly recommend the Winchester and Browning 92’s.
  17. That’s what I was thinking, shouldn’t make a difference.
  18. Little off topic but I think it is relevant all the same. When I shoot my favorite is a JW 92 in -44-40 with a big loop. That being said, I am not competitive when I shoot, enjoy dressing like John Wayne and enjoy just walking around healed. Now the relevant part, if your friend is just “playing”, doesn’t care where he ends up in the scorebard at the shoots and wants the Big Boy because he likes the looks, he should go for it. No reason as he plays more he might want other rifles to shoot later. The big loop will slow him down as it does me, but I shoot slow anyway and he may as well and b
  19. Why would the addition of a side gate negate their SASS eligibility?
  20. It exactly sure what this post is about but I am going to say that my son’s 9422 is smooth accurate, pretty and very accurate! Bought it from Bass Pro back when they were on sale for $299. I believe they are very good rifles and looking for once calibered in .22 mag, with the checkered forearm and stock!
  21. So Ramblin I am thinking you can tell us the model, describe the condition and tell us the price, like I asked before as well as a picture. Or you can keep talking about R1s and I will lose interest and look elsewhere.
  22. Have no idea which model you are referring to or how much you want for it as the image didn’t come thru, so without wasting your time, but if you are interested in selling your gun, you might want to try again with attaching an image but also to write the description and the price you are wanting. Then I can see if it is my price range and if I want it or over you a counter offer. Only if you are interested in selling.
  23. Unfortunately I don’t believe Coyote Cap is doing any work, thought someone in his family might have taken over but not sure. Rolan told me he shot the Winchester light target loads in it. But I have an old Richards side by side with hammers, that even though has a slew of proof marks I am not sure I would shoot it without looking at black powder shells. Even picked up 4 boxes of brass shells to start reloading. Was going to have a local gunsmith cut the barrels down to 18-20” as I am always thinking Stagecoach guard with a hammered shotgun but haven’t done it yet. May or may not be best optio
  24. Yes you could, but you were inquiring if someone new of a long barrel without one, and I was reminding Warden that you already had an original but didn’t want to shoot it. Don’t blame you, I bought an original from Rolan Kraps back in 2020 but haven’t shot it yet. I was lucky he only wanted to get out of it what he had spent to get it so I got it for under $700, 12ga, and he told me it can shoot but you have to shoot it like you stole it, and at that price I did. My son and I traveled from SE FL to GA and back, close to 20 hours round trip but it was worth it. Actually considering sending it t
  25. And he has one, but due to its age and needing to shoot black powder he is looking for a reproduction model that has a long barrel, no choke and can shoot modern ammunition, or at least that is what I read.
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