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  1. I saw this ad pop up,,,,1 minute after the ad appeared here, I requested pics of the rugers and 97's via the email address seller provided in the ad......as of right now I have received zero response from seller. Just putting it out there for what it's worth.
  2. Great guy to do business with.......excellent quality rifles!!!
  3. Now Widder, I cant condone pickin' on Hell's Comin........cuz many years ago at EOT, he gave me quite the compliment, I had just finished shooting a stage and he walked over to me and said "Red Knee, your 97 was world class........he paused for a second as my head was swelling......but the rest of it was Xxxx!!!!
  4. The shell hit the edge of the port cuz you were used to the wider port!
  5. Had you had a Wideder port, you mighta posted quicker!
  6. "I've never used any of them in competition".....Widder That's what I would say if I were you!!! This sorta explains my years of frustration.......Tough to beat Widder with the Wideder port!!!! Man I feel better! Red Knee (with the legal port)
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