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  1. Most all of his “responses” are sssllllooooowwww
  2. Persistence pays my friend...... I studied extra hard and made it through 7th grade on only my second try!!!
  3. Thems some big monious words.... Had the wife google em.....I’m impressed dang it!! Someone from your neck of the woods called yesterday after I posted the 2022 challenge and offered me unlimited shells.......truly......I was shocked!
  4. I was just genuinely concerned about your well being...... FRACAS??? Me??? Famously Red Knee Again Calms Widder’s Anxiety about Shotguns FRACAS??? Maybe so......
  5. He’s gonna need time to fine tune his new parts, bionics or whatever they call em in widder wonderland.
  6. ..........and make sure he’s okay. Reason being, I called him today and simply stated, “Tennessee State.....2022.....me and you” and I felt his blood pressure rise over the phone......please check on him and make sure he’s okay. Red Knee
  7. Hey Randy, Widder made me promise him before his bionics were installed, that I would in no way, shape, or form, pick on his inability to witfully respond here on the wire, so out of sincere respect, I refuse to verbally assault his old arse!! Red Knee
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