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  1. Will, I have two pair; problem, they are in NC and I am currently in CT. If you don't find any, when I get home I will get back up with you and send you a pair. Abilene Al
  2. I too have 6 of these fine loading block, this allows you time between stages to spend time doing other things besides re-loading your block or counting out cartridges to put into a bag for the next stage. They are well made and he has custom woods if you prefer something a little different. I surprised my wife with 6 of these at the NC State shoot a few years back...paid off dividends, oh yea. Marshal I wish you all the best going forward. Abilene Al.
  3. Did anyone read Buckshots profile, if you did you will see he has his life lined-up just as it should be. We need more members like like him. My hat is off to the individual that brought this man into SASS CAS. AA
  4. Pards, Brand New Uberti Deluxe 73 Rifle (pistol grip), 44-40, 20 inch barrel, low profile rear sight, Grabber front sight, Pioneer Super Short stroke kit, whisper springs, lighten mainspring, aluminum carrier and coil lever spring. I cannot think of anything you could add to this rifle. This is a brand new gun and match ready. $1450 shipped. Abilene Al at bracey.gordon@yahoo.com Send email address for pictures, please.
  5. Pards, I am looking to purchase an 1886 Winchester or Replica in 45-70 with the pistol grip, NO Plain blue ones thanks. If you have one to sell, please email me pictures and price to bracey.gordon@yahoo.com I have a brand new full race Uberti 73 Deluxe model in 44-40, CAS race ready if interested in a trade. Thanks for taking the time to read my ad. Abilene
  6. John,

    Persuader down in Augusta, GA has a pair of USFAs in his safe he was talking about selling. I purchased a pair of Rodeos from him and he still had a pair in the antique finish. I am thinking about putting that finish on mine, Coroner does a good job doing that finish.

    Good luck it took me a while to find a pair.

    Send him a PM if interested and see what he wants to part with...

  7. Al,could I have pictures of the thunderstorm 45 colt's for sale.

    Thanks pard,Murf barbersean@surewest.net

  8. Al,could I have pictures of the thunderstorm 45 colt's for sale.

    Thanks pard,Murf barbersean@surewest.net

  9. Send me an address to send payment on the #2 shirt, I will get payment sent. Thanks

  10. I have two of them Grayson, one has the brass frame the other is just like the one the other cowboy had posted. I would also trade for a pair of USFA short barrels in 45LC.

    My email address is, bracey.gordon@yahoo.com if you are interested.

    Abilene Al

  11. Howdy pard, thought I was the only one with 310 tools still around. Would be nice to have one to build and try custom loads with new powders. Dillon 650 does not lend itself to much to that kind of work on small quanities. Look forward to seeing it in the mail.


  12. great pard to do business with,bought 4 times from him ,and always had great service and great products .

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