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  1. Eileen What shotgun are you looking for 97 or maybe a Stoeger side by side? I have a beautiful Stoeger SS double with all the work already done. If interested PM me. Also have a Uberti 73 with 20", but it will cost you more than Barleycorn"s Miroku, Miroku makes a nice product, mine short stroked, SS tube and tube spring, large front sight, lite lifter, back-up rifle, never used. Abilene Al
  2. BTT It would be hard for any new cowboys / cowgirls to go wrong with this purchase. Buying the right guns the first time out is something that most of us didn't do and it cost us plenty. As Jimmy Spurs once told me, "buy a pair of Ruger vaqueros and you will never look back". Very true words, they are great guns, easy to find parts for, used by most of the best shooters and they don't break the bank. Good luck on the sale Dave and kudos for helping a fellow cowboy in his time of need, bless you. Cash we pray for you health to improve. Abilene Al
  3. Pards, I have an unusual item for sale, two cast iron colt pistols, they can be used to wet form or reform a holster and to keep in your holster to maintain its shape when stored. I wrap mine in Wal-Mart shopping bags, you can enlarge your holster to make your pistol go in and out easier by having it slightly oversize. If you are having new holsters made, you can have them made for old model Rugers if you are shooting NM Rugers and they come in and out much slicker with less wear on the guns finish. $75 for the pair shipped.
  4. Pards I have two really nice NEW knives for sale, one is a very Limited Edition by D'Holder in a presentation box, would make a nice gift for your brother in law. Read the Certification paper with it for more information. $125 shipped The second is a beautiful Damascus Steel knife, picture tells it better than I ever could, the blade is over 1/8 inch thick, with partial bone handle. Not crazy about the scabbard and would have my rig maker make one to match my rig, or use it for hunting and skinning as is. $125 shipped
  5. Well if you know someone that would like to have the USFAs, I will purchase your pistolas. Abilene
  6. Buckshot Would you be interested in putting some money in the game and trade for a Jimmy Spurs pair of USFAs with Antiqued finish? Allowing for both sets of hammers, you would have to kick in around $1400. USFA's have Outlaw Grips in Blonde Buckeye Burl and the super Blackhawk hammers also. Send me PM if interested and I will send pics if you have serious interest and we will talk. Abilene
  7. Texas You were first to say "I'll take it", so it is yours. Pit Bull did ask a question about the unit, but did not respond to my answer before you posted and sent PM. I will answer your PM with info for funds. Thanks, Abilene
  8. Pards, I have a Lyman Turbo Sonic brass cleaner; put your brass in, put in cleaner, set it and forget it. Looks new in the box. $75 Plus shipping up to $15, I pay anything above that amount shipped to the lower 48 states. Abilene
  9. Ladies We have a nice medium size Indian style black fancy fringe jacket for sale, $75 shipped to the lower 48. Short dressy black swede leather , waist coat length with fancy looking bones on the front. (See Picture) Plain on the back. Size runs small I think, but really looks good on the right cowgirl... Only worn to banquets a couple of times, been in storage. Could use a good brushing, just pulled it out and took pictures. Abilene
  10. Cowgirls, We have three pairs of ladies cowgirl trousers for sale. 1) Dark Brown, Brand New, Wah Maker, 32 inch waist, never hemmed. $35 plus $5 shipping conc. US 2) Black, Very Good Condition, Lite Weight, Frontier Classic, 32 inch waist by 26 inch inseam, $25 plus $5 shipping conc. US 3) Kaki, Like New, Lite Weight, Frontier Classic, 32 inch waist by 26 inch inseam. $25 plus $5 shipping conc. US Two pair ships as one, all three ship for $7.50 together.
  11. I believe this fine rifle (I have one) will fire 45-70 rounds, am I correct? Lot more 45-70 brass available than 45-90. Could make it more interesting to some.
  12. Church Key You sold me a 9000H I believe, when we were living in Essex, MD and delivered it, help set it up and got me started. This is a good Cowboy to rife the river with and welcome at my campfire anytime. A lot of our ole friends are gone, Herd Tender, Coroner and others. Be well my friend. Abilene Al
  13. You might also try SARCO, they have lots of older military parts.
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