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  1. I am interested, price the same for either cartridge? Wanting 200 rounds, let me know if u can ship? I can Zelle payment
  2. I wonder if Bill Koch is going to buy it? He has Frank James’ 1875 Remington and Colt 1873, serial # 1! He has a great firearms collection, saw a lot of them when he exhibited some of them in West Palm Beach FL back in 2010-11 not sure. Wouldn’t surprise me if he did.
  3. She also looked good in that Robert Taylor western also starring Fess Parker and she ends up with Robert Taylor!
  4. All admirable points, but since you didn’t start out with the question of how competitive does he want to be, how much can he invest, and is there a particular reason he is interested in a ‘94, I thought I should bring up a different perspective. The 94 I had was a 84-94 centennial with a JW loop in .44 mag shooting .44 spcl along with a Colt New Frontier and a Ruger Vaquero. When I started there were not the various choices members have now, but at that time we shot what we could or wanted or could afford. Very few at that time were shooting to be competitive, in fact a gamer was one who short stroked the guns and loaded mouse farts. Since I didn’t see anything about being competitive or the original poster comparing a 94 to a different rifle, or asking about options, I surmised he wanted to shoot a 94. And I know many shooters who shoot them and do enjoy them. Respect your view, and offering suggestions without putting down his choice is where I was coming from.
  5. Unless of course you are participating in our sport for the fun of dressing up as your favorite western idol and don’t give a “durn” about it being a TIMED SHOOTING SPORT! I for one, when I competed had more fun, dressing up like John Wayne, using a large lever 94 and then his commemorative Winchester 92, having fun just shooting and being with my club members shooting .44 spcl. If I wanted to compete I would have shoot .38 spcl, first with a Marlin and then with a Uberti 73 as that is what the “competitive shooters” used. I would still have my 94 if I hadn’t stumbled onto a deal for a Colt nickel plated Buntline in .44-40. So Creeker, lighten up, keep shooting competitively and let the rest of us have fun! And that is definitely my opinion!
  6. I grew up with a bacon, peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. Substitute the peanut butter for the lettuce & tomato and it will definitely be a pleasant surprise. I liked it so much I would make them without bacon as well.
  7. Thanks guys used to speed loaders and using moon clips for .45ACPs in my Colt New Service. Never thought about it that way.
  8. Gentlemen, sometimes people want guns that won’t necessarily will be shot in a SASS shoot. That being said, why would a plated ‘92, missing a would forearm not be legal in a SASS shoot? I just want one because it was in a John Wayne movie, just like I want a ‘92 that I believe was “borrowed” from Chuck Connors that Robert Mitchum uses in El Dorado. He doesn’t fire it as in the Rifleman shows, and I am willing to bet Johnny Crawford brought it with him as he was staring in the movie as well.
  9. As I have said in previous posts, I would like to make one to look like the one John Wayne handles in “The Commancheros”. I remember it to be a blued 24” octagon rifle with a brass receiver, lever and butt stock plate. I was going to get a Rossi in .44 mag but they stopped making them. Not sure if they have any spare parts for the frame, but they were selling gold colored levers for only $15.00, and I bought one. Rossi has brought the 92’s back but an octagon blued rifle in .44 mag with a 24” octagon barrel is closed to $1,000, and I am not paying that. I also wanted to get a Rossi Rancher(mare’s leg) in .44 mag and have Nate Kiowa Jones modify it to more resemble the first model Steve McQueen used. I was going to have him do the plating on the 92, as well when I find a cheaper Rossi.
  10. My worse gun deal was back in 1989 when I traded a Colt 1911 that was GI issued and $200 for a Hawes stainless .44 mag 6” and belt/holster. I was very “foolish”, but so into single actions, and back then Colt 1911’s were more plentiful and affordable. Not a day doesn’t go by that I kick myself!
  11. Sorry you are correct as to the typo. Thank you for replying. I thought it was .45-60, not interested in .40-65
  12. Please contact me if you have any .45-60 cartridges left, I will take 50 too!
  13. I am aware of trimming down the .45-70 shells but I don’t plan on shooting this rifle a lot and have enough .45-60 cartridges to reload. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  14. I don’t reload that caliber yet! Got an original 1876 and wanted to have some ammo for it. Got about 50 empty cases, bullets, die but no black powder or press yet to answer your other question I will keep them and reload them. If I didn’t I would send the cartridges to somewhere to get them reloaded. They are expensive and hard to find. I just wanted the other shooters to know the cartridges were available, $70 for 20 rounds but to me it was worth getting 40!
  15. Expensive, but for me, worth it. The “shopping cart” didn’t respond as fast as I am used to, was up to 15 boxes when it finally reacted. So be aware.
  16. I have been a big fan of the books and yes while Tom Cruise wasn’t “Reacher” size, the dialogue was close to the books and for me made it watchable. My son has a subscription, so Sunday night my wife and I watched 6 episodes and finished the resining three last night. I was more than happy with the results both the characters and the dialogue as was my wife and will be looking forward to the next season. My son tells me the Jack Ryan series is also worth a look so that is next.
  17. I was going to guess it was an 80’s number. Thx
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