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  1. Since when do we put items for sale on this site without a price?
  2. You are a Lucky Bastard, I have one if I can put my hands on it that you can have for shipping cost. Abilene Al
  3. Church Key, I will take the brass. Let me know your address, I know I had it, but not sure where it is at this time, I'm old you know. I hope this finds you and yours well. I have another question to ask, but I will send a PM in private. Abilene Al
  4. Firing pin for Jager Dakota 38/357. Abilene Al
  5. This looks like the set Wes made for me, there was a belt with them, they were suppose to be black, but he could not get the color right.... Wes makes a lot of hunting leather for cross chest big bore bear protector type holsters. He also made me a cartridge box that folds down for 45-70, beautiful workmanship. Just might buy them back for old time sake, I am going to seriously think about it, bargain and a half at that price. Abilene Al
  6. Drifter, Hope all is well with you and yours. Stay safe and happy trails to you. Al
  7. Dusty I have a pair, but if you are looking for a entry pair, these are not for you. Mine have a Jimmy Spurs full race job done on them, they have been antiqued and have a pair of Joe Perkins blond buckeye burl gunfighter grips on them. At first glance they look like a pair of really old Colts. Let me know if this is something you might be interested in and we will talk. These guns have had very little use as I use a pair of Rugers, Jimmy built for me at the same time. The USFAs have the custom hammers Jimmy modified also. Abilene Al
  8. Drifter, How come your feet are sooooo big and yo head is so small...LOL When it gets to $125 send it to me and I will put it with that 1886 I stole from you... Hope you are doing well and it's not to cold up thar in them mountees. Abilene Al
  9. MCJ Didn't think you would, but had to ask. I have a pair of Jimmy Spurs prepared USFAs and I know they would look great on them. I am planning on asking $3000 for the pair. Mine have the antiqued finish and Perkin's blond Buckeye Burl grips. Mine look like they were found in the desert after a hundred years of laying in the sand. Yours are beautiful and I know you are proud of them. Stay safe and have a happy new year, good luck with your sale. Abilene Al
  10. MCJ, Like to purchase the grips from ya... Abilene
  11. I too have 6 of these fine loading block, this allows you time between stages to spend time doing other things besides re-loading your block or counting out cartridges to put into a bag for the next stage. They are well made and he has custom woods if you prefer something a little different. I surprised my wife with 6 of these at the NC State shoot a few years back...paid off dividends, oh yea. Marshal I wish you all the best going forward. Abilene Al.
  12. Did anyone read Buckshots profile, if you did you will see he has his life lined-up just as it should be. We need more members like like him. My hat is off to the individual that brought this man into SASS CAS. AA
  13. Pards, Brand New Uberti Deluxe 73 Rifle (pistol grip), 44-40, 20 inch barrel, low profile rear sight, Grabber front sight, Pioneer Super Short stroke kit, whisper springs, lighten mainspring, aluminum carrier and coil lever spring. I cannot think of anything you could add to this rifle. This is a brand new gun and match ready. $1450 shipped. Abilene Al at bracey.gordon@yahoo.com Send email address for pictures, please.
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