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  1. H.K. Sent ya a p.m. with contact info for Snake Oil George in Oklahoma. He's the man that can make it happen. Red Knee
  2. Slick and crew always do it up right! Good food, good people, good times....and shootin too!! And I gotta give Slick kuddos for raising two absolutely great kids!!
  3. The guy that started this topic......cant recall.....I think I met him a few times.....I think....oh heck, it dont matter, even if I do remember him, I'll soon forget him.....oh look a bird!
  4. Thanks......but, the guy who's responsible for all this is the one who several years ago posted a video of himself shootin a 97 blazing fast. I saw the video and thought, dang I gotta meet this guy, and I gotta beat this guy. I then saw where he was signed up to be at Hellfire in Louisiana. Upon arriving at Hellfire, I walked straight up to the 97 sidematch, found him, introduced myself and told him that he was the reason I was there and I was there to beat him. Well, that day I got my butt royally kicked by the guy that I think is one of, if not the fastest 97 shooters to ever play the game. And ever since then, I've been chasin' that guy all over the place tryin' to whoop him. Part of the beauty of our sport is that we get to meet people that we may never have crossed paths with otherwise....that person, I now call my friend.....Widder(I also call him lots of other things):) Widder is the reason "the bounty" was created and funds were raised for the fight against cancer. Red Knee I
  5. Hey Slick, I'm comin with Snake Oil. I'm in Tennessee right now, I'll get my app to ya next week. Red Knee
  6. Tyrel, Just loaded some 44 Russian rounds into my ammo bag....amazed myself that I remembered....and no there ain't no Russian collusion involved in this deal!!! See ya soon
  7. Tequila.... You will definitely know you have arrived at the 97 sidematch when the smell of fear is overridden by the smell of burning geritol as Widders system overheats from trying to match the speed of an Okie. Hey, Widder makes this stuff up, not me!!!!
  8. Let's set the record straight...... I missed a call from his Widderness....so I called him back. "Hello", he said, "you got a second, listen to this"...and it ended up in a 45 minute call listening to him practice his 97...... So he's a bit nervous about something or someone, cause he was down on the farm burning up boxes of shells in 95+ heat..... Hhmmmm, what or who can it be that causes such concern?????
  9. It's nice you left time in that cadence to eat a sandwich, red knee wouldn't like to seem like your rushing him or anything Evil, I just spoke with Red Knee,....he stated that there is a slim to none chance, that he would feel rushed by a feller from EASTern Tennessee.....he said them fellers from back EAST got their cadences all jacked up.....as in BA DA BING......BA DA BOOM.....he said yous guys from back EAST don't worry him none. His words, not mine.....don't shoot the messenger.
  10. A guy's gotta be a bit of a red neck himself just to use a line like that from a Gretchen Wilson song. Guarantee ya, Widder dont know who Gretchen Wilson is, nor the song.....
  11. Even worse......he bought it at the same place that red neck women buy their lingerie at half price.......gonna be more than just a price "rollback" when Widder is seen sportin' it.....oh my.....
  12. So Widder talks a tough talk with a 97 (and backs it up)......BUT is he tough enough to wear pink.....?????? I'll throw in another $50 bucks just to see Widder in pink. So, Widder how tough are ya?????
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