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  1. I couldn't get the links to work either.....I'm tryin to find the owner of it......the contact info for Edisto Ike, the original owner, is no longer in service.....
  2. Just Bill, Nice.....get it put back together and shoot away!
  3. I let ya win a couple of times and now I'm subjected to this kinda treatment.....oh jeeezzz!!!
  4. Maybe, just maybe, someone here on the wire remembers this gun......it sold here on the wire about 7 or so years ago. It was a 97 Winchester that had a color case hardened frame.....it had exhibition grade wood, stunningly beautiful wood.......action work done by a big name smith.......just a totally tricked out 97. It was a collaboration of several individuals. Beautiful piece of work..... Anyone with info about this gun and its whereabouts, please respond here or shoot me a p.m. Thanks, Red Knee
  5. Looks like something Widder should invest in.....just sayin' Red Knee
  6. No worries. PM me your shipping info and I'll get em to ya.
  7. Hey Tyrel, Just last week I was cleaning my gun safe and trying to get an accurate count of my 97's......while doing so I ran into a big bag of 44 Russian rounds. Called a buddy here locally to see if he knew of anyone who could use em.......long story short, I still got em and have nothing to shoot em in. You can have em.....just gotta figure how to get em to ya. Red Knee
  8. If its $40 for all of em plus shipping...I'll take em. Thanks, Red Knee
  9. PM sent with Widder's contact info.
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