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    97's, 97's,.....and my wife!

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  1. Sorry, but there are no videos of Red Knee shooting the 97, because Red Knee is simply a figment of Widders imagination.......Widder tells tall tales of yesteryear of how he whooped up on the speed demon 97 shooter Red Knee with one awe inspiring 97 run after another.......Red Knee is but one of many imaginary friends that exist only in Widder's world. Just laugh and play along with him when he tells his tales.
  2. Phantom, 10 or so years ago Widder asked that very question..... Naildriver once suggested that I got my alias from being a Pentecostal preacher....... I told both Widder and Naildriver the same.... Truth is, I've made a living crawling around on my hands and knees in public restrooms..... Widder got really quiet after my reply, Naildriver threw the bullsh** flag..... Neither a prostitute nor a preacher....but a self-employed commercial tile setter for 23 years.....hence Red Knee.
  3. Behind the scenes, I must confess, the lynch mob has been recruiting me to join.......
  4. My bad......I misread the size when I first saw the ad. I'll pass. Red Knee
  5. Red Knee passed the 40 mark and decided that was maybe 2 or 3 too many!! These are some good uns at a good price.
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