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  1. Ironhead, Sorry for the delay, company came to see my wife (she has PPMS) and that has taken up much of my time. I will have you a tracking number in a few minutes. and your gold will be on the stage. Abilene
  2. Drifter, Hope all is well with you and yours. Stay safe and happy trails to you. Al
  3. Mr. Kloehr, Forgive me, I am old and a little slow, not being from TN and all. Al
  4. Ironhead, Send me your address and I will get a US Postal money order in the Priority Mail to you tomorrow or Wednesday. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but it is early so I could possibly get it going after that. Abilene Al aka Gordon A Bracey PO Box 812 Rowland, NC 28383
  5. Persuader down in GA had a pair that he would part with, if he still has them. PM him and ask, cost to ask "0". Hope this helps, great Cowboy if he still has them. Abilene
  6. Cowboys Those of you who tow trailers know how nice it is to NOT have to stop every couple hundred mile to purchase fuel, this tank helps with that problem. I recently traded my older GMC for a new one and removed a perfectly good 52 gallon replacement fuel tank made by Titan. This tank fits Chevy and GMC 2500 series trucks with the 6-6 bed. The Titan number is #7010201 and it fits from 2001 thru 2010 year models. These tanks retail for $1599 plus shipping. I will crate and ship mine with the straps that hold it for $1000. to your address. Installation is not complicated, remo
  7. Dutch, I will take the 9mm brass for an offer of $250 cash American. Abilene
  8. Dakota, If deal falls through, I will take them. Abilene
  9. Ron, Could you part with it for $165? No hard feelings either way. Abilene
  10. Big Cus, I will take them... Let me know where to send the US Postal Money Order. Abilene Al
  11. MB, Grip[s deal falls through I will take them for $220 plus $30 shipping. Abilene
  12. I have one we need to sell, my wife has PPMS and will never play the game again, I am sorry to say. Looks just like this one with the extra tongues of different lengths. Great workman ship and signed by him, he also sent her a autographed picture with the rig. Two strong sides, no cross draw, NRV. Abilene Al
  13. Do an e-bill pay through your Bank to an individual and you have to tell them anything...They will send them a check straight from the Bank to the seller. Abilene
  14. Dusty I have a pair, but if you are looking for a entry pair, these are not for you. Mine have a Jimmy Spurs full race job done on them, they have been antiqued and have a pair of Joe Perkins blond buckeye burl gunfighter grips on them. At first glance they look like a pair of really old Colts. Let me know if this is something you might be interested in and we will talk. These guns have had very little use as I use a pair of Rugers, Jimmy built for me at the same time. The USFAs have the custom hammers Jimmy modified also. Abilene Al
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